Isaac laughs at Marshall’s wish for UPP members to be ‘turned into a pillar of salt’ and says some people are seeking relevance


REAL NEWS – D. Gisele Isaac, the chairman of the United Progressive Party (UPP), is scoffing with amusement at statements made by a former Labour Party representative about Party members who attended a function at the The UWI-Five Islands campus.

On a recent radio outing, Senator Samantha Marshall declared that past Political Leader Harold Lovell and MP Richard Lewis – in whose Rural West constituency the university sits – should have turned into a pillar of salt for attending the graduation exercise held on Saturday, October 7.

Dr. Jacqui Quinn, during whose tenure as minister of education, the campus was constructed, also came in for bitter criticism from one of Marshall’s colleagues.

But had it not been for the UPP, The UWI would not have been able to call the Five Islands campus home, says Isaac, who lectured in the Undergraduate Department for 14 years, from 2002 to 2019.

Under the Baldwin Spencer Administration, the facility had been purpose-built as a modern secondary school – on the recommendation of the The University of the West Indies, itself – to alleviate overcrowding at the Princess Margaret and Ottos Comprehensive Schools, in particular.

However, after assuming office, the Browne Administration decided to appropriate the facility for the purpose of locating the university’s fourth landed campus.

Isaac recounts that, as the executive secretary at the Board of Education, she was involved during the planning stages for the construction of the Five Islands school, working along with Dr. Quinn.

Refuting Marshall’s accusation that she “never wanted a university,” Isaac notes that she once served on a sub-committee of the hoped- for University of Antigua Working Committee.

The UPP chairman concludes that some Labour Party members are seeking relevance, but she does not have time to waste on them.

In fact, she says, she pities Marshall who has enough internal troubles of her own.

She says Marshall is trying to take her mind off the fact that she was booted out as the St. Mary’s South candidate and replaced by a UPP turncoat.

Therefore, she could be disparaging the Party to make herself feel better.

The UPP has said, repeatedly, that it has no issue with The UWI expansion into Antigua and Barbuda. Rather, its issue was the location.

The Party felt that the former US Naval Base in Coolidge would have been a better choice.










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  1. You right to laugh Ms D. Gisele Isaacs.

    The higher the ABLP climb their ‘political tree’ of NONSENSE the more dem show dem tail (and that’s putting it politely 😉).

    And don’t forget as we get even CLOSER to the St Mary’s South by-election, the ABLP will be showing more and more of dem behind. Love it!


    • @BRIXTONIAN after UPP lose in St. Mary’s South what are you going to do with your life ? Your nose must be red. Stop kissing those UPP AR###SE. Stop singing for your supper. No Senate seat for you. ABLP will be the Government for next 20 years. You are a disgrace. You jumped ship from ABLP to UPP. UPP does not trust you. HYPOCRITE.

      • More competition for the one, the only Brixtonian @ SOMA, I welcome it. The more the merrier … good luck! 👍🏾

        YEE HAW … 😁

    • That’s a nasty thing to say @ PEO about a beautiful and intelligent Antiguan woman, that could possibly lead Antigua & Barbuda in the not too distant GLORIOUS future.

      Deal with her INTELLECT and not her looks. Fool!

      What about Steadroy Benjamin looks? He handsome though?


    • @ PEO

      More relevance than causing you minions to fork out $3,500,000.00 out of taxpayers money for a frivolous lawsuit against her , so call her all the man cow you like, she’s a winner and you and Gaston and Michael Brown are pure losers.
      Your losing will continue in St Marys South on 24th October 2023. Eat your heart out.
      Ah bayyyyyyyyyyyyy

  2. D. Gisel Isaac why tell lies ? I have you on tape and you said UWI will be watering down Their brand if the university come to Antigua. You also mentioned that you would not send your daughter to UWI in Antigua. You telling LIES again ??????

  3. @Prim,how do you substantiate your claims that G. Isaac is lying? She is in a position to say what she says because she has the facts. What do you have? That lying,narcissistic idiot posing as PM, who thinks he is the greatest thing since independence? Just name ONE thing this DAWG has done for Antigua and Barbuda? UWI FI? Tax payers are paying off the charts for that place. Where is the 80 million the idiot got from the Saudis after parliament was dissolved last year?
    A university was always a good idea,but when you have dunces like Gaston Browne at the helm, displaying such neolithic incompetence,you have problems.

  4. “I’m not going back in September ”

    I’d be very disappointed in UWI if it were to open a campus here. It would be watering down its brand

  5. Having to fork out almost EC $500000 monthly for attempted grand theft of the Alfa Nero, as a result of kleptomania by NERO himself, the dregs are avoiding that subject and finding trivial things to talk about but Shuggy is driving them crazy like NERO.

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