Isaac chides Browne for insulting Opposition Members and questions his smarts in the face of 30-plus investment fails


REAL NEWS: D.Gisele Isaac, chairman of the United Progressive Party (UPP), is taking umbrage at statements made by Prime Minister Gaston Browne, who insulted the members of the Opposition benches, in particular those representing her Party.

Following the delivery of the Throne Speech on Monday, February 20, Opposition Leader Jamale Pringle said the content lacked substance and was marked by recycled promises and political self-praise.

In an interview that followed, Browne, in his usual condescending manner, accused the Opposition members, including Pringle, of lacking the intellectual capacity to understand the Speech.

Commenting on his behaviour on Tuesday, Isaac noted that Prime Minister Browne is the only regional leader to consistently belittle his people, once they do not agree with him or his administration.

As head of the Government, his attitude is unbecoming, she says, and he needs to be schooled in being humble.

Isaac says that none of the country’s past prime ministers or premiers ever behaved in such a disgraceful manner.

The UPP Chair is reminding Browne that the Members on the Opposition bench came to the House of Representatives the same way he did: by election.

According to Isaac, if Pringle’s disagreement bothers the prime minister so much, he is in for a treat – since he will see even more disagreements while his administration lasts.

Meanwhile, Isaac says that Browne’s obsession with academic qualifications appears to be a case of “protesting too much.”

Further, Isaac asks, if Browne is as smart as he claims, how did he allow himself to be fooled by over 30 investors whose projects have failed to materialize these past nine years.

The most recent instance, she says, is the West African-Antigua Airways debacle in which the Browne Cabinet has admitted to being “duped” three times.

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  1. BRIXTONIAN should assist UPP in selecting competent Persons . Their choice of selections is applauding. Gisel Issac are you still the Resesrch Officer ?

    • AIEEEEEE!!! Wheel and come again PB, refering to the legendary Antiguan 🇦🇬 and grammarian 📖 Brixtonian Nice! …👍

      But I’m sure you meant to write “appalling” instead of “applauding” 😂😂😂

  2. It’s about the overall performance not the individual investments. Ask Buffet if all of his investments pan out. This is why you have more than one investment and work on having a diversified portfolio. Browne’s work is why the A&B economy keep’s outperforming most (5% on average been 2014 – 2019. 2020 there was a decline due to covid lockdown. However for the past 2 years its been its been a little over 7%). Her prior boss, HL could not say the same, and only has one year (2012 a meager 2%) to show anything positive during his time as Finance Minister. Its the performance why the people of A&B keep in general voting the ABLP admin, and not the UPP back into office

    • The numbers that you are quoting that this administration is performing at a remarkable rate. Just one question. Answer at your pleasure.

      Why hasn’t Antigua and Barbuda overtaken the leading economy in the OECS and by extension CARICOM?

      • @Freetownson-
        2013:Antigua & Barbuda GDP 2013 1.18 billion, SLU 1.665
        2021 Antigua & Barbuda 2021: Barbuda GDP 1.471 billion, SLU 1.691

        For that period A&B GDP has grown by almost half a billion, However for SLU there
        has hardly been any growth (in total)
        Don’t worry, we will soon overtake SLU


        • @tenman; again, I ask the leading economy in the OECS(2023) and the wider CARICOM. Stop quoting numbers from a decade or more ago. This 2023. Think! You know the numbers.

          By the way. Since you are so eloquent on past performance. It should have a meaningful predictor on future performance. Let’s talk about the present. Answer this question.

          What is it called if your income. Active, passive income or a combination of both is less than your liabilities; what are you as an organization, persona or government?

          • @ Freetownson… Brix.. -2023? It done? IMF is saying a little over 5 percent. Guy I get you don’t want to hear the numbers because they show your conclusions a lie. Try and remember in school when you were reminded that numbers don’t lie. By the way why the multiple aliases Brix..? Evertone already know its you

    • As long as money is being doled out, people like YOU will always vote accordingly. The UPP could easily get your vote if they were willing to do what the ALP did, but raise the dough a bit higher; real mercenaries.

      • @Rovi I am not you. If i wanted what you claimed they would have given me (former leader HL is esstially family). I supported the UPP up to 2005 when I saw based on their actions, they were a textbook exaple of value destruction. Was not then surprised when I saw the fencing scandal, WPP fiasco (some 150 million ec wasted). Then the growth destrying policies, which were moost evident between 2009 and 2013. Never again

  3. In Yoruba language, Gaston Browne would be regarded as Dundee United, meaning a ‘complete idiot’. I

    Marvellous Mike comes from a background where they carry out fraudulent activities in their sleep. ALP chief Dundee, had no idea what be was getting himself into with Marvellous Mike.

    ALP chief Dundee displayed colossal weakness when his administration agreed to 80:20 share of profits, one wonders where his head was at when he agreed to that deal.

    He further showed weakness when he agreed to the Africans being admitted into Antigua. Evidently, ALP Chief Dundee United is in no position to lecture Pringle or other members from the UPP on having limited understanding, when he is the one that is found lacking, look at the mess he has got Antigua into.

    He is an embarrassment to his party, our country and the Caribbean basin. Canada has distance themselves from Antigua because of him, the Brits have giving him a clear warning that it is a matter of time before the UK imposed visa requirements on Antigua.

    The British High Commissioner, gave the Dundee United a stern warning that the UK may consider withdrawing visa free privileges from Antigua because he has shown himself to be a disgraceful liability to our nation.

    Strangely, he hasn’t heeded the warning an example of his continued foolhardy and wanton behaviour is to offer fraudsters residence permits, as well as waiting on outcomes from legal cases against Africans refugees in Trinidad.

    Dundee United has overlooked that the Africans in Antigua did not enter Antigua as refugees, they only start claiming asylum after Nicholas declaring them as refugees, which occurred after Dundee United et al realised that they were duped.

    The Governor General’s speech indeed lacks substance ,his remarks where he referred to the Africans as our brothers and sisters is the type of emotive languages used by Dundee United.

    It is a fact that majority of caribbean people are decendants of West Africa. Both Dundee United and the Governor General are reminded that it is those West African “brothers and sisters” who made the Middle Passage possible, they are also reminded that it was not the Europeans who started enslavement and selling of West Africans, but rather it started with the Nigerians and the Ghanaians.

    I have no appetite for the rhetorics of the Governor General or that of Dundee United. Infact their reference to the West Africans as our “brothers and sisters” is laughable and ridiculous. Are they not aware that despite the Africans claim for asylum they have started to commit fraudulent crime amongst themselves and eventually it will be Antiguans next.

    There are strikingly similarities between the Africans behaviour that’s being manifested in Antigua to what was happening in Africa post the Middle Passage.

    Dundee United and Governor General, shine your eyes and desist from spreading foolishness amongst our people and charter a plane and transport them out of Antigua.

    • 100% @ Antigua4ever, I concur with every word and syllable that you have said, and also a good look into the future of possible travel restrictions being put in place on Antiguans with other countries … 🤜🤛

    • PB, have you ever heard of PASSIVE income, having your own business and working for yourself? 😉

      A very good education, hard hard work and the Lords blessings 🙏 helps boss …

      • PS. Also, from a young age I tracked how the Caucasians made their money, and similarly did the same thing … I hope this helps with your curiosity.

        As you like to think that Brixtonian is “idle”, here’s a couple of books that the idle like me LOVE to read:

        ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ by Robert T. Kiyosaki and ‘Winning with Shares’ by Alvin Hall.

        You can thank me later …👍

  4. Gizelle you are Mr. Pringle’s PAID “Research Officer” yet you do NOTHING TO HELP THE YOUNG MAN IMPROVE.

    Are you still vex he is the leader and not your darling Lovell?

  5. Gaston must be trying to convince himself. He tried to insult Pringle but I can bet my last dollar that Pringle would never have been stupid enough to be scammed by Magic Mike. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Gaston continually shows his incompetence. He needs to put his hands in his pocket and clean up his MESS!

  6. @Sad But True
    Poor fool. Just shows how little you know
    On the contrary, she wants Pringle to be the leader so she could actually run the show. She already throw darling Lovell under the bus. Let her sister write a eulogy for him right after he lost his seat and send him on his way.

    • @ Sad But True
      @ When Yuh Nuh Know

      I keep realising that Giselle must have either stuck sticks UP your azzes or Gaston’s azz, because the only thing that explains your hatred for her must be the EC$4,000,000 that she caused the government to pay her after they lost the case against her for a frivolous lawsuit initiated by Michael Browne and PM (the Brownes’).
      You cannot blame her-she was unlawfully dismissed and now you guys had to fork out all this money and the embarrassment and belittlement that goes with it.
      The only reason that UPP lost the ‘bought election’ is because the Antiguan people were bought out by the ABLP, not because of ANYTHING the ABLP has done. ABLP cannot win an election unless they but them out, look at 2004 and 2009 as Asot has said: ‘we lost because we did not have any money’.

  7. Pringle has no intellectual dept and Walker is a deracinated imbecile are not curse words. They are proper English words to describe a person’s ability to think. Yes in colloquial terms we would say he dunce. But the PM didn’t stoop that low. He was in parliament, so he used appropriate language.
    The problem is people get offended by the use of appropriate language when they do not comprehend the words themselves.

  8. LOL Have you ever heard how Ralph Gonsalves speak to his people?

    I saw a clip in Parliament and almost fell off my chair.

  9. Keep throwing red herring. It won’t change the fact that Gaston is incompetent. This refugee crisis is just the tip of the iceberg.

  10. I understand some ABLP politicians have admitted they made mistakes in dealing with Marvelous Mike. Good on them. The fact is though, PM Browne is no way half as clever as he should have been when dealing with such people as Marvelous Mike; he is way out of his depth, a tadpole in the ocean, a small fry swimming in deep waters. The emotive phrase,’brothers and sisters’ in regards to Africans, is wearing thin to me, it sounds tedious and if I may say so, sickly. Do other Caribbean people constantly churn out that phrase at the drop of a hat? I doubt it. Marvelous Mike has obviously spotted those recursing words and pounced. It’s heartstrings time and Marvelous Gaston went weak at the knees and was then taken for a ride. This saga would be laughable if it wasn’t such a sorry tale.

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