Is my big butt sending the wrong message


Dear Kate,

I have been going to the gym on and off for a number of years. Every time I go to the gym I do see results but not in the area I want.
The only thing that seems to be getting visibly bigger is my butt. And as a man its kind of strange. My butt is really big when I start the gym.
I have been avoiding certain types of exercises like reducing the number of squats I do but my behind still gets big.
I know you are not a fitness expert but I have noticed that i get quite a number of steers from the guys in the gym. As a guy myself this is pretty strange as I don’t know what the guys are thinking.
Ladies stare too and some of them even comment. But will the guys think I am gay cause of my big ass?
Is a big behind okay for a man? Do women find that attractive? How do I get the men to stop looking?
Bad in Bam Bam

Hello Bam Bam

You cannot stop what appears to be natural growth in your behind.
And you cannot stop men or women from looking at your rear end.
Maybe you are too conscious of your backside and because of that, you believe people are looking.
If it’s that important to you that you feel you need to take your concerns here; then I can suggest you stay away from certain workouts that can hump up your butt muscles.
Wear loose fitting jeans as the skinny ones may bring attention to your backside.
I think you are making this way a bigger deal than it is. You will live.

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  1. While I feel you pain, I think, I would truly appreciate it if you could list the exercise routine that’s making your butt bigger. I could use it ha ha

  2. For real dude !!!!!!I enjoy seeing a man who fills out his jeans in that area. I find it looks attractive. always remember what you may think is an unattractive anatomical feature, many pay thousands to achieve men included.
    You were made that way. Just move right along accept and you for you.

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