IS IT TRUE: Fire-officer stole 3K from burning XZP building?


June 1, 2021. Is it true:


  1. That a senior police officer (fire department) was questioned by the CID department today?


  1. Is it true that the officer took US$ 3000 from XZP this morning while the building was burning?


  1. Is it true that he returned half of the money when he arrived at the CID Department?



I Guess We will never know.


ANR reached out to the police but they have not commented on the information from our usually reliable source.

Is it true?


Editor’s Note: “Is it true” is a new segment by Antigua Newsroom.

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  1. Leave the guy alone, I don’t believe he steal nothing 😅 The man fighting fire, that he go day go do, if God decided to bless him on the spot that anna ar we business, he deserves it, me n you nuh out dey ah tackle fire, unno need fu learn to live n let live man. They need to put back that Aids PSA pon de radio an dem, “live and let live” just imagine the man ah praise God fu he blessings and ar you want crucify he. Any me find ah fu me except if smaddy name literally pan day. Finders keepers! Looser weepers! I always took that seriously.

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