Is Bitcoin the new future of Online Gaming?


Of late, Bitcoin has become a global wonder. Several industries are now reaping the benefits from digital coins, and one of these sectors include gaming. As per the recent reports of Wax, around 75 per cent of online game players are seen exchanging their digital assets for a currency, which can use to buy and sell over several other platforms. Bitcoin empowers the players and also help in collecting and trading over the virtual assets that can remain in trade and exchange platforms in a big way. Hence, we can find the gaming industry moving safely and simply to make good money. If you dig in deep, the future of online gaming is bright. You can explore the sites like – Big thing in Crypto Trading to know more. Now, let’s have a look at the same in the following paragraphs:

Understanding Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is an asset that is stored digitally and secured using cryptography. It functions with the help of blockchain technology and further helps in giving the features like decentralization and transparency. This currency has remained immune to government interference and manipulation and is free from the control of any central authority when it comes to its regulation. A majority of blockchain-based digital currency indicate Bitcoin, while there are other coins as well, including ETH, PeerCoin and Litecoin, to name a few.

How does Bitcoin Works in the online gaming world?

You can buy or sell digital coins through exchanges from wallets. For instance, when you find any user to send different digital currencies like Bitcoin to any other user, all the user has to do is send it to their respective digital wallet. In online gaming, we see several monetization strategies have popped up in different apps based on purchases, in-app advertising, and affiliate/referral marketing. In the former, we see the purchases get the players’ approval for buying anything about the game directly. These include buying coins, custom characters and extra lives to name a few. Also, different players are seen buying items with the help of digital coins or even Bitcoin.

In the app-based ads found in online games, one can find too many reward-based ads are also present. Several players are now ready to complete various tasks, fill several survey forms and check a couple of video ads for earning digital coins.  Affiliate marketing seems to be a new idea in the market wherein every player can click over different affiliate links along with the banner getting the chance to refer a friend, register for various free offers, and earn rewards. Today, we find many online-based games have emerged that have started relying on Bitcoin and other digital coins. These coins help the players to play or even trade in virtual currencies.

Benefits of Bitcoin in the online gaming world

The gaming world has adopted digital currencies like Bitcoin in a big way. The apparent reason is to solve the issues linked to frauds and transactions, which the players often meet while engaged in online games. However, there are other benefits as well, which include the following:

Quick Transaction: Digital currency often reduces the authority of bureaucracy. At the same time, it removes the ineffective intermediaries from allowing different players to enjoy their favourite games instantly.

Capability to Play anywhere – Using Bitcoin helps users play globally without issues like security of exchange rate problems. It also offers them the option to play even without their email or identity. Finally, it helps gamers transfer funds easily from anywhere without any limitations.

Greater Security: The web has an issue of security; however, with Bitcoin, it goes away as you play different online games. You can make several purchases while being a part of the online gaming world. Blockchain technology has remained in online games to prevent illegal trade or digital assets. At the same time, it terminates hacking as well.

More for Your Money: Bitcoin remains more cost-effective compared to credit cards, wire transfers or third party transfers. Using Bitcoin involve no hidden cost, and also you do not have to wait that long to get the money. In addition, using digital currencies in online games reduces the fees and exchange fees with the help of P2P transactions.

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