LETTER: Is Antigua ready to elect an openly LGBTQ+ member of parliament

Actual LGBT pride flag

Subject: Candid Reflection on Antigua’s Readiness for Openly LGBTQ+ Representation

Dear Editor,

I am writing to offer a candid perspective on the recent announcement of an openly LGBTQ+ member seeking a place in Antigua’s parliament.

This development raises an important question: Is Antigua, a nation with deep Christian roots, ready to embrace an openly LGBTQ+ member of parliament?

It is no secret that Antigua and Barbuda holds a strong Christian identity, and this religious tradition is an integral part of our culture and history. Christianity plays a central role in the lives of many Antiguans and Barbudans, guiding their values and beliefs.

In light of this, the announcement of an openly LGBTQ+ candidate’s run for office may understandably raise concerns and questions within our community.

It is crucial to acknowledge that Antigua’s readiness for LGBTQ+ representation in politics should be a subject of sincere and open dialogue.

Such discussions can help bridge the gap between tradition and progress, as they allow us to explore how our Christian values align with the principles of inclusion, diversity, and equal representation in a democratic society.

The journey toward LGBTQ+ inclusivity is not unique to Antigua. Numerous countries worldwide, even those with strong religious traditions, have experienced similar debates and transitions in recent years.

It is an opportunity for our society to engage in constructive conversations that help us navigate the path towards embracing diversity while respecting our cherished cultural and religious heritage.

While questions may be raised about Antigua’s readiness, it is important to remember that the decision to support or oppose a candidate should be based on their qualifications, values, and commitment to the betterment of our nation, rather than solely on their sexual orientation.

Openly LGBTQ+ individuals, like all citizens, have a right to participate in our democratic processes, and we must ensure that their candidacy is evaluated fairly and objectively.

As we contemplate this matter, let us remember the principles of tolerance, understanding, and respect that are also fundamental to our Christian faith.

It is an opportunity for our nation to reflect on how we can balance our religious values with the broader principles of equality, justice, and representation for all.

In conclusion, the readiness of Antigua to elect an openly LGBTQ+ member of parliament is a question that deserves thoughtful consideration. Let us engage in constructive dialogue and reflect on our values as a society.

Through open and respectful conversations, we can find common ground that respects our Christian heritage while promoting a more inclusive and equitable future.


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  1. Gender equality is an intrinsic human right and the foundation of democracy and social justice. We must illuminate and avoid any forms of discrimination in our society. An openly LGBTQ person is no worse than a male or female prostitute.

    • What in Gods name?! IT IS AN ABOMINIATION AND ANTIGUA & BARBUDA will receive Gods judgement even worse for this! SHARPEN YOU CUTLASS PEOPLE clean up the mess so we can stand before God without blood on our hands !

    • So does the addition to another mode of prostitution makes it more palpable to tolerate?Given the ascendance from where we have come, since 1981. If my memory serve me right; from the forced acceptance of Christianity and, the Secular yoke of our Colonial Jurisprudence: that practice was/ “is” considered an abomination. Yet, I personally have no power to give or, grant rights to a practice which is natural to male and female for the purpose of procreation and, propagation of our species. If the mentioned demographic of “this topic” can lend their selves as a contributor to the natural phenomena of procreation: I might be open to that, as an objective desire option. But, the fact that they must go recruiting, and thereby, possible corrupt a vulnerable impressionable mind – is not to be taken as a cavalier trending vogue. We have yet to afford our Women their rightful places in this parochial society’s norm, for them to realize and, achieve their full potentials: but here we go trending about homosexuality, as though we have not quite realize, we are but forty two years remove from being bastardized, (and still are) by the same Europeanize Colonial mindsets; that is offering this trend as enlightenment for public representation. I have no take on what grown people choice of engagement is, in their private lives. But, to represent the broad spectrum of society; is another subjective introspection I have not attained-as, I am all too concern with fending off the multitude of homosexuals deviants, bent on recruiting my Autistism Spectrum affected son – who have no physical interaction in that vein; but for the fact that he get lost in browsing on his computer, at depictions of cartoon simulation of sexual actors activity – created by grown adults for this abnormal satiation. It behoves me. As there is no protection from the cyber degenerates who can’t even extend their moral compass, to protect, and exclude mentally challenged persons from their slanted view of normal acceptable sexuality. Humans seem most wanting of being in harmony with nature as, humans are the only species I know of, that voluntarily submit, and subject to an abnormal, unnatural sexual preferred preference; as a normal basis for natural inclusivity. As thus created: Yes: Adam & Eve. “No” Adam & Steve: or Whatever Differ. Nah! My conscience is free to throw no stones at my detest.

  2. Since when does a person’s sexuality have something to do with the capability of being able to represent the community? I understand that Antigua is known for its Christian values, but I think we’re missing the bigger picture here. The true representation should come from a person who’s willing to put in the work, and do the work. Worrying about who they lay beside in bed at night is further than what we should be concerned about. With letters like there, I see where the priorities of people like you lie.

  3. Well here is my 2 cents .. yall are acting like Antigua has this deep rooted Christian and moral compass. Now y’all want to claim deep rooted Christianity when it’s convenient.

    If LGBTQ is so immoral and against Christianity and a sin, where we will question if Antigua is ready to accept a politician who is openly lgbtq, then we should ask if Antigua is ready to accept positions who are pediophiles… have messed around with young girls in high school … if Antigua is ready to accept politicians who have openly commit adultery, which is almost all of them from either party, is Antigua ready to accept politicians who have outside children with their wives .. If Antigua can vote for people who commit those sins, then they can vote for politicians who ‘so call’ commit other sins .. a sun is a sin is a sin … so if deep rooted Christian Antigua can vote for politicians who commit adultery a sin in the Bible then let’s vote for all the sinners not just some .. so if the lgbtq need to step back then all the adulterers and those with the outside children, that they don’t acknowledge need to step back too and if that happens we will have no one .. because not one of our MPs have good Christian values. So please stop with the self righteous nonsense!!!!

  4. Whatever you allow, it will be established. You may not see problems now, but later on you will face a much greater threat coming from them.

    Be careful of what you wish and what you support. Because later on your grandkids will pay the price of your bad decisions.

    You may be focusing on whether the person does a good job, but the reality is that you have allowed someone with a totally wrong mindset to make decisions that affect the nation. Sorry, but NO.

  5. There had better much, much, much better Psychiatric Services available because the LQGBT programming is real and the deprogramming is suicidal.
    There are already closed gays in the Parliament – the hyram abiff order of odd fellas are already seated so the openly gay person is just another human programmer who is not wearing a freddy cruger mask nor a sheep skin three piece suit, hubble nor mini skirt.

  6. Antigua has never been a morally good country. I think the false pearl clutching needs to stop. We are well overdo for proper representation of ALLL people in government. And the candidate in question has a decent record. Their sexual orientation really doesn’t matter.

  7. Our parliamentary representatives must be from our community. If our representative has done outstanding work in our community and they have won the appropriate elections great. We the people will decide. The matter of his or her sexual orientation would be secondary. We will then know how far we have progressed as a people. We get to decide this collectively.

  8. All politicians are sinners. Especially those currently in office. Why do we keep highlighting homosexuality as this “horrible” sin?! It’s no worse than adultery, which we know many of our politicians (past and present) commit. What about those who are discreetly homosexual? Their heterosexuality is only for show and that is worse! I Let her run and let GOD be the judge. As Christians we should be kind & loving towards one another as Jesus commanded. If the writer was so concerned maybe they should pray for guidance on how to encourage persons from the LGBTQ+ communities to see themselves in the image of God’s intentions and let Him do the rest.


  10. Motive motive motive. That’s the question that should be asked. What’s the objective/motive of this individual. Remember politicians legistrate laws, and the laws this nation of Antigua is willing to accept and follow are certainly reflected in the people that represents you.
    So yes it does matter what anyone does in their personal life that will be reflected in the policies and laws that govern the people.
    So yes this is a very valid question put forth by this writer.
    Although some on here may say if the other sinners are accepted into parliament, why not this sinner as well?
    Well here is another question? Do you know of any politician in parliament that is a admitted killer, pedophilia, rapist,or any other sins that they have admitted to? No would be the answer,so stop being disingenuous people.
    The issue you have here is that the “openly Lbgtq person” does not think their actions are wrong or even a sin, and that’s a huge issue for me. So while many are saying their are sinners already in parliament (true) these people are not going around waving a flag admitting they are openly proud of what they do. In fact many a man that have sinned or fall in society readily admits that they have flaws and are willing and humble to work on those flaws.

    Not so with this group, and that’s my real problem when it comes to representation and enacting laws..so it’s a huge huge deal here and should not be just easily dismissed.

    I’ve never heard one LBGTQ person ever admit that their lifestyle is wrong or a sin in that matter, never, and as a “Christian nation” forgiveness cannot be had without repentance. So yes I will accept a person in parliament who have sinned and repented over any person who wouldn’t even admit that what they are doing is a sin in the first place. It’s called being delusional, and in my opinion that’s what LBGTQ society is. I rest my case.

    • @yawn. Where in the history of the Caribbean have you ever had an “openly Gay” person represents anyone in parliament,where?

      Reading is fundamental dude/mam..please read the article and see what the author is asking, and stop with the speculation. This is a “open” question, the author is not talking about what’s in the closet. Smdh.

  11. The funny thing is, even though it ain’t so funny, this same Order now known as the LGBQTP has simply changed its name from Centuries ago.
    It’s the same FLAVIAN, CAESAR ORDERS which established the church’s of Rome and England, and of course GOVERNMENTS to mold and control HUEmanity.

    Today, in this dispensation, the LGBQT is the most powerful RELIGION, RELIGIOUS INSTITUTION and POLITICAL MOVEMENT with a set agenda.

    The LGBQTP ORDER is the present day EUGENICS ORDER, he’ll bent on destroying the natural balance, of the ESSENCE, of Nature’s Ether.

    This ORDER if well funded, and AIN’T NO STOPPING THEM from putting their clones, recruits, gangsters in positions of authority and power.

    The more things change, the more they remain the same; and, it’s always about the money.

    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

  12. ‘Openly LBGTQ+’??? They need to keep their nastiness in the bedroom. If you have to lead with your sexuality then there is something wrong. All have sinned, but you don’t hear declarations of ‘open womanizer’ or ‘open adulterer’, running for public office. If you have to try to convince and infect everyone with your deviant behavior we have an issue. Relegate your sexuality to the bedroom and leave my impressionable kids alone. See you in hell.

  13. To Repeat Lenny H above:
    “…then we should ask if Antigua is ready to accept positions who are pedophiles… have messed around with young girls in high school … if Antigua is ready to accept politicians who have openly commit adultery, which is almost all of them from either party, is Antigua ready to accept politicians who have outside children with their wives .. If Antigua can vote for people who commit those sins, then they can vote for politicians who ‘so call’ commit other sins .. a sun is a sin is a sin…”

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