Investigations Continue Into Jolly Harbour Death

Experts examining Jolly Habour sites

A team of experts is continuing investigations into what caused the death of Shawn Warner in Jolly Harbour last year.

Family members say the man was electrocuted but the owners of Jolly Habour have said that there are no electrical leakages on the property.

An autopsy on the cause of death came back inconclusive according to the police, warranting further investigations.

Last week, two experts, one from Trinidad and the other from Barbados were seen inspecting the area.

While investigations are ongoing the family say they are fearful that their loved one will not get justice.

According to one family member, there is talk that Warner’s death is being considered a heart attack.

Loved ones and family members say they will take to the streets if justice is not served in the matter.


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  1. Im wondering what the mystery is here. What they think he just collapsed mysteriously? Heart attack??? Whats really going on here??? The signs of electricution are pretty clear sometimes and electric shock can lead to heart attack in some cases. I hope there is no cover up, somebody has died here….

    • Huge coverup for sure, so many unanswered questions
      1. Who locked the gate? Who authorized the gate to be locked and why no advise that this was locked to the vendors? Was the gate locked on a regular basis?
      2. IF workmen were working on the electrical wiring – there HAS to be a work order!!! who authorized this? who signed this as completed??
      3. Electric shocks of this strength will kill via heart attack!! – Shawn would not have been flung forward and grabbed the gate if he had suffered a heart attack – the electricity through his body threw him backwards after he grabbed the gate.
      4. Why is there no defibrillator in the vicinity???
      5. Jolly Harbour management stop this coverup local Police do your job and people time to SPEAK OUT and do NOT be AFRAID


    It would have been more informative to know,

    (i) …What is their field of expertise; and

    (ii) …Who contracted them, whether (a) …the Police; (b) …the Hotel Management; or (c) …the

    This may have been useful in helping to reduce adverse comments, eliminate speculations or draw conclusions.

  3. Wicked set of people… He got shock n these people keep covering it up. It’s a pity black life’s don’t matter at all but his will. Remember that…..

  4. I hope I am wrong but it sounds like a cover up is going on. If poor Shawn had a heart attack it would be due to the huge shock. He would have had a burn mark from the shock and sadly his family witnessed the incident whilst it was happening so they cannot be allowed to get away with denying negligence causing his untimely passing.

  5. And, there was a dog that had gotten shocked earlier in the day in the same place! It was reported to management, before Shawn was killed.

  6. My understanding is that a dog got shocked also so a cover up for sure. The security guard that watched what happened needs to stand up and talk the truth.

  7. Why then is that light not working a electric shock can cause a heart attack this man was a healthy and very fit I’m am shocked that this is the result I was on holiday in November and that light does not look good

  8. It about time for justice for Shawn Warner
    Courupt police do your job honestly as u are train t
    Train to protect the citizens of Antigua and
    We need justice it’s been 2 months now and
    We need to put him to rest .
    Lord help us 🙏🙏🙏

  9. This is a blatant cover up. Shame on the staff and the local authorities. I hope that shawns family gets the answers and justice they deserve.

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