Investigation Underway into Suspected Extortion Involving Government Treasury Employee

State Insurance Treasury Building

Investigation Underway into Suspected Extortion Involving Government Treasury Employee

Authorities are currently investigating an alleged case of what appears to be a “shakedown” involving an individual claiming to be an employee of the Government Treasury. The incident was brought to the attention of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) by the owner of Frankie’s Trucking, located in Cassada Gardens.

According to the report made by the trucking company owner, he received a phone call from an individual identifying himself as “Mr. Roberts” from the Treasury Department. The caller purported to offer assistance in retrieving funds owed to the businessman by the Department. However, in order to expedite the process, the caller requested a sum of money to be paid to two young women who supposedly worked at the Treasury.

This incident allegedly took place on July 10 at approximately 10:44 a.m. The victim has provided a statement regarding the incident and has been provided with specific instructions by the authorities.

This incident bears resemblance to a previous case reported by REAL News a few weeks ago, in which another individual fell victim to a similar scam and handed over a substantial amount of money before realizing the fraudulent nature of the situation.

Over the years, there have been claims from contractors suggesting that such methods of obtaining payments actually occur within the Treasury Department. However, these reports have not been verified, although insiders assert that some colleagues have been transferred as a result of alleged involvement in such practices.

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  1. Why would this illegal behavior stop? This most recent act of deception appears to be standard practice of shaking down Government vendors and contractors.
    No one has lost their jobs and pensions, or have gone to jail as a result; so why would they stop?

  2. Yup been standard practice for years so what’snew?. its spoken in hushed tones but its an open secret.

    • What’s new? A business owner who is rightfully owed his monies has done the right thing and reported the ‘standard practice’ to the relevant authorities with the hope that this ‘standard practice’ will cease. That’s what’s new.

  3. Just imagine how shakedown is taking place at the upper levels of government. Recalled when the loan for MSJMC was negotiated, figures like a million for me, a million for the Dr and 500,000.00 for the bajan heart was heard . That’s how the game is played in LA. What is happening at the treasury is just the tip of the iceberg and the sad thing is that those honest workers who refused to participate and tried to expose the filth are often times victimized and ridiculed.

    • Wow! So with all this information that can attest to, why do you allow it to continue? With all the facts and figures that you obviously possess, why continue to be a part of this filthy problem instead of being the decent, courageous citizen interested in finding effective solutions? Last I heard was that the upholderer is worse than the thief!

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