Man killed by police is 45-year-old Mannie James of Bendals


Tragedy struck during a joint police-military operation in St John’s when 45-year-old Mannie James of Bendals was shot and pronounced dead at the hospital on Monday night.

The incident unfolded during a dramatic vehicle chase on Lauchland Benjamin Drive.

The police and ABDF soldiers were conducting a routine stop and search operation when a Suzuki Vitara sped off upon seeing the law enforcers.

The pursuit continued into Grays Farm, where one of the Vitara’s occupants escaped.

It is alleged that James exited the vehicle and was later shot under unclear circumstances.

The investigation is ongoing, and the police seized the abandoned Vitara for further examination.







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    • @ take them out one by one.
      One day it may be your family and you would shudder at your celebratory mood today, and no white human would ever be treated that way only black human beings, remember just the other day a few white people who say they are animal lovers had our government gave speech about animal cruelty. And I do believe the whites love animals because in their rearrange colonial book it said on the sabbath not even the donkey within their property would do any work, but the black people had to work who in their minds was lower than an animal. Do we treat each other like this as has been inculcated in us. A running unarmed man is not life threatening to a police, it requires the same just physical pursuit, or they was out of breath and stop him with the gun since he is not human, look at the rapist white boy at the air condition facility while blacks are put in the old slave cells. And england showed us it was built for blacks and not for their lilly white human being.

      • @eldread. What does white persons loving animals have to do with what happened.
        Are you on drugs or something???
        Cause you sure sound as if u out of your mind.
        Just to let you know that I’m Black and agree 100 per cent with them.
        You are an idiot. Read your Bible to gain some knowledge as to how we are to treat GODS animals.

      • He was a family member and a damn good one to he sped off because the vehicle wasn’t insured nothing more….. he didn’t deserve to be shot and killed for that

    • @ TAKE THEM OUT ONE BY ONE: I do hope Wendell Robinson is on this case…… So far he has been doing a great job of exposing our policemen of malpractices & Dunceness. His track record shows that he has won most of his cases against the police…. This looks like another case he can get under his belt & let justice be served….

  1. Have mercy. Another one bite the dust. Gone.
    When will we ever learn ? Humanity is in such a messed up state and instead of taking action to return to the right path of life, we continue the downward spiral to our own doom.

    Sad state of affairs. Sorry for the family of the deceased.

    The soul was roughly handled by the people who placed him in that police truck. He was tossed into the back of the truck with no respect whatsoever….as if he was just a piece of meat or a dog. Have mercy. We must remember that regardless of whatever evil are done that we are all human beings equal at the foot of the cross. None better than another.

    An external unbiased investigation needs to be conducted to determine how the event played out last night and if it could have been dealt with differently. Questions must be addressed ? Do the cops have the legal rights to just toss a shooting victim into the back of a truck to be escorted to the hospital ? Is that protocol ?
    Notice I said, external investigation: Mr. Commissioner…police CANNOT and SHOULD NOT investigate police. That is conflict of interest.
    Here is one instance when we can really find out if Antigua is truly a democratic nation or just a doomed failed state. In a civilized nation, the police commissioner and other relevant authorities ( doctor, etc) would be on the media this morning….with a press conference; informing the nation of the preliminary details of what transpired last night. Then subsequent media conferences would be done to update the nation.
    So far none of this has happened, so we can only conclude that we do not live in a civilized nation. It is do as you like and no accountability.
    That is how the people love it to be…and so it will continue to be.

    Tired of the same old mess.
    Wake up, people. Your partying and rioting is soon to be the destruction of the nation.

  2. When the police issue a warning to stop, you need to obey the order. The law is quite clear. However it doesn’t warrant death so the police better have overwhelming evidence to support their argument.

  3. Stupid move bro’!
    Think about it…Someone is alive today because YOU Mr. Jackass James set out to hurt or kill that person. Guess what??? YOU LOST!
    Let that be a warning to all the wanna-be gangstas…you too could wind up dead…just so!

  4. All fuckry the news media a chat, First of all The man never was with nobody, Secondly, the man sped off Bcaz his keep was not license & Insured which we all can understand he’s wrong to be driving it at this point but beyond that he speed off, leading up to a chase then the very moment the Police start fired shots at this man Vehicle (In Public) the man prolly got scared continued the pursuit the second the man entered Grays farm the Police kept firing more shots rapidly at this man & bare in mind The man na have not evens a pair of scissors fam but for the police to be shooting at this man like this in our community where there is so many Families, Children etc around & about the place imagine the mount a house get shot up by the 🗣️Police dung yah the man had to get scared bro , This man so Traumatized the chase come to an end right in from of his Kids & for the Police/ABDF to shot that man Dead infront of his lil Family really is sad fam dadey Bun me NF dawg & the news Media have the heart to say that man died upon reaching to the hospital 🗣️They Lied‼️ To how they fling he r he man Dead right Dey in the back a the truck his last Breathe bro the lil boy Run nf when he realize the Police/ABDF shot his dad right Dey that was so sad fam how are yahl gonna respond to the man children😫‼️🙌🏽 🗣️Bout serve & Protect Boii me fraud r u Dey nf name Police💯‼️🪫

  5. Pure phuckery.
    So, is law enforcement going to chase and shot at everybody who makes a U turn to avoid a stop and search?
    That’s BS.
    Now it should be an eye for eye!
    A lot of police will be on the streets jouvert morning

  6. If this had happened in a remote area, or if he was captured alive, his body would have gone missing as per police and defense force method of operation.

    Common law enforcement practice when Labor Party is in power.

    Justice for BRUCE GREENAWAY.

  7. The police need to go to jail for first degree murder and public endangerment. How tf you shoot a fleeing man in a village full of people when he is well known and could have been sought for questioning a different day. Dem know who fu fk wid becz if that was my family dem the country woulda haffu shut dong carnival this year. This is outrageous.

  8. I can understand a police officer saying stand up to stand up, but these police officers had not rights in killing this young man. Was he armed and dangerous? What was the problem or real truth as to why he was chased? This isn’t a man who went to jail and break out of jail. This wasn’t a man who was armed and dangerous so what was the reason? Majority of you officers use y’all power to do whatever the hell y’all feel like and it’s not right cuz y’all believe y’all so much above the law for just being a police. I am sorry Antigua is not like Trinidad and St. Thomas and so on way have sick residents who would just strike back at y’all police. Only in Antigua dawg. Only in Antigua. Y’all days are numbered for the amount of ridiculous crime y’all committed by killing people innocently.

  9. Attention police! Keep in mind at least some of your critics are either gangsters themselves or sympathetic to the criminal fraternity. If you were fired at then you are perfectly entitled to return fire to protect yourselves. You can see the mindset of these low-life scum: gangster movie shows scum firing at the police so me too can act tough and rough. Well it didn’t pay off this time. A pity his fellow low life comrades didn’t meet the same fate. Police, your duty is to protect and serve the law abiding public, not those who fire shots at you while you are carrying out your duties. Ignore the outcry from the fellow criminals, they are grieving the loss of one of their fraternity. Sad you made an unwarranted apology. Good job done though. Keep it up.

  10. Them go find that soilder deh dead he mds how u justify killing an innocent man who work hard nf for his kids and them boii somebody go find them dead member me.say so

  11. Fleeing from the police while driving dangerously is a crime. If he had run over someone, or if he was a murderer or drug dealer nobody would be complaining. Its easy to talk but remember the police have no idea if he’s armed or why he’s running. Hindsight is 20/20 but they have to make quick decisions.

  12. Marning! Marning! Ah wah a guarne?!

    Condolences to the bereaved are in order no doubt.

    Law enforcement MUST begin to record these “Stop & Search.” In addition, to having each individual lawmen(police or Army) wear body cameras.

    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood

  13. Dear Mr Soldier Man, do you feel great for shooting a human being….in his back? So you got a chance to use the big iron on your side that they gave you, and you used it on a man with his back turn. Do you know that it is indignity to shoot a man in his back? Do you know there is no honour for shooting a man in his back while he is running away?

    Do you watch Law and Order? If you do, you will see that those cops run down the perp because they are fit and ready for such situations. They do not shoot a man in his back unless in extreme situations.

    Tell us, Soldier Boy, who is eating taxpayers money in 3 meals per day, what are you going to tell Mannie’s children and his wife? Who is going to help them to grow and provide for them like Mannie did? How is your conscience feeling today? Do you know that you will have to live with that for the rest of your life, whether they let you go for murdering Mannie or not?

    We his friends wish you all kinds of adversity for the rest of your life. His children will get big and they will remember you.

  14. @Itchy fingers ……
    Ever wonder why the deceased was running away from the police? If you had shots fired at you it is easy to say how you personally would respond to one of the perpetrators running away. ” Hey stop, let’s have a beer and I will tell you how dangerous firing bullets can
    be.” Ha ha ha. Tie guy might have been a good family man so what was he doing in such company? It’s almost certain the gun/guns used by the trio was/were not licensed so why use them against the police? Your guess is not as good as mine. Next time a member of the public falls victim to gun robbery and sadly loses their life you will be the first to offer your condolences to the bereaved family as you usually do, or would you? Birds of a feather flock together as the saying goes. Right?

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