Investigation expected into alleged voter registration increase in Antigua’s St Peter constituency


An investigation is expected to be launched this week into allegations of an increase in voter registration in St Peter, made by Prime Minister Gaston Browne.

It is claimed that hundreds of voters were transferred into the constituency in an attempt to improve his chances at the polls.

MP Asot Micheal won the constituency as an independent candidate after a fallout with the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party.

Browne noted an unusual increase in registration in St Peter leading up to the general elections, prompting the matter to be brought before the Cabinet in September.

Rawdon Turner, the ABLP’s candidate for St Peter, also raised concerns about the “battlefield” constituency.

Browne acknowledged that the process in at least one constituency was compromised, requiring a Labour Party scrutineer to be moved.

He suggested that an investigation may be necessary.

The United Progressive Party has accused Browne of vote padding in his own constituency, following his recent remarks.

Browne stated that reports of compromised processes in St Peter had been ongoing for about a year, with people from outside the constituency allegedly being registered.

Dean Jonas, a former Cabinet minister, reported to the Cabinet that some of his constituents were paid to transfer to St Peter. Asot Micheal has announced his intention to respond to the matter later this week.

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  1. Gaston want investigation into Asot but not into the West African saga? What a hypocrite!!! Persecute Asot but stay away from any investigation that may look at Antigua Airways.

  2. @ Not So Common


  3. Malice is Maggots..
    Mind Blowing InBreeding Tacts.
    Everything RECEDES
    Malice LEADs

  4. Mr. Gaston king liard blame-shifting Browne, if what you’re saying is true, was it an illegal act that Asot caused voters to be transferred to his constituency? It would seem so to me. But pray tell, was it a legal act when, out of your own mouth, you confessed that you did the very same thing? Enquiring minds would like to know.

    As Max Hurst said, it’s all a game. ABEC I hope you won’t be one-sided in this “game.”

  5. Hello folks it’s a smoke screen or he’s trying to make us forget about the refugee saga and chew on this instead. Don’t Bite.

  6. If what the PM said he did in his constituency didn’t trigger an investigation, but there will be an investigation in the St Peter constituency based on these allegations, then ABEC is a corrupt and bought organisation.

    When the citizens of Antigua sits quietly and continues to allow one set of rules to be applied to some and another set of rules applied to others, it will not be long before Antigua devolves into a full fledged dictatorship — Don’t let it happen!

    The writing is on the wall — Can y’all see it?

  7. Mr. Browne you put a housing project in st.peters wha you expect the people to vote….. chupssss….. they did transfer… this means the electoral commission was involve in a fraud

    I need more information on Antigua Airways… cause all now what the government is explain dont make sense.

  8. Is that the pot calling the kettle investigation into st.peter padding the electorate?
    Asot is beating you at your own game?? Good luck asot?

  9. Of course its another of the many smoke screens @ Rita. Yet, out of his own mouth we have a confession that he did the same illegal thing. Lorna Simon needs to be hauled in for questioning along with the whole ABEC folks. No doubt millions of dollars were doled out to steal the last election. Having said that, let’s not forget that Antiguans took bribes and empty promises to sabotage the whole process. Letters have been written to the DPP about his admitting that he broke the law, so let’s see how she responds.
    Let us never let them forget about the African saga. We need to find out what Gaston Browne got in return for the 10 passports because ALP does not give without major profiting.

  10. The PLM memorandum stated that the Constitution as drafted by the ALP was creating a legal dictatorship, their words are so true and coming to past

  11. The PLM warned us that the way the constitution was written snd drafted by the ALP, we were creating a legal dictatorship, their words are coming to pass

  12. Yes investigate and confirm that ABEC are facilitators in election fraud. What you say happened in St. Peter is the reverse of what you said you did in your constituency. Yes investigate. Maybe you will just expose the election fraud perpetrate by the labour Party since VC Bird’s time when he took Haitians to vote for him in Cedar Grove. Whoever you target with your investigation should say who else would have been involved. Is it that easy to get names on the lists?
    Gaston, you are really desperate for more seats to hang on to power. But one way or another, your time is up.

  13. But what sense is this?

    If Gaston complain about transfer, which go lead to electoral commission fraud. So if electoral commission didn’t do they job properly the entire election would be rigged. Which would call for the OAS(whatever board) who was overlooking everything to be even in this scandal.

    After COvid when Gaston see how y’all impulse buy a lot of things put the fact y’all dunce and he can get away with anything and it’s true.

    Before y’all do anything Gaston knows all Antigua ppl go do is chat chat chat. Nobody go touch he, nobody go come to his face. Nobody can open his computer files and prove anything. All u all gonna do is comment on Facebook and news articles, cry about country hard and sit in the same shit for the next 5 years. He knows how weak u Antiguans are, He knows other countries would even throw stone at him like Gonsalves. But not Gaston, he nuh fear none of u. Y’all can’t do anything but comment, complain. He told y’all if u don’t vaccinate I don’t get pay and watch all of u. Gaston control y’all live I believe y’all should finally shut up and take what y’all get.

    Yes come under here and comment and tak that won’t do shit to me, I don’t even have to open this link again. I say what I want and go and watch u all quarrel with each other over stupid words on the internet as if ur opinions matter here.

    Gaston says anything and does anything and there’s nothing none of u Antiguans do about it

    Barbuda had way more balls than u to stand up for their country. But look at you anything involve money y’all stretch out y’all batty holes and tekk it. The country not running to shit because of Gaston cuz barbudans doing way better than all of u here. The country is shit because none of u do anything about it but nah cuss spit fight, listen to influencers on social media. Complain with ur friends, say ohhh nothing can do, who is me.

    Watch all of u bunch of fools. Gaston go do some shit and he go get benefits and all u have to work back his money and investment he make. Still pay him tax. He still sits at the helm of the state.

    Y’all in Antigua don’t rread, ur daughters grow up to slave their bodies for money, ur sons are weak and Gay and sucking on whatever they can to get by to feed their parents. And everyday as a foreigner here y’all say go back where we come from but we going back with ur currency that makes life better for us back home. We making children with locals so we can always come back and have a footing here to make more money.

    We don’t care about Antigua, not even Antiguans care about Antigua. Your prime minister doesn’t steal to enrich the country so he can live freely in his kingdom. He steals for himself to make an empire in his domain

    That’s really dunce tho but Antigua is a country where they learn trial by fire. They have to fuck around to find out!! Lmaooo idiots

    And then replace Gaston with who?
    Another can’t read? Just want a break thru in life and a status?

    Y’all don’t know how money works and everytime for over 100 years cuz ya can ask your great grandfather when he was working now he on pension how many times he hear government bruk! And uuuu

    Lol Antigua Is the comedic capital of the Caribbean. Y’all can’t supply yourself with water and country like Aruba better than u, Dominica ppl better than u,

    2023 and u have to wear mask not from Covid but body odor, wash skin with bucket to go Parliament to talk about how much better we gotten.

    Antigua is the same country that temple street with the big gutter in slavery days Antiguans does lance they shit out the window das why the gutters were so deep, Antigua ppl never had toilets, Antiguans we’re the cave men of the Caribbean and still are. Jamaican, Guyanese, Cameroons have running water and u call dem ooor and don’t want dem here,

    Y’all can’t afford dental in your own country, the price for dental u can go on a vacation in another island and still fix ur teeth.

    Y’all medical scheme is bullshit

    What y’all really good for in this country but chat chat chat

    The other islands call y’all Garrats!!!

    Not yardy
    Not GT
    Not Spanni

    A whole dam foul smelling, piss swimming, shit living, gutter footing, hairy, ugly, RAT!!!!

    And nobody can snitch more than Antiguans MURDAHHHH!!!

    Lmaoo y’all don’t doomed at all

    Antigua ppl will always be Garrats!!

    Nasty creatures all y’all

    Gaston or after Gaston

    Y’all go forever be shit complain all u want

    Epicurean price go still high tmr

    Cuss me and reply all u want I won’t even read it or reply cuz y’all still gonna be in the same position and worst and all your children gonna run away cuz they can’t survive here and the foreigners gonna come more cuz labor needed and y’all don’t work for cheap

    Lol Antigua is the best country any investor and hope for to advantage

    Y’all can’t read, flash money in front y’all and do whatever I want behind ur back. When it too late all u go do is cuss and still work for the same investor.

    Gaston nah tap lmaooo

    • Hard, harsh but many truths in what you say, especially about the Barbudan’s having the balls to stand up to Gaston Browne’s nefarious ways.

      However, there are pockets of resistance to Gaston’s awful leadership. St Peters and All Saints Village kicked the ABLP to the kerb, and another constituency only lost by half a dozen votes.

      Even though I wouldn’t have worded my ANR thread as harshly as yours, but like you, I just don’t understand why Antiguans keep putting up with a Prime Minister that doesn’t care about the country or its citizens – an absolute mystery!

      The Barbudan’s can see it, the villagers in All Saints can see it, the Caribbean region and the outside world can see the negligence as well, but those living here keep voting for the same old same old.

      I respect another point of view … though very difficult in places to read!

      • … Brixtonian doesn’t hide from the harsh reality of poor leadership and poor governance in Antigua 🇦🇬

        When is enough enough?

    • @I am an African idiot…Lmaoooo…

      A…Ignorance is still bliss, and has several meanings once it’s put in context, of the moment.

      B…research is paramount, in order not to mistake #ignorance for #bliss.

      C…in terms of the word “Garrat, Garrett,” or any of similar likeness, as lease do a search regarding it origin and meaning in Cultures such as the Vikings, Scott’s, British, Germans etc, and be pleasantly surprised, as to it significance. One is SPEAR BEARER.

      D…a little history lesson for you, the Monsterratians were also labeled #GARRAT just like Antiguans.

      Your rambling is as incoherent, as one who just got a shot of fentanyl, and the #narcan to save you from your #ignorance has not kicked in as yet, therefore, your #Blissful_Ignorance is understandable.

      Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
      De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Foot Garrat Bastard

      Vere C. Edwards

  14. Gaston Browne,should go to the King’s Coronation via a Helicopter. Then when it reaches a good distance over the Atlantic,pushed him out. LOL. He could use his big,oversized head,as a floating device.

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