Intruder enters woman’s home on Sunday, rapes her


Police are investigating the alleged rape of a Golden Grove woman by a masked man. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATS APP GROUP

Reports are that the intruder entered the woman’s home on Sunday, June 26, and violated her.

A report of the incident was made to the Police and the woman was subsequently examined by a medical doctor.

This is the third such offense reported within a week, all involving men whom the victims do not know. One of the incidents involves a teenager and all are still under active investigation.

A St. George resident tells REAL News she is now terrified after learning that a home was broken into on Friday night, with the woman of the house being raped, reportedly at gunpoint.

“It’s serious out there,” she says, while detailing the precautions she is taking. She also shares her conviction that “the Police are under-reporting the actual truth of what’s happening….”

Meanwhile, last week’s sentencing of a young man for the rape of his five-year-old niece has outraged women and men alike. The offender received a jail term of five years and three months for the crime.

“People are getting 14 years for thiefing jewelry from a politician’s relative,” an angry mother responded, almost screaming. “And you rape a child – a primary-school pickney – and you get five years? Something not wrong with this picture? Plenty-plenty wrong with it!” she declares. REAL NEWS

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  1. How they didn’t post this guy picture and put his name All over the media like they did the PM brother , y’all like to pic and choose who to blast, stop the politics and let everyone know who these creeps are!

    • I am British and was hoping to go on a family holiday to Antigua in 4 weeks time. Unfortunately, I will no longer be able to go, however other family members are.

      I am really hoping the police in Antigua takes the sexual assault of women and children seriously as this type of criminally sickening behaviour would seriously impact negatively on the whole island. People from Britain will not visit Antigua if its natural beauty is marred by violent attacks and sexual assaults on women and children alike; then slap on the wrist jail terms being given to the perpetrators! Shame on you!!!! I hope you find and punish these perpetrators and incarcerate them for the safety and well being of women and children living on and visiting Antigua.

      • STFU asshole any way hab more raper man then way u come from in fact we have one ya ah live the life of luxury in the old navy base

        • At the end of the day British doesn’t depend on tourism. We do. The point is it’s getting crazy out here. Before you bash think then talk. Stupid person you are. I said what I said.

          • Just gimme one facking break rape is nothing new inna Antigua or we forget the serial rapist was terrorizing women in the same golden grove area this fake british asswipe here chatting his bullshit like rapist nah there where he come from ya forget ah one while British policeman rape the american student now he ah live like one king at the old us base he need to STFU and he is an asshole

      • @ BDN Thomas no surprise here Thomas, that’s all the ignorant SOB’s in Antigua does is curse and attack if your views differ.
        I’m born there but live more than half my life overseas and when I read some of the comments on this platform it reminds me the best thing that happened in my life was to leave some of these stupid unintelligent idiot buffoons behind.

        • Oh please, you’re an illegal who used Antigua to get to America. We’re well rid of you, ignorant refugee.

          • @ Byam . 😂 A an old fart sitting on the veranda watching your life go by and what could’ve been.
            A Bachelor’s with honors and a Master’s to top it off is not bad . Even you in your state of decay should admit 😂😂.
            I have workers that depends on me to put food on their table .
            Does anyone depend on you for anything besides stupidity

        • I had two degrees before you were born, and as I’m old, my life as already gone by. The only regrets are the ALP foreign criminals running riot in Antigua.

      • For a very small island too many instances of robbery,theft, rape and murder. And good luck getting any help from authorities takes them too long to come to your aid and inefficient in their positions. Very slow processes and often no resolution. They don’t want to be bothered.

    • @Blast them. Maybe you should post his picture because you obviously know who he is, the woman and the police don’t even know. The PM’s brother was convicted so that’s why his picture and name were posted.

  2. Five years old oh my god should have gotten life with out any possibility of seen out side again, twenty strokes, and castrated him never to use again,or chop it off

  3. Judicial system is f! D whole a it! Are we gonna keep complaining about it or stand together as one and demand change? Ask yourselves that.

  4. Why should any British tourists come here with all these foreign criminals running riot? Crime is too high for a tourism destination. The ALP has imported a foreign criminal underclass and it’s only going to get worser and worser.

  5. The heart of men is EVIL and desperately WICKED. Unfortunately, it will only get worse as we get closer to the end of the world.

    Those who perpetrate these hideous crimes, need to be aware that their actions HAVE NOT GONE UNNOTICED. They may not be seen by man, but the great Creator sees everything. His justice is sure and perfect.

    You will come before the judgement throne one day soon and give account.

    As the Vile festival of carnival approaches, the people need to be on greater vigilance and awareness because demonic forces are on the rampage to destroy as many lives as possible. The crimes will increase.

    There is hope for humanity who turn from the evil way and accept RIGHTEOUSNESS.


  6. Very scary to think what this tiny island has turned into, we are living in the end get right with Yah while you can. People are living a delusional life as they can’t sense the Times we are living, can no on recognized that a portal has been open since the last blood moon in April or May, decern what the Holy Spirit is telling you. Get right and get your heart’s prepared.

    Come to the salvation of Yashusa Hamachiac.
    Would you like Yashua into your life today.
    Here is a simple salvation prayer:

    ‘O Lord God, I believe with all of my heart in Jesus Christ, son of the living God. I believe He died for me and God raised Him from the dead. I believe He’s alive today. I confess with my mouth that Jesus Christ is the Lord of my life from this day. Through Him and in His Name, I have eternal life now; I AM born again. Thank you Lord, for saving my soul. I’m now a child of God. Hallelujah.

    We will be seeing more demons manifesting more than ever in animals also.

    Get right and stand strong, come together as one. The 12 tribes of Judea are soon to regather. Prepare for our Heavenly Father is soon to return.

    Stay bless

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