Interpol removes Red Notice against Mehul Choksi


A spokesperson for Mr Choksi Commented: “The report from the Antiguan police, and the evidence adduced by Mr Choksi in the ongoing High Court proceedings in Antigua, point to an alarming case of state orchestrated kidnap, torture and attempted rendition by the Indian government. The decision of Interpol to delete the Red Notice strengthens these concerns. Moreover, the preliminary ruling of the High Court in Antigua demonstrates that there is a case to answer for a full investigation. In turn, Mr Choksi has presented a compelling case that the Indian government is behind the orchestrated kidnap from Antiguan territory, the torture of Mr Choksi, and the attempt to render him to India in breach of the international rule of law.”

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  1. I always knew he was kidnapped. When the news broke, and that was before Dominica grabbed the man, I watched the videos on YouTube of Browne telling the Indian media of Choksi running off with a girlfriend. His word structure immediately suggested to me he was not being truthful. Now that the attempt backfired on the kidnappers, it’s clear that only an insider would have known a woman was used in the plot as a lure. Time for another commission of inquiry.

  2. This is a huge victory for Choski in his fight against his unlawful kidnapping. That local law enforcement is yet to come up with any information and statement with regards to this affair is regrettable. I still believe that their is some cover up where this issue is concerned. I hope that my fellow “citizen” spares no effort in trying to find out who was involved in his kidnapping.

    • Mr. Choksi has now become the victim, so who are the suspected criminals in this matter? We will know in due course.

    • What victory? Does this means that the crimes he allegedly committed in India are dropped by the Indian authorities? Why did the Antiguan government take so long to have Chiksi extradited.

  3. Our entire law enforcement including ONDCP, and the judicial system seems collusive and compromised. Gaston Browne should have been hauled in for questioning long ago. Is our police chief commissioner in a similar spot like the GG? He can not investigate anything without being told.
    Choksi’s crimes in India is between him and India, but this attempted kidnapping thing orchestrated by India and our government must be investigated, and by an independent outside agency. Most of the people here in high places are compromised

  4. It is quite remarkable, if not downright disturbing, that the police have been muted concerning this Choksi kidnapping. Gaston Browne, always running off at the mouth, seeming to know everything, (unless he is implicated in something illegal, like not knowing about Russians applying for CIP passports, that his wife was going to enter politics, and no knowledge about the Ebooks) should have been hauled in long ago for questioning. But, as fate would have it, we have the quintessential puppet as police commissioner. Word is, Choksi has him and the AG in court.
    We will never really know how this all plays out until we remove Gaston Browne from his position. All the ALP MP’s are compromised and will remain mum.

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