International Popstar Au/Ra Meets PM Browne to discuss possible linkages with Antigua and Barbuda


Antigua and Barbuda has produced an outstanding pop-singer with worldwide acclaim known as Au/Ra. The rising superstar has spent eleven of her 16 years in Antigua—having been born in Spain in 2002. The rising pop star artist attended the St. Anthony’s Secondary School during her formative years and has balanced the mastery of her craft and education through her talented parents while living in Antigua. 

            The multicultural green-haired, rising-superstar/pop-singer Au/Ra, her father, known as Torsten, and her family-friend Ambassador Bert Kerchner, paid a visit on Prime Minister Gaston Browne, on Monday morning, September 24, 2018. The team was joined by Tourism Minister Max Fernandez, and Honourable Daryl Matthew, Minister with responsibility for Festivals. The Antigua and Barbuda Government officials all congratulated the rising superstar. Au/Ra’s popularity on the charts is constantly growing with millions of views on her social media networks. She has more fans on the network than Bob Marley and the Wailers, and is ranked 64th in the world from among 100,000+ aspiring artistes. 

            Au/Ra’s latest single is called “Panic Room”; it is a sensation, attracting more than 107,000,000 (one hundred and seven million) views from all around the world. The Prime Minister was told that very few Antigua and Barbuda citizens are aware of the outstanding talent nurtured in our midst; he has pledged to change that. She will be interviewed by ABS-TV, her latest music video will also be shared with the ABS audience, a number of interviews and appearances are already being planned on radio and for the Internet.

            “I believe that you can do for Antigua and Barbuda what Rihanna has done for Barbados,” Prime Minister repeated. “I will ask the Cabinet to make you a cultural ambassador of Antigua and Barbuda,” the Prime Minister told the rising star; “and, I will invite you to apply to become a citizen of the country in which you have lived for 11 of your sixteen years,” he concluded.

Au/Ra commented that: “I love Antigua and Barbuda, this is my home and it would be an honour to represent my home in any way possible.”

The pop star artist was elated at the possibility of collaborating with the Ministry of Tourism in the promotion of the island during her tours and media appearances internationally.

            The Prime Minister also enquired of her ability to remix Soca songs, pointing to one of Swallow’s hits. Au/Ra indicated that she knew the Swallow song and could indeed try to re-arrange it to fit the genre which she now masters. Au/Ra writes her own songs and also has a team of writers.

            The meeting ended after one hour of exchanges.

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  1. We have enough Antiguans and Barbuda living overseas than what remain home who can help to market the island tourism products. The island is their birth rights, so they should be proud to tell people in other part of the world about it richness and beauty.

  2. Good for her and co gratulations. But the article did not specify which supposed network she has more fans of than Bob Marley and the Wailers.

    I don’t even think that was a valid point to make. I never heard of her and would not have if I hadn’t decided to comb through the site in a moment of boredom.

    Let’s get her known but please find a suitable comparison.

  3. So she ihas more fans on the network than Bob Marley ?
    What network? I bet she has her birth place and nationality as Spanish on the network and Antigua is no where to be found. Why we so desperate for likes in Antigua I don’t know.

  4. She knows her birthplace is Ibiza, but she identifies herself as antiguan and she’s proud of it, even not being antiguan by blood. She sung reggae in the past, so it wouldn’t be a problem singing soca, why not with CP?
    I’m not antiguan, but I hope this wonderful country starts getting the relevance it deserves, it’s a blessed land for sure, and success to Au/Ra, may she keep her antiguan background with her and help so many other teens from the island to pursue their dreams.

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