Internal charges for Wendell Robinson

Former Commissioner Wendel Robinson

Suspended Commissioner of Police Wendell Robinson has been handed internal charges for discreditable conduct.

He was also charged with two counts of “oppressive conduct.”

The charges were filed against him yesterday weeks after an investigation into allegations against him were concluded.

Questions are being raised about the validity of the charges since the officer who charged him is not on par with Robinson’s rank.

The commissioner was suspended in April following allegations of sexual harassment against him. He remains on suspension and is challenging the decision of the Police Service Commission to take that action against him.

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  1. “Questions are being raised about the validity of the charge since the officer who charged him is not on par with Robinson’s rank”.

    Can someone please pinch me, to make sure what I’m reading was actually written? There is only ONE Commissioner of Police. ONLY ONE!

    No one else in the RPFAB is on par with the Commissioner. Are you suggesting that whatever the Commissioner does is above/beyond reproach? WOW.

  2. Hey Jerome u a smart one ….i think they need to give u the job …….but it is better they give ray john hi job back if they can take back child preda then they can take back robbers,murderers and thieves

  3. Looking on with birds eye view to see how and if shenay-Nay will rise above again. By the way if Robinson is able to keep his job then is best ray John be exempted from charges.
    There will be hell to pay for those boys who raised the alarm on the harassment issue. No promotion and endless harassment with disciplinary charges shall be heading their way once the commissioner is able to muscle is job back in his palms.

    The Caribbean Community Implementation Agency for Crime and Security (CARICOM IMPACS) has made Mockery of :
    (i) … The three investigators from Barbados; Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago;
    (ii) …The Police Service;
    (iii) …Acting Commissioner Atlee Rodney;
    (iv) …The Police Service Commissioner; and
    (v) …The law and procedures.

    Firstly, Acting Commissioner Atlee Rodney never reported his boss for any breach of Force Discipline;

    Secondly, he never recommended his boss to be suspended from office;

    Thirdly, he had absolutely no authority to order investigations into the conduct of Commissioner Robinson for action taken against him by the Police Service Commission(PSC);

    Fourthly, though he may have been duped, he may still have been ignorant or reckless not
    to know, that since the issue was not one of ‘…Crime and Security,’ he shall not have requested the ‘PSC’ to appoint the team of Special Constables.

    Fifthly, no power resides with the Acting Commissioner to cause the Special Constables to investigate and lay disciplinary charges against the Commissioner on his behalf.

    THE LAW:

    The membership of the ‘PSC’ appeared ignorant of the constitutional provisions that allow for delegation of authority either to ‘…one or more of its members or to a public officer’ [CO: 1981: Section 99].

    Both had not followed the ‘…Law and Procedure.’ The regulations unambiguously state,
    ‘…The investigating officer shall be a member of the Police Force’ [Section 4 (2): Police Act: Chapter 330]. The Special Constables, though ‘…given Police powers of arrest and detention,’ are not members of the National Police Service [SECTIONS 17, 18 &19].


    For the purposes of a disciplinary hearing, the law states, ‘…The accused shall be ordered (by the Commissioner) to attend a hearing, before the Commission (PSC) [Section 8].

    Neither Acting Commissioner Atlee Rodney nor the ‘PSC’ is empowered to order Commissioner to any such hearing. The simple reason is that he is ‘…not subordinate to Acting Commissioner Rodney or the ‘PSC.’
    Giving Atlee Rodney a ‘…basket to carry water, ‘ this was ‘…an exercise in futility.’

    They have all made ‘…Mockery of Law and Procedure,’ and may now have been seen as
    ‘…total embarrassment to themselves; …their positions; …the people and nation.

    • The commissioner Mr Robinson should call the investigation.
      (I) Mr Robinson summons himself to his office to give evidence against the claim.
      (Ii) Mr Robinson said to himself did you proposition the young men?
      (III) since I am the commissioner I will suspend myself until the investigation is complete.
      (Iv) I am appointing a three member team from CID to investigate me. And report their findings to me.
      Only the commissioner can look into the commissioner. LOL


    Know ‘Rastaman’ invariably makes ‘…intelligent contributions’ to the discussions
    at hand. These seem rather ‘…Unintelligible and Nonsensical.’

    Believe you are far more intelligent to understand ‘…paragraph 4 of the website’s news.’

    The Police Force is a ‘…Disciplined Organization.’ There are regulations to guide the
    conduct of police officers from ‘…Commissioner of Police right down to the rank of Constable.’

    There are legal procedures to be followed to do so when breaches of discipline are alleged to have been committed.

    Suggest that you clear your mind and thoughts of that which may forever keep you in total ignorance.

    Know that horses are taken to a pond, but sometimes ignore the purpose for which they
    were taken.

    Your understanding might be helped or improve if you would ‘…ONLY’ read the Police Disciplinary Regulations.

    These are contained in ‘…Police Act; Chapter 330; Volume 12 of the Revised Edition 1992; Laws of Antigua and Barbuda.’

    You may also wish to read ‘…Section 99 of the Constitution’ that tells the Police Service Commission (PSC), what it shall do when certain situations arise.

    No one will take responsibility if you choose to remain in ignorance.

    • @Mr Pompey again I do understand your educational disability it’s the same disorder the Calypso judges have they do not know how to judge a humorous composition either.

  6. Mr Pompey may I refer you to the MIGHTY SPOILER : The magistrate try himself. (1957 Calypso)

    The English language is not exclusive to Mr Pompey. HUMOR, SATIRE, PUN etc forms part of the English language, korgs who are overly endowed educationally usually fail these basic language classes.

    Surely it is my choice to approach any topic the way I and I chose. Being disrespectful is not a virtue don’t practise it.

  7. I am watching the Legal Gymnastics in this case, I have seen a number of Procedral errors and it is too late to cure. Commissioner Robinson and i started our Legal studies at the Antigua State college evening Class and later went on to study Law in England. However, the Nation is waiting on the out- come of this case. Thereafter the Appeals will start . In my view, Justice will take its course.


    Often not responsive to gibberish. Too many people are entangled.
    You may not necessarily be so.

    This discussion not only calls for intelligibility but also thoughts more
    enlightening such as that of ‘…Macbeth George and the others.’
    It is never about ‘…Humor or Gibberish.’

    This news item is much too serious to be treated as ‘…humorous.’

    Illiteracy is man’s gravest enemy. Have not intention or desire
    of stamping it out. This would be an impossible undertaking.

    If this means anything to my Rastaman friend, take a biblical visit
    ‘…The heart of him that hath understanding, seeketh knowledge,
    but the mouth of fools feedeth on foolishness’ [Proverbs 15: 14].

    Moreover, ‘…Only with pride cometh contention, but with the well-advised,
    is wisdom [Proverbs 13: 10].


    • Mr Pompey I will say this and leave it: what does the following men have in common?
      1 David Letterman
      2 Jay Leno
      3 Stephen Colbert
      4 Seth Meyers
      5 Jimmy Kimmel
      However serious the topic is/was there job was to take the Mickey out of it.
      Accept the difference in people as I accept the difference in you. I have no personal stake in this situation.
      I can see your dedication to the law that was made by a group of men who were probably less educated than you are today.
      Mr Pompey exhale what ever the out come life goes on.

  9. @macbeth George hope u a woman because you probably never had to worry about being humped for half an hour u lucky lucky woman…….y u think pumpey talking up for his country mate and dm shore he on the side of the prosecutor child endangerment person…..antigua like it got the worst of these st Vincent people or what

  10. I feel so sorry for the taxpayers cause by the time this whole legal battle play out I’m sure there is going to be a very big pay day for Mr. Roberson and taxpayers going to feel it just cause a bunch of incompetent person call the police service commission cant do their job all of them should be fired for screwing up big time

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