Interest expressed by purported third party could affect Government’s ability to auction the Alfa Nero, Symister says


REAL NEWS:In spite of amendments to the Port Authority Act, the Browne Administration might not be able to sell the Alfa Nero – the yacht registered to a Russian oligarch – if a challenge is made for ownership, says attorney Leon Chaku Symister.

The amendments were passed without alterations by the Senate on Monday, March 20. However, the legislation will have to be gazetted before any auction of the controversial vessel can take place.

The yacht has been docked in Falmouth waters since February 2022, after the United States placed sanctions on Russian oligarchs and their possessions – on account of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

However, on Monday, REAL News reported that a man identifying himself as Alexander Mavrodi of Moscow, Russia, is claiming ownership of the luxury vessel, which is said to be the property of Andrei Guryev.

In an e-mail, Mavrodi said he was surprised by some of the Government’s recent claims about the state of the vessel and its crew. Therefore, he said, he is claiming ownership of the yacht in order to reinstitute proper insurance and take care of its staff.

Symister says the interest expressed by this purported third party would impact the move by Government to auction it off.

But with word on the ground that the Browne Administration is desperate for money, he says that financial issues could arise if the sale of the boat does not go through, and Government might be challenged to meet its monthly obligations to workers.

It will be interesting, the attorney says, to see if any legal matter comes out of this recent interest in, and claim of, the vessel.

Additionally, Symister says, it is noteworthy that another Russian – and not the person announced to be the registered owner of the yacht – is coming forward to claim it.  Hence, he believes that some interesting times lie ahead.

Reports say the Government of Antigua and Barbuda has already put in motion plans to sell the vessel – plans that were conceived since last year, 2022.

Over two weeks ago, Attorney-General Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin announced that a notice was published in the local newspapers and other media outlets and will remain for a period of 10 days, notifying of the sale of the vessel.

This publication was to satisfy the legal requirements for a forced sale.

It was noted that if the owner does not claim the vessel within the specified period, then the Government – having already declared the vessel a hazard – will sell it to the highest bidder.

Sources say that a government senator and an ambassador are representing clients who have expressed an interest in purchasing the Alfa Nero.

Meanwhile, MP Sherfield Bowen, also an attorney, believes that 10 days’ notice is inadequate. He points out that a period of 90 days is customary for foreclosure on a property, and that lending institutions – not governments – are usually given priority in cases where assets are forfeited.

Senator Shawn Nicholas, meanwhile, has advised the Administration to deposit the proceeds of the sale into an escrow account – as a hedge against future claims – rather than into the Consolidation Fund.

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  1. Chaku Waku will replace Alister “inTERllectual” Thomas DROPOUT in City West???

    Hope he have stronger false teeth glue this time

  2. Even after the election the UPP seem to want to hold to any straw to stay relevant. I mean anyone that took that email serious must be a real dumb blond. And I have a bridge to sell them. Lets move on. No time to waste on dummies.

    • Some bird people have bird brains and can’t think logically. Just waive some Money before their eyes and see how they run with it.

      • Well, UPP people have no brain whatsoever. And that is a proven fact. They are as dunce as they come. Just look at this buffoon of a lawyer commenting on a silly email from a none existing person. And if he had read the amendments, he would have known that the government would have to give the owner ten days to show up or face the consequences of getting his property auctioned.
        Tell you what Chaku, you can be his lawyer when he shows up.

        • Which law school did Chaku graduate from and pass the bar exams? Look at who is calling a qualified lawyer a buffoon? You sound like your mentor Gaston Browne. Only you labour people smart, but you are not smart enough to know better.

        • Sidelines who go give you your stipend when Gaston gone? I hear he has been fingered by Russia, and you know we have a lot of Russian Antiguans via CIP. He will not even know when it happens; he will join the number of recent top Russians who have slipped or been dropped from tall buildings or poisoned to death. Russians are showing their heartlessness now in the world. Merica heartless too, and China deadly! But Gaston worse!

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