Inter-Caribbean service is atrocious! A new LIAT soon : PM Gonsalves


On Sunday, Gonsalves expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of the service, characterizing it as “extremely terrible.”

Additionally, he mentioned that he is now anticipating the receipt of a document from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) pertaining to the establishment of a new LIAT.

“I am awaiting a document from the Caribbean Development Bank for a new Liat, which I suspect is a result of the discussion I had with the President of the CDB and his team a few weeks ago, in which I suggested some practical things to them.”

“I thought their estimate for launching the new airline was a little low.” “We know what we went through when we refleeted Liat, but we need this,” Gonsalves explained.

According to Gonsalves, there exists an initiative for which Gaston Browne dispatched two of his officials to engage in a discussion with him. However, Gonsalves proposed that it would be advisable to avoid conflicting objectives between these projects.

During the discourse on Sunday, the Prime Minister also addressed his discussions with Caribbean Airlines and Mustique Airways.

“Caribbean Airlines is putting some things in place so that we can get more service.” I’m also collaborating with Mustique Company to see if we can persuade them to provide a more regular service from St. Vincent to Barbados, Trinidad, adjacent St. Lucia, and other destinations. “I’ve actually asked them if they can buy three more planes to add to the fleet so that we can service some of our demand,” Gonsalves explained.

On July 20, Inter Caribbean Airways, in response to numerous complaints by travelers, said in a press release that Inter Caribbean Airways has experienced a number of interruptions that have caused frustration and inconvenience for passengers across the network. This was said to be due to unforeseen temporary staffing issues.

“While flight disruptions are not unusual with any airline, we take responsibility for the situation and are working to improve customer service and communications,” said Lyndon Gardiner, founder and chairman of InterCaribbean Airways.

“During these difficult times, we kindly request that our passengers show understanding and patience towards our front-line ambassadors, who are working tirelessly to assist you. Our team is doing everything possible to meet your needs and ensure your safety and comfort during your journeys.”

There has been no other release from the company as the travel woes with the airline continue.







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  1. Gaston, you right on your initiative to return liat to the skies!! Your efforts are to be applauded!

    The demand is there and you need a competent and reliable air service to all the islands in the OECS and beyond.

    Hopefully you and the associated governments can come to an amicable arrangement to return LIAT 2020 to its position as the premier airline of choice.


    • The problem is AS USUAL, is that there is no UNITY!!! As long as I get what what I want, to hell with the rest.

      It’s so sad that they all let LIAT fail and now want LIAT. Man if LIAT was a person, he/she would be saying “F all of you! Go paddle a boat!”

  2. It appears as though we Caribbean people and our leaders are beginning to have a unified approach to the matter of air travel amongst us. Early days yet but I believe we are going to unite for the benefit of all us on this super important issue.

  3. What a hypocrite of a man. He sided with Mia, and they pulled the plug on LIAT and now he wants to cry and beg others to buy planes and service his Island. You cannot trust these so called regional leaders. It’s all about them. They envy Antigua so bad that unless the headquarters is not moved to their region, they were not willing to support it. The bigger picture didn’t matter to them. And Barbados, being under the IMF hammer, could not dare to put any more money into LIAT. And that’s the IMF for you. PM Browne hurry up and take off to the Skies with Air Peace and the new LIAT 2020. Don’t let them keep us back. Thank God for CIP, because now they cannot use nationality against him. He is an Antiguan and Barbudan Citizen. And has all the rights to have an airline operating in the Caribbean.

    • Barbados is better governed than Antigua and Barbuda, that is plain for all to see. I say this as an Antiguan and Barbudan. IMF is always blamed by this administration for the financial restraints required of its borrowers. IMF puts these checks in place to ensure borrowing countries follow their guidelines in order to ensure financial discipline. We seem to think we can borrow not only from IMF but other countries too and forget that the lender, no matter who, must be repaid, hence we have in the past been forced to ask for debt forgiveness. How many countries other than Antigua and Barbuda complain about the IMF? They knew and accepted the guidelines and conditions required. That organization was not created as a help yourself convenience for any country. Think about it.

      • The only time a country goes into an IMF program is because it cannot get any other means of financing. That is why the IMF is called Lendor of Last Resort. When Gaston Browne came to office, he told them to ship out and they thought he would have come crawling back very soon. But they were wrong because he even paid them off before the deadline. And even during Covid he managed to stay out of their wicked arms. Compare that to Mia, who even went into a second IMF program because she said they are not yet out of the woods. So, give me a break to compare Antigua and Barbuda governance of the economy with that of Barbados. Yes, Barbados is a much bigger economy then Antigua and Barbuda. But our economy grew the fasted in the Caribbean for more than three years consecutively. Those are the facts.

        • The fact is ABLP borrowed to clear its debt from another country. In other words Antigua and Barbuda is still in debt. They call it poor man boast. So our economy
          grew the fastest in the Caribbean for more than three consecutive years? Tell that to those who have been waiting for years for monies owed to them. Oh, your lot has been too busy building five hundred homes in five hundred days. Keep building.

    • Something all you politicians forgetting or trying hard to blank out
      All those millions owed to the ticket holders over 11 million us dollars
      your behaving like you don’t know how we Caribbean people get on when we are owed money.liat might just have a chance to rise again but not in Antigua last time I’ve travel on liat were 2019 and it was a multi city ticket to SVG for carnival and Lucian after that had already buy the same for 2020 trying to reinvent Liat in Antigua is hopeless if you politicians wait to late somebody with money bags will come along start up a real airline.

  4. @)Sideline u r a joker, there were 4 islands keeping Liat 1974 in the skies, B’dos, Antigua, SVG and Dominica. Which island had the most shares and injected the most money in Liat? U talking a lot of Bullshit.
    So many other islands never contributed, y u don’t mention those? And Liat was providing service to them, so shut up and ship out.

  5. The ECS PMs remain apart with no coherent or cohesive solution for dependable and affordable air travel in the Eastern Caribbean.
    Everyone is jockeying for a PR hit.
    It’s a Caribbean thing to get favorable reviews by talking and not delivering.
    Gonsalves, Gaston and many other Caribbean politicians are very aware that they will not be punished at the polls as a result of LIAT demise. Elections are popularity contests, rather than policy initiatives and the delivery of public services.
    Be it ignorance or lack of understanding the Eastern Caribbean people have not made it a political issue; or put LIAT on the political agenda.
    LIAT is nothing but a political football among these PMs and all of them knows it. None of them are at risk of taking a political hit or loose an election because of LIAT.
    So stay tuned for more PR prices and be prepared for the blame game.

  6. Barbados had the most shares, and reason for that was that Barbados government was smarter than the Inept UPP politicians we had. They didn’t buy ordinary shares with the monies they put in. They bought preferential shares. The same stupidness they did when putting money into ECAB. Rather than taking ordinary share they took preferential shares and now St. Lucia is the largest shareholder in ECAB while Antigua has overall put in more money than them. But the fact remains, Barbados and St. Vincent decided to pull the plug from LIAT and that is why Gaston went quickly to parliament to pass a law to place LIAT in Administration and try to revive it. But none of them want to have anything to do with that. Well now they see the real value of LIAT. Caribbean people can hardly travel between the Islands. Trade representatives that used to travel from Island to Island cannot do that so easily anymore. LIAT is a great miss in the business equation.

    • #sideline. but not in Antigua anywhere else you talk like browne boy and antigua hands are
      clean how about those over 600 workers employed in antigua by liat explain that .

  7. BARBADOS claiming that they are under an I.M.F.programme is B/S BAFFLING BRAIN.As A major shareholder in L.I.A.T (1974)LTD how come the GOVERNMENT OF BARBADOS find money to pay the chosen 89 BARBADOS BASE EMPLOYEES their full 100 % severance and also CLICO POLICY HOLDERS in BARBADOS and descriminating the rest of the workers and also the CLICO POLICY HOLDERS in the OECS.It appears the chosen 89 employees in the BARBADOS base sweat and sacrifice build LIAT and only they have a mouth,stomach,digestive system and could defecate solid .I guess the rest of us have to install solar panel on our stomach the SUN is free to satisfy hunger and produce air not solid through the BACKEND which would be able to drive a wind turbine producing ELECTRICITY HUMAN ALTERNATIVE ENERGY.MIA you are looking for recognition on the global platform take that to COP28 you might win a Nobel prize.Failing to approve the above and establish a patent BARBADOS we want our 100% severance like the chosen 89 BARBADOS BASE EMPLOYEES.

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