INOXCVA awarded contract to set up Mini LNG Terminal for Caribbean LNG in Antigua

Caribbean LNG Terminal (with permission of Eagle LNG)

Indian multinational and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cryogenic equipment and solutions provider, INOXCVA has been awarded a contract by Caribbean LNG Inc. for Design, Engineering & Supply on a turnkey basis for a Mini LNG receiving and regasification terminal to be set up in Antigua, West Indies.

Caribbean LNG Inc. is a Joint Venture between Eagle LNG Partners (‘Eagle LNG) and Antigua Power Company (APC). The terminal will provide natural gas for APC’s on-island 40 MW power plant.

The terminal is expected to be a future template and anchor plant to service power and other energy requirements in the Eastern Caribbean Islands.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Vijay Kalaria, Global Head – LNG at INOXCVA, said, “We are excited and honoured to have been given this opportunity to set up this prestigious ‘Mini LNG Terminal’ with Vacuum Insulated Storage Tanks and a regasification system to feed the gas-based power plant. Caribbean LNG’s terminal will be capable of receiving LNG through smaller ships while provisioning for LNG distribution and ship bunkering in the future. Our innovative design and modularized concept will ensure minimum site activity and enable faster implementation of the project. All major critical equipment to be installed in the Mini LNG terminal will be manufactured in INOXCVA’s state of the art manufacturing facility in Kandla, India.”

This project comes soon after the successful commissioning and operations of a similar Multifunctional Mini LNG Terminal set up by INOXCVA in Scotland.

“Caribbean LNG and our shareholders, Eagle LNG and APC, are proud to work with INOXCVA on this state-of-the-art modular terminal for Antigua and Barbuda, that serves as a template for our plans throughout the Eastern Caribbean, and hub for cost-effective, low-carbon fuel supply to the country and region,” said Francis Hadeed, Director at Antigua Power Company Ltd.

“With secure, affordable, sustainable, and reliable supply from Eagle LNG’s facilities in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, and the unmatched experience and know-how of APC, Antigua and Barbuda will benefit from the use of this lower-carbon fuel creating opportunities for the country, and the Eastern Caribbean region. Moving to gas also enables the greater integration of renewable generation in the country, and the introduction of bio-LNG and hydrogen into the fuel mix will further reduce carbon footprint and meet committed goals for the country on carbon reduction.”

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  1. Congrats on the new venture APC!

    “The terminal will provide natural gas for APC’s on-island 40 MW power plant.”

    A REAL FUNCTIONING POWER PLANT! UPP Harold loveLIE has the legacy of the Wadadli Power Cant firmly etched in the history of this country. 6 old engines that Missa Spencer and loveLIE weakly attempted to HOODWINK the nation into buying his LIE that the engines were “NEW”. Dem 6 engines were so “NEW” that the country NEVER GOT A DAMN THING from the WPP.

  2. Is this serious?! More fossil fuel infrastructure in Antigua when we could so easily transition to renewables? When will Mr Yearwood and all those cronies involved in oil, gas, and car imports have profited enough from the destruction of our atmosphere and allow our people to move forward? This project is yet another hand out to foreign capitalists, keeping us trapped in the 20th century and unnecessarily committed to oil extraction as a small island nation. Have we already forgotten the destruction wreaked by Irma only 5 years ago? Only a prelude of whats to come. I guess Gaston Browne’s words at the UN and SIDS, urging countries to act now on climate resilience was just classic politrickian hypocrisy. These people would rather watch the world burn from their mansions than do anything to change course.

    • It’s not easy to transition to 100% renewable as it fluctuates too much. We need a base source and since we don’t have hydro, nuclear or geothermal natural gas is a much better upgrade environmentally to what we have now. Might even be cheaper too. Let’s give them the water plants to run while where at it. At least they may work

      • this is not true at all, in 2022 it is extremely easy to transition to renewables (provided we have the capital), we just need enough battery storage to compensate for low times, and obviously the diesel plants would pick up the slack while those stations came online. it is simple oil company propaganda that natural gas is a “transition” power source. why invest all this capital in a fossil fuel which will run out in a matter of decades? it is simple pr for their short term profit. and our politicians are more than happy to oblige once they get their slice.

    • Agreed.
      Is this fossil fuel being transported from USA or elsewhere? If so, carbon footprint is high AND we’re again at the mercy of a big country, their needs and their profits.
      Why is there no major move by Minister for Energy, & his technocrats, to renewables?
      Why is there no major tax-free encouragement to home owners & home builders, to invest in solar?
      I guess enrichment opportunities are less.

  3. What ! Them greedy people just don’t care about this country , the region and the world. The government own West Indies oil company has enough fossil fuel. The Hadeed owned APC wants to complete and instead of going to renewable energy they gone into more carbon footprint. This is heavy carbon footprint in today’s environment. Wind and solar energy is the only way to go. Hadeed once said he put up government in Antigua and take down when he wants. Remember APC was going to leave us without power when ABLP took office. Gastón be aware it’s time for the sons and daughters of the Antiguan slaves run things around here .

  4. Our education system MUST prioritize STEM and business curriculum powered by our Caribbean creative Arts, pre-K to tertiary.
    Our economic and social development REQUIRE it. Move in the right direction!


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