Inmate calls radio station to say riot at the prison is imminent since food, water, and conditions have become unbearable


REAL NEWS: Prisoners at the country’s main penal institution reportedly are up in arms and threatening to start a riot over the conditions to which they are being subjected – including the alleged scarcity of proper food.

An inmate of His Majesty’s Prison accessed a phone today, December 16, and called into a morning programme on Progressive FM.

He complained that he had not received breakfast this morning and for several days, and he claimed, further, that the irregular serving of food has been going on for almost a year.  Since that time, he said, the prison kitchen has been locked down and food is provided by an outside source.

Reportedly, meals for the inmates were being catered by the School Meals Programme; but this apparently has changed.

The prisoner says the food that the inmates are given to eat is not fit for animals.  Accordingly, he says, they usually dump the meals, since they cause them to feel sick.

Complaints were also made about the drinking water at the prison –

a problem that has been going on for about three months, the inmate says.

According to the caller, even the treats that prisoners’ relatives bring them are either taken away, or not accepted at all, by the prison authorities.

He says that pleas to the prison officers have been unsuccessful, since they were told that they – the prison officers – cannot do anything to help them; rather, the inmates would have to stand up for themselves.

The overwrought man says the inmates are now at their wits’ end and want immediate action to be taken by the Gaston Browne Administration, which has been failing the penal institution.

Just two months ago – in October – some prison officers downed tools over their working conditions and called for the removal of the Superintendent and the Permanent Secretary, who has charge over the Ministry under which His Majesty’s Prison falls.

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  1. A mere 5 years BOWEN spent there….

    On this day 19 years ago, our beloved daughter, sister, niece, friend and classmate TESSA BARTHLEY was SHOT IN HER NECK by UPP candidate SHERFIELD BOWEN. He robbed not only us, but an entire community and nation of two patriots. Our hearts continue to grieve and break at the senseless death of our loved one by an officer of the court. Justice was miscarried, but we know that a day is coming. He robbed us of our kind, fun, caring and hardworking princess, but he cannot rob us of the beautiful memories we shared. ❤️

  2. I would just let the riot start and then to prevent any further riots they will make sure yall sort out…ya chupid…now u gonna make the squads come search down the place smh…

  3. It is against the rules for inmates to have cellphone. Is the UPP’S radio station enabling lawless behavior???? Do they still have the CONVICTED PEDOPHILE IAN MAGIC HUGHES representing the UPP on this station?

    • The inmates living better than some people in the free world, don’t have to work smoke drugs all day and sit on phone all day. Then cry about the condition who tell you to murder, rob and rape kmt

  4. And on the flipside of the coin, what crime did the inmate commit, and how was his victim(s) effected?


    Remember, if you can’t do the TIME don’t commit the CRIME. Simple really!


    • Some time I really like the way u think .. couldn’t have said it any better … I personally think these call in show host should cut these calls off .. they might find themselves aiding and abetting criminals making iilegal phone calls Franz mine your blood pressure

  5. Is there a prison farm or garden that the more trustworthy and less violent offenders work on to help grow some of their own food etc.? If not, perhaps that might be helpful. Probably better if they cook their own food as well to help them practice responsibility, creativity and independence and learn life skills while inside so when they get out they can more easily participate in society and take care of themselves.

  6. How did the prisoner get a phone to call the radio station? Is phone allowed in jail. Maybe he should have think about that before he commit a serious crime to go to jail in the first place

    • Exacly might point and franz and zizzy using this illegal act to gain political points …founny how franz who lived in a white mans country is so racist

  7. I have never been to Prison,Jail,Police lock up,inside any Police cruisers.However,in life you never know where you could end up and for what ever reasons.If someone came on my property and I asked that person to leave my property.And that person approached me in an aggressive manner.I have all rights to defend myself,even to use my concealed carry licensed weapon.Then I go to Court and be sent to Prison by a Jury so you never know.If what that man did say earlier today on the Radio is true.That Prison should be condemn to the dust bins.For in my opinion,Humans would go into 1735 and Wild Animals would come out.Clean up that place build a new Prison.

  8. Stop making the call to the radio station a political move..
    People it’s a human rights issue..
    Can’t you understand that!
    Even though they are considered criminals, the occupants of 1735 are human beings..
    The government needs to suppy basic human needs, basic, needs.
    All that money they paying for launching of candidates send a truck with water to the jail and provide food…
    Bread and butter will suffice..
    People, the government is wicked you treat your dogs better..

    • I wonder if you will say the same if they rob or rape your want to live in better condition don’t hurt people and you would be free to eat and talk on phone as you please. What human rights to dead people have when they dead at the hand of the same inmate you pleading for

      • People in prison are not dogs!!
        You are missing the point. Don’t be a ignoramus..
        They should be Treated like human beings☹️

  9. I am sure if this was a truly democratic state lots of people in high position would be in the same prison. Government ministers used Barbuda sand and got rich. Government ministers have the lease on Halcyon cove snd then sub- lease . GB own the most heavy duty equipment including the long boom working in the harbour. The AG signed document that send people to jail. The AG taking cases of both defendant and Victim knowingly. Ebooks, Bribery and kickbacks. We have some of the biggest criminals sitting in high places. Then the white collar civil servants- bribe to collect a check for you hard earned money at the treasury, PWD is a bribery capital. We have corruption in ALL levels of government.
    Anyhow leave the prison because if justice If ever served in this country. It will be filled with lots of top dogs.
    I am not saying in no way shape or form that most of the guys in prison do not deserve to be in there. The amount of rapes on children and recently elderly women. The increase in violent crimes in the privacy of your homes.
    Then we have a white foreign rapist serving time at the old navy base. Special conditions , air conditioned and pristine environment.
    True democratic state will have justice, equal justice and place of improvement for all .

  10. #1 notice how major tax paying news station (ABS) na broadcast this. Notice how pointe fm na broadcast this. Notice how ANR post this on their website and not their facebook page. We see who controls the media. And for the persons who says they deserve it, just remember one day you could be driving your car, hit a pothole,burst your tires and “accidentally” killed someone, and a up that same nasty place you going. Not Air station with the white man

  11. You know some of you people talk like real ass
    I went to prison for ammunition that them jack ass police put in the house because they could not make an arrest and all five of us had to be remanded to the prison did any of us did any crime no are we criminals no but we end up in prison then some of you all talk about it like you ever been up there to feel the pain of wrong doing they treat me like dogs and did we do any crime they need to look into the matter cause i was there and its not good

  12. You all think every one that goes to prison is a criminal every one is to be treated like a fair human cause remember the world is round

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