INJUSTICE: Paul Charles detained at 1735 for nearly a month without seeing a judge on a Mask infraction


Paul Charles (author, historian, developer, and radio program personality) is being detained in 1735 for nearly a month without seeing a judge on a Mask infraction.

He being unfairly and unjustly held.

We need to try to get him released. No one should be held on remand for so long without seeing a judge.

They may be wrongfully holding him to silence his voice.

Paul was picked up around July 13th from his home on a bench warrant for not appearing in court on a Face Mask warrant.

He was quarantined for two weeks at old navy base and now he is in 1735. He has not seen a judge up to now.

He never received any notices about a court date. Paul does not have a lawyer but he may need a lawyer to get him out.

This situation is overkill. He should brought before the court and either charged or released

Please let the Public know so that some can ask questions and try to intervene in his behalf.

Thank you,

Colin Charles

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  1. My nephew had been held by the police without being charged for past the mandatory hours he could be held. I had to intervene. I am no lawyer but I spoke respectfully to the arresting officer and the desk sergeants. It took another two days and my involving the Attorney General to get him released even though the arresting officer said he had signed his release since his second day.
    Someone needs to assist this gentleman. I am physically challenged but I hope someone hears this plea and the plea of his brother, who is off island.

  2. This sounds extremely gross & unfair…!

    If what the author said is really true, then definitely something seems to be wrong with our judiciary system.

    Perhaps there is more in the martar than what is in the pestle.

  3. So this entrepreneur and developer did not contact his lawyer immediately?

    This man knows everything about everything except when reality strikes all the theoretical rhetoric goes through the window Suerly with his wealth of experience representing himself should be a no brainers.

    What is happening to Charles is not justice.

    • SKYEWILL this matter is a bit unnerving. He was arrested on a bench warrant for failure to attend court, but to be in custody for a month is hard to understand. I had a discussion with the Chief Magistrate and he should be brought to court on Monday.

  4. Is this the man.Who always called into Observer Radio.He lived in England and the USA.
    This is an over kill. Those in the positions to do their works failed, this man. The so called Justice System failed this man. Even those accused of MURDER are being set free from detention by bail. What is so egregious that this man did? Where by he has been arrested for such a length of time without being bailed. A MASK INFRACTION ??

  5. Where are all of you Gastonites and the others Red Kool Aid Drinkers in this matter. TENMAN,SIDELINES,CErmle,ERIC THE DEAD RED. Get out of your hell holes and comment on this matter.

    • MUD-MAN, Their hearts are wicked like their leader so they would stay in their hell hole instead of response to this article. Imagine if we had chosen the CCJ this young man would be lost in the system. We have a lot of lawyers in Antigua…where are the pro-bonos…this young men should not have been lock up this long without seeing a judge or magistrate.

  6. This is truly unacceptable whether he is poor and rich, entrepreneur or seasoned criminal we are not living in some communist country. We need sometime to remove our biases and stand up for Justice. Peter Tosh said there will be no peace until there is EQUAL RIGHTS and JUSTICE. Please Antigua and Barbuda start by expressing your discussed to your parliamentary representatives, Pastors, Community leaders or whoever you consider to be societal leaders.

  7. If it is a facemask Warrant. That comes from a ticket that was issued to him and he didnt pay. Upon picking you up the officers usually ask to show proof of payment. If there is none then you go to prison for up to 6 months. UNLESS the ticket is paid and the receipt is provided to the prison staff. Lets not jump to conclusion and find out… secondly if you miss a court date and a bench warrant is issued its up to the magistrate or judge to listen. If he/ she refuse. Then you go to prison where he/she can find you until your next court date.

    • I saw officers around town almost every day without wearing a face mask. One day an officer came in the store where I work without a face on he was holding it in his hand. I told him to put on his mask. He said that he hate wearing this shit because he’s not breathing in what he breathe out. I asked him if he would lock me up for not wearing a mask. He said no and he is not arresting anyone for not wearing any mask. Some officers wear their masks under their nose.

  8. This is what happen when the country is under a state or emergency. They can even hold you for more than 48 hours without charging you with anything.
    It is why the citizens need to demand they remove the state of emergency

  9. These things seem to happen from time to time. Not just in Antigua. I remember a young black man was held for I believe over ten years without being taken to court. When they finally released him, he committed suicide.
    We need to fix these things.

  10. @Sidelines: The matter in question has to do with Antigua and no where else. Antigua and Barbuda Judicial System in comparison to that of New York.Is like a pimple on the backsides of an Elephant.

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