Indian TV interviews owner of company that cleared yacht allegedly used to bring Choksi to Dominica


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  1. This stinks of world dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne all over it.

    1st the execution style murder of Nigel Christian because he was investigating the “forged” signatures of Gaston Browne and now the abduction of Choksi. The walls are closing in on world dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne.

    World dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne must be removed from power, never be allowed to run in politics again and be put in trial for every underhanded dealings he has had his hands in.

    That dog must go and now.

    • I somehow suspect you are in love with the PM and feel jilted that he hasn’t returned your overtures. The way you constantly find a way to bring him into your rants, even when the issue has nothing to do with him or politics, shows that you are infatuated with the PM. It is unhealthy to be infatuated with another person the way you are. It eats away at the mind, so be warned that you may find yourself on a phychiatric ward one of these fine summer nights.

      • I find it really strange ANR allows this person with all their rants and profanity to be posted and there are times where my comments are not.

      • Same like Tabor. He would love for the PM to directly respond to him. But the PM has no time for unimportant persons such as him.

        • FROM THE SIDELINE you BEEF and TENMAN might have the PM as if he is some BIG WIG but to me he just happens to be the person in our public office called PRIME MINISTER, other than that to me he is nothing. Every time I criticize him or the ALP you automatically see it as hate or envy. I am neither hateful or envious of the PM. He is a public officer and is open to criticism and ridicule when he does or says nonsense.

    • To “Antigua Citizen” (???) You sound like a very disturbed person, so extreme, and so irrational. Just relax. Cool out. Chuups.

  2. How could Gaston Browne lie so? The things he said are so ridiculous and far fetched. He is always sounding so disgraceful and covetous.
    Ohhh Choksi had the best lawyers…
    ohhh he befriended some upp politicians….
    ohhh he start giving them small contributions….
    ohhh they promise him better lawyers…
    ohhh they will get him off the hook….
    ohhh they will grant him protection if they win the next election….
    ohhh he will start to give them bigger contributions….
    ohhh They are trying secure campaign funds.
    Where is the proof?
    He just chat any nonsense or lies to rally his supporters. What’s is soooo sad too, is that none of his supporters ever ask of him to, ” please stop being a prostitute, stop pappy show himself and just talk the truth. We will still vote labor. “

  3. @wash: Your argument is sound. Your rationale proves that Gaston state of mind is a result of his infatuation with the Birds!

  4. These blasted Indians, they claim the PM said he left with his girlfriend, I watched the show on Saturday and Gaston referered to a video from this same indian news portal who brought the girlfriend issue to light.
    That monster Harold and his crew making matters worse fo Antigua.
    You all will stay down there and starve you wicked bunch of fools,foreigners will take your jobs when you refuse to get vaccinated ,all you just chat and have no idea what you talking bout, when I meet with my other Caribbean colegues up here I’m so ashamed to say am Antguan,especially when they refer to these types of ignorant comments on here. No matter what happens in Triinidad,St Kitts or other places in the region the citzens prefer to remain silent than to bring their nation down.
    I’m leaning on my Kittian heritage from now on, I will avoid allyo Garratts
    Poor Antigua

    • I’m trying to figure out why Harry Lovell is chatting so much? He doesn’t hold ANY office in this country, and hasn’t for years. He has a right to his personal opinion as an ordainary citizen, of course, but he isn’t an elected official or anything close. Just a private individual. Let the Leader of the Opposition (Mr. Pringle) speak. He has a certain amount of authority, and people want to know his “take” on things.

      • KRISTI I have written on that issue before i.e.., the position of leader of a political party and the position of leader of the opposition in Parliament when both positions are held by different people. Harold as leader of the UPP has more authority within the UPP than Pringle, who is the UPP opposition leader in Parliament. Please try to understand the difference of both roles and who is the head honcho. By the way, when Pringle speaks he also speaks for the UPP, but that does not change the fact that it is the leader of the political party who has the real power.

  5. This Mehul Choksi is a notorious fraudster who looted $1.8 billion USD in India!
    It is shocking to see most-opportunistic politicians indirectly defending him and his rights…A globally notified fugitive and famed Indian criminal’s rights in Antigua and Barbuda or Dominica? Hello!

    What is worrying is that his brother Chetan Choksi is now in Dominica with bags of cash to bribe everyone. The same Chetan defrauded $55M from ICIC bank’s (UK subsidiary of the Indian bank) branches in London and Antwerp. After deals with a corrupt opposition leader of Dominica in Marigot, his battery of 5 star lawyers have been busy fixing the judgement.

    One can only pray and hope that the honourable and no nonsense upright Judge will deliver a morally-correct verdict that will not only swiftly pack off-this canny criminal to India, but demonstrate to the world that the Caribbean nations have had enough and will never let injustice prevail.

    Let us remember what Martin Luther King said: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”

  6. It is highly disturbing to note is that Choksi’s brother is in Dominica (himself a scamster, who looted USD 55 mil from a pvt Indian bank in London) along with a team of high-profile lawyers from UK.

    The people of Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda, sincerely hope that this fugitive is not in their soil anymore. With elections coming up in near future, we all need some constructive topics to argue or discuss rather than fight among ourselves regarding international criminals paying their way through and taking refuge in our country!

    The Dominica High Court must immediately take a call on Choksi’s deportation to India and finally rest the controversially shameful matter for ever. Let’s pray for justice and forget the shady past, when our former attorney general himself was accused of conspiring (later cleared) to fraudulently obtain sell passports!

    I am sure the honorable Judge will prove to world that we as a nation have moved on and are not a banana republic anymore.

  7. Ideally the Dominica Bar Association must support the kind request from India to let justice prevail. After all, this fat, billion dollar fugitive is an Indian Citizen who absconded from the clutches of law after looting billions of poor people’s money!

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