Indian billionaire decides to make Antigua his home, denies wrongdoing


Mehul Choski, the Indian billionaire accused of fraud is denying the allegations made against him and has revealed plans to reside in the country of his citizenship, Antigua and Barbuda.

Choski issued a statement this evening through his attorney Dr David Dorsette.

“I can say categorically, that there is no truth to these allegations,” Choski said.

Mehul Choksi is a diamond tycoon who is wanted for a US $2.1 billion fraud scandal in India known as the Punjab National Bank Fraud Case.

He did not comment further on the allegations made against him on the advice of his lawyer.

But on the question of his citizenship, the businessman said explained why he applied.

“My application was motivated by my desire to expand my business interest in the Caribbean and to obtain visa-free travel access to over 130 countries.”

Choski explained that he recently received medical treatment in the united stated and “I am still in a state of convalescence .”

“That being the case, I have decided to reside in Antigua and Barbuda, the country of my citizenship, and to abide by the laws of my country, as is the duty of every citizen.”

Antigua and Barbuda does not have an extradition treaty with India and the government says no request has been made.

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  1. Please come here and bring all your ill gotten gains.
    if your read your history how the USA economy was build after the World War II, it was all blood money from the Jewish People in Nazi Germany and the rest of Europe. We have the movie Blood Diamonds that shows us how they made England rich with these diamond mines in Africa. Many people died. Mexico benefited from outlaws who robbed banks in the USA and fled to Mexico. So why not welcome a thief with billions of dollars here. He didn’t steal it from our banks.


    No intention of getting into a ‘…written squabble.’

    But this comment seems rather ‘…offensive.’

    More is at stake for the nation and this portal than the
    ‘…diatribic rambling’ it may have inadvertently allowed.

    Not sure why this news portal allows its posting.

    Irrespective of affluence or status, the nation is neither a haven for ‘…crooks
    and vagabonds; …con artists and thieves, nor fraudsters or racketeers.’

    It was never promoted to be so.

    Don’t shoot the messenger. Accept the message.

    • When I read From the Sideline comment my first thought was “haven’t we suffered enough from Stanford?”. Due to Stanford we cannot trade in the US stockmarket and not to mention the number of lives that were distroy because we provided the environment for his crimes.
      From the Sideline stop living for today and consider our children’s future. We can not muddy the water for them and expect the best from them. We today may live long enough to experience the future we are creating so if we can’t do it for them consider yourself

  3. Mr choski concludes by saying ‘ I did not have sex with that woman’ Bill Clinton is 103 years old.

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