India coming for high value economic offenders – reports


The operation to bring back “high-value” economic offenders from the West Indies is likely to be concluded by Tuesday (January 29), sources have confirmed.

The mission involving a long-haul Air India jet, which has been pulled out of the fleet, will carry a team of investigating officers tasked to get hold of the fugitives. The number of “assets” being the target is not yet known though diamantaire Mehul Choksi and Winsome Diamonds promoter Jatin Mehta have taken citizenship in the Caribbeans.

The officials are tight-lipped but are on stand-by. Elaborate security arrangements have been put in place.

Mehta became a citizen of St Kitts and Nevis some years ago while Choksi has taken Antigua and Barbuda citizenship recently. These islands provide visa-free travel to 132 countries. Both St. Kitts and Antigua have airfields that can accommodate wide-body aircraft. It is not clear if they will be picked from one location for multiple destinations.

The lack of extradition treaties has made these islands a safe haven for India’s uber rich. Other countries such as Grenada, St Lucia and Dominica also have similar citizenship by investment programmes.

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  1. Why are these guys (India’s media) so spectacular? Most of their news reports remind of the national enquirer. I get that its important to get readers attentions, but this kind of hype will simply lead to persons getting turned off due to the hype not living up to reality. The articles then continue to proffer false news since it is well known that our extradition act includes India since it is a commonwealth country (see Mehul Choksi can be extradited under Commonwealth laws: Antigua to India,, Aug 06, 2018). Then there is another artcle which has India’s offcials saying:
    “The Ministry of External Affairs’ order read: “In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of section 3 of the Extradition Act, 1962 (34 of 1962), the Central Government hereby directs that the provisions of the Extradition Act, 1962, other than Chapter 3, shall apply with respect to Antigua and Barbuda with effect from the date of notifying India as a designated Commonwealth Country under the provisions of the Extradition Act, 1993 (12 of 1993) of Antigua and Barbuda, by Statutory Instrument No. 34 of 2001 dated the 17th September 2001.” see (Choksi’s extradition as per Extradition Act ’62: MEA,NI | New Delhi (India) Aug 6 2018 )

    Proceedings have already started yet this trash continues to be written and posted by sites which know better

    • Choksi is innocent, simple as that. India is the most corrupt country in the world and I cannot believe Antigua would let corrupt Indian government people set foot on our shores.

    Do not worry ‘Ten.’

    You call it ‘…spectacular.’

    Rawlston Pompey calls it ‘…Making Mockery and Fools’ of those who would believe this utter nonsense.

    First of all, (i) …there are specified legal procedures to be followed under the ‘…Extradition Act [No. 12 of 1993].

    These procedures, however, can be effectively side-stepped as in the case of Morrad Modle Ghonim ‘AYOUSHE.’

    He was simply declared ‘…persona non grata.’

    That was easy, he had ‘…no national status here.’

    Mehul Choski is different, he had purchased his status legitimately through an economic programme.

    That has to be respected by the issuing authority, and of course the Government.

    Except ‘…collusion with a foreign State and kidnap,’ why be made fools that such a State could enter a sovereign and seized one of its nationals without due legal process?

    Still say, those that believe what this Indian news story is suggesting, would also believe that ‘…A woman pushed a cow on top of a house to eat grass; or that ‘…a cow jump over the moon’ [J.O. Cutteridge: Sparrow: Dan is the Man in the Van: You Tube].

  3. What legal or legitimate process was used to exile a former sitting PM JEAN-BERTRANE ARIATIDE of Haiti by a foreign power?

    Not far fetched who will stop India ABDF really? Now this matter can be resolved the easy way why complicate it.

    I got my pop corn and some guava juice.

  4. Choksi should be 100% protected by our Antigua government, he is our fellow citizen. One day they may take Choksi, the next day it could be you. We cannot allow some weird foreign power like India come onto our land and take away our Antigua citizens, that is crazy. We have courts and process, we do not cater to corrupt countries like India. Choksi was framed, it is so obvious and clear.

  5. You don’t know what this bastard has done it.
    India is beautiful country and this man run from country with huge amount. This amount even normal person can’t count. This MF should be hang in India on middle of the road so that other peoples (thieves) can take lesson from him.


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