Independent MP Asot Michael not impressed with ABLP national reset strategy


According to the 2023 Budget Statement of the Antigua Labour Party government, the focus is to reset our approach as a nation, so as to recover from the adverse, economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequences of the Russian war on Ukraine.

Presumably, this reset idea is for the good of the people, based on the principles of good governance in a parliamentary democracy.

In the Budget Debate therefore, we had a responsibility to ask questions and make observations about the proposed reset to make it make sense in the circumstances of the budget, the parliament and the country.

For starters, how can a nation reset with a leader who, instead of leading by example and resetting himself to serve the people, continuously works to serve only himself?

The Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party, under its current leader, is described by party faithful as a “closed world” where speaking in support of the leader on his radio station is the “meritocracy” through which incompetence is rewarded with top government jobs and statutory board appointments.

What credible reset strategy can he lead without first resetting himself out of his intemperate, intolerant, disrespectful, uncaring and undemocratic conduct?

In the 2023 general elections, voters across Antigua and Barbuda told the ABLP in no uncertain terms that it is bogged down with a leader the people do not want and therefore needed a leadership reset.

Many of the comrades believe the party of VC BIRD has lost its mission, it is plagued by mismanagement and has been paralyzed by delusions of exceptionalism into a state of decline.

The comrades understand and appreciate a leadership reset against arrogance, bullying, abuse… He labelled his colleagues lazy, dishonest and corrupt and laid the responsibility for the significant decline of ABLP members in parliament squarely at their feet:

“I felt as though some of my colleagues literally surrendered their seats… they were not well in touch, they were clueless. Many of them were fudging the figures… and they were not putting in the type of work that was necessary”.

The comrades had no doubt in their minds about the necessity of a reset against the toxic leadership practice of putting other comrades down to make the leader look good… a reset against the natural consequences of having an insecure leader who relentlessly blames everyone, but himself, for the lack of performance of his government.

Instead, the same leadership that the comrades want to reset is now posturing to reset the governance of the country with the same unacceptable, anti-democracy practices that justify the necessity of a leadership reset in the ruling party.

It will not work.

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    • Wow this was actually posted. Maybe the moderators were sleeping as well know on here you can’t say anything bad about AM. Anyways I’m glad someone else is exposing him for who he really is. He have alot of people fooled but not everybody is fooled by him.

  1. Can Asot please tell us when he is going to start the projects he has mentioned in his manifesto.

  2. Asot was sidelined when Gaston thought he was getting too big for his britches. That led to the two egomaniacs going to battle.
    Asot has been the leader of the “the keep them poor, uneducated and dependant philosophy of the ABLP. While his words ring true they fall hollow.
    Criticizing the ABLP after being thrown out of the Party has some value and merit when Asot Micheal admits to being a leader of “The keep them poor, uneducated and dependant Party”. Until Asot admits to the decades of wrongs against the people of Antigua and Barbuda and works closely with those who want to bring about change. Then he is nothing more than a crybaby. If he doesn’t, will go down in history as a crybaby loser.
    The opportunity exists for Asot Micheal to become a transformational politician and be held up as an example of what it is to be awakened and reformed. I have my doubts let’s wait and see.

  3. Don’t hold your breath for the labour MP,s to change their leader. He has the goods on all of them with their creative enrichment schemes. You know what creative enrichment means. If they should try he will most likely take them all down with him. Observing their leader you can’t come to any other conclusion other than he is mad. How else can you explain his behaviour? He has delusions of grandeur and no one can govern Antigua but him.
    Bowen is an attorney and qualified accountant, but in his insulting manner he dismisses Bowen as not being up to date on his accounting. Is Gaston an accountant? Why doesn’t he publish his degrees on line for everyone to see. I am of the view that we have a psychopath running Antigua who will try to stay in power by any means even adopting the Africans as his brothers hoping they will vote for him in the future.

    • DC the Africans are his Tom Tom macute (Haiti Papa Doc) to fill the role of private soldiers for his next election. They are accustomed to war and killing, as their condition in Cameroon life dictated, they have been brought to Antigua to carry out the dictates of a mad man hell-bent to reign with terror!

      • @I don’t know
        Antigua is a small place and hopefully if this situation should ever arise, most in the police force and the defence force will show their loyalty to the country. There are more of us than them.

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