Increased Security On The Nation’s Beaches – Minister

Italian woman was left stranded after items in her car were stolen while she enjoyed the beach

Efforts have intensified to ensure that not only communities are properly secured but the beaches as well.


Minister of Legal Affairs, Public Safety and Labour the Hon. Steadroy Cutie Benjamin met with the high-ranking officers of the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda, Senior Lifeguards, Beach Security and Liaison Officers, Permanent Assistant Secretary within the Ministry of Tourism and Permanent Secretary within the Ministry of Public Safety and Labour on Friday.


Benjamin mentioned that it is very important that all public beaches, especially the more popular sites, are secured at all times.


“Tourism is our main industry and top security must be ensured and maintained at all times”, Minister Benjamin remarked.


The senior life guards shared their concerns and noted that training and additional assistance are among the top issues that must be addressed.


Following their presentations, the Public Safety Minister made a number of recommendations that will help to ensure that top security measures are observed at all times.


Minister Benjamin also announced that training will be provided to selected Beach Liason Officers by Officers of the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda. After the training is completed, individuals will be appointed as special constables, which will give them the same rights as police officers.


Liaison Officers, George proposed that government vehicles, should be assigned to these officers where the three zones can be covered by each of them as frequently as possible. He further mentioned that strategic posting of officers should be done in conjunction with the police.


Communication devices will be issued to all Life Guards, Beach Control and Liaison Officers moving forward so that information sharing can be done in swift and timely manner.


The Minister further noted that considerations will be given so that Life Guards, Beach Control and Liaison Officers can be placed under the portfolio of Public Safety since their duties entail mainly security purposes.