LETTER: Incompetent Government Departments


Dear Editor,

I listened to the statement made by the General Secretary of the Teachers Union and one of the messages she sent to Minister Matthews was that he should get his house in order as his Ministry was inefficient.

She went on to say that she spent her weekend preparing the list of names of the teachers who were due payments as a result of the Ministry not having a clue.

But this is no different in any government department in this country. Immigration issues receipts and then insists that people must bring all their receipts when applying for immigration time, temporary residence or citizenship.Even though it is Immigration that issues the receipts.

I own and operate a business in St. John’s and I have the same problem with the Medical Benefits and Social Security Inspectors.

They issue receipts but when they visit they ask you for receipts, sometimes going back years.

The Police are just as bad. Can’t get anything from them.

This incompetence will never change because the political culture is to employ constituents, regardless of education, attitude and training.

Just give them a job. As long as both political parties maintain this culture of non-accountability, nothing will change.


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  1. Oh my, the lack of professionalism, tactfulness and poor customer service fosters the incompetence. When oh when will we improve?

  2. @ DIAMOND this can only happen when we (they)see that changes need to be made and SEEK to find help (the right channel to create such) we are accustomed to be kicked in the rear they are accustomed for us to accept it now the table has turned there goes a huge problem. One off our Caribbean freedom fighter put it very well black people will not know ourselves until our backs are against the wall right now our entire bodies are against the wall and still we do not know ourselves

  3. If the word government is anywhere in the title, then it means incompetent. People there just collect their check, and our money. Always has been, always will be. They work for us, they don’t believe that.

  4. Government ppl work for free same teachers same supermarket, same tax that pay them same tax they have to pay. No money making Lmaoo and u expect professionallism from that

    U retarded???

    Why you don’t go work for government or a supermarket or be a teacher same way I’ll tell u move ya skunt no matter how much the total pan the bill. Want the most out of free labor too much all y’all dunce!!!!

    Country just breeds more dunce ppl every generation

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