IN PICTURES: PM hosts Auntie Dia Summer Camp tour of his farm


Prime Minister Gaston Browne on Monday hosted the Auntie Dia Summer Camp tour of his farm.

Twelve children participated in the farm tour, learning about the importance of growing food and eating healthy.

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  1. When will all this BS stop, brainwashing the youths of this country should be a criminal offense. Using state assets to enrich yourself is a crime. Another photo Ops session using the innocent children for political milage. “Wicked set a people”

  2. Pity other farmers don’t have that privilege. PM the self-Enricher. Gaston the man who hates poor people. Gaston Browne, you are so wicked and selfish ypu are straight to hell!!

  3. Regardless of what is transpiring politically, the PM is giving these children some important #LifeLessons.

    Several weeks ago, a child(5yrs) who is challenged(does not speak and is deaf) visited a friend of mine with his mother(24years).

    The kid began to play amongst her plants and uprooted a seedling. Rather than getting upset, (those guaranteed marijuana seeds are not cheap) she took another seedling, and walked him through the steps of a planting in a pot by letting him do most of the tasks.

    Then she took a young #Spider plant and let him do the same thing potted it under her guidance. This one she gave him to take home.

    Today, the kid does not leave the plant in the care of no one. He takes it to the store, or wherever he’s going. This plant has become his best friend and no one can separate them, not even the mother.

    Even though he’s deaf and cannot speak, I can assure you, he holds some great conversations and vibes with his new found #toy, a living plant.

    All the youths/children want and need is some encouragement and let them do the rest.


    • @ ras smood
      Thank you for sharing a great experience for a young, likely socially marginalized child, all through your friend caring enough to give patience, time and love.

      IF our politicians could do likewise, consistently, our nation would benefit.

      • @Stay Alert…thank you! Who knows what can happen when “patience,” and encouragement is used to educate.
        One thing is certain,, the love and interest which he’s showing towards plants could some day make him a great Agricultural Scientist.
        I know for a fact, she will continue to encourage him.
        As a matter of fact, the Non-Profit which she owns deals mostly with at risk children to adults but mostly children and teenagers. Presently, there’s a #All Virtual Summer Camp being hosted by the Non-Profit for sixty-five youths. It’s in the second year of operation, non of the youths have dropped out and the Baltimore City School system wants to implement her program and approach into their #Virtual Learning Classroom(s).
        We MUST pay attention to our children and youths.

  4. Lol Election must really be coming soon photo op and pose with the children always a politician goto.
    Way to go children look up at the Liar, Dictator Self Enricher .
    One thing is certain nobody is Prime Minister forever so it will eventually come out.

  5. “Farmer Browne”

    But wait, farmer Browne at he ground in shirt and blazer? Where the overalls? And mind you nah kill de plant dem.

  6. What a great leader. Even making time out of his busy schedule running the country, for the little ones. These children must be proud to have personally met their Prime Minister and have a picture to show it. Thanks a million Mr. PM. Our Children need to have someone to look up to.

    • Your lips are all over his butt-cheeks. That man runs a Nation. He took time out to go and visit his personal farm. Why the Manager of that farm could not do the walk through with the children. Instead the TAP POODLE had to be front and center. That man always needs attention. He is a Narcissist.

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