IN PICTURES: Mary’s Bar Gone!


MARY was warned to move or be moved:

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  1. This administration means what it says. No one person should be allowed to stymie progress. We have to all abide by the laws of the country. It is okay to take a stance but it must be justified and justifiable. I’m quite certain that she will be given an adequate space from which to operate. Antigua and Barbuda is moving on a higher level.🎯 🙏🏽 🇦🇬

    • What is the progress that is being stymied? The structure that was occupied by Mary’s bar could have been incorporated in the project, particularly since it will several shops etc and a boardwalk. We have seen such developments in countries all around the world. I understand the structure occupied by Mary’s bar had historical significance and should have been preserved. In a country like Dominica where I lived for many years they routinely preserve buildings of historical significance. Why in so many things Antigua Is an outlier.

      • Charles stick with your profession. You cannot be master of all. Leave the architect to decide what they will and can keep. And it is the progress that you and the UPP have been marching against from day one. The development of the Cruise Ship Port. Which will bring lots of economic activities and with that lots of jobs and business opportunities for many.

  2. It’s about time. One person thinks he/she can hold the government at ransom. Holding up a US$25 million-dollar investment. Unheard of. We saw this in the past when Baldwin held up the Dato Tan investment, when Kublai held up the Carlisle Bay Investment, and many others. Government should be firmer when dealing with projects in the interest of the country and the public at large. Just let DCA do what they have to do according to law.

    • @From The Sideline…PPM – Piss Poor Management of government assets by the Ruling Arm of the Government, past and present which allowed this situation to happen.
      We need and want INDEPENDENT FORENSIC AUDITING, of ALL GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTS, on a regular basis. Such will not only curtail behaviors by such tenants like MARY, it will send the proper message to ALL, WHO’RE taking advantage of the Government’s assets.

      • For once I can agree somewhat with you. Our country is losing lots of revenue, not because of the politicians. But because of friend and company in the public sector. Many are deliberately looking the other way or getting their piece under the table. Take for example Alister Thomas. The man is using the old Finance Building for years now for his mass troupe and is not paying a dime for it to Social Security. And not a drum is heard. He doesn’t even pay for the electricity that he uses. And so, you have many more government assets that are being used and abused by others, without any consequences. Not to mention government buses being used to transport church goers. The system needs to have more control in place. I also mentioned once that there is such a large loophole in the distribution of gasoline at the Motor Pool. No one has to give an account for how often they go there to fill up their tank. Once you bring a voucher, you’re good to go. And WIOC doesn’t care either, they just deliver fuel on demand.

        • @From The Sideline…I’m quite sure, that you’re very familiar with the terms, #SUNGOO, #LUNGOO & Associates. It sound like a law firm.
          And, as with any law firm; win, lose or draw for any case, they get paid(pro bono, it varies).
          You are also familiar with the phrase, “there’s two sides to a coin!” This is vehemently disagree, and can prove it(put up some 20K USD, and the winner donates all winnings to S.T.E.M for students from the lower income bracket)!
          A coin has three(3) sides. Uno, dis, tres – 1, 2, 3…using the coin as an analogy of politics, ABLP on one side, UPP on the other and the PEOPLE are suppressed in between.
          A coin is a cylinder by the way! Or cube depending on the times used!

          Therefore, what you have mentioned in terms of, the Nation losing revenue, due to “friend and company,” abuse of other resources is a part of the practices of both POLITICAL PARTIES, which were and are the Ruling Arm of the Government.
          While there are Agencies, that are charged with investigating abs weeding out CORRUPTION, MALFEASANCE, BRIBERY etc, these agencies are in the image of my great grand mother. When you see her in the daytime, she has a full set of teeth, can chew salt fish, rice-pudding, ducuna etc, but when night reaches, she drops the whole set in a jar of baking soda, and she can bite nada. This is how these regulatory agencies are, full of teeth and can only bite at certain times of the day. They MUST bite 24/7/365 and leave all 32 teeth as bite marks(evidence).
          Hence, the reason why INDEPENDENT FORENSIC AUDITING, by non-governmental agencies, with the power and authority to investigate, bring charges, prosecute and let the chips fall where they may.

          Personally, I would prosecute even my own children, or a family member if they ROB me purposely and continuously!

          A Jumbee_Picknee me be, and as Our #Theme_Song says, ‘back to back, belly to belly, #We don’t give a damn, cause, We done DEAD already, and will haunt your ass like a hound!

    • @Sideline
      What happened to the Dato Tan investment that was to bring in billions to the country? The only thing we got are destroyed mangroves. Baldwin Spencer has been proven right.

  3. The root of this whole issue is , and everyone is looking the other way on it , will she be able to occupy a space when the new development by Global Ports is completed? When that project is completed it will no doubt house all high end tenants. us the plan so we can see how the cake will be divided..ya’ll take the little man for real jackals! Look back at wa happen in Fribry .

    • @Mr. Byam…this type of action by the government, MUST be extended to the Serian, Lebanese, Chinese and any other sub-culture or group which became the #SWING VOTES in many Constituencies throughout the Nation and are here illegally and squatting!
      You must have the same #Venom for all, not some. Such is #hypocrisy!

        • @Byam: Isn’t Mary a Citizen by Naturalization of Antigua and Barbuda? She has been in Antigua for quite sometime now. She has all of the rights as other Citizens of the Nation. I did hear Gaston Browne say. They offered to move her business to another building across the street. However,Mary did say that was all talk. They gave her no paper to sign or any keys. It was all hot air being blown into a helium balloon. All I would say,today it is Mary. Tomorrow,it is Dave Ray or Fat- Man Sidelines.Then what ?

          • @Red Kool Aid
            It won’t be any of these people as Antiguans wouldn’t get away with it. Gaston is only pandering to her because she is a non national and He is looking for their votes to stay in power.

  4. OK, i fully understand the government’s stance on this particular issue.

    So does the reverse apply if you have followed all the rules of the law as a businessman in Antigua; but yet you were barred as an Antiguan National from conducting your entrepreneurship?

    Who compensates us who did the right thing (yet, lost thousands of Dollars) and followed the government guidelines?


    • There is a law called Eminent Domain. That is how the government can exercise its right to buy property from anyone for the public good. That is how they purchased Half Moon Bay. And that law is not only in Antigua and Barbuda, but all over the world. Even in the big USA. Remember when they claim they needed all the Indian land to put the pipeline from Canada. The Keystone pipeline.
      This bar owner was stupid enough not to understand that no matter what the government had the right to move her. She should have worked a long time and made the best of it.

      • How long is Mary operating from the premises and not paying rent? Does the law say that after a certain number of years of not paying rent you own the property? Maybe she can sue the government for her property.

      • Sidelines: Eminent Domain is supposed to be a project that helps the public at large. Not demanding and or taking someone’s property by Eminent Domain because a Politician needs it for personal usage. Remember the matter of Melford Nicholas and his Landlord in the Clare Hall area. Some of those Politicians in Antigua abuse their positions with power.You spoke of Half Moon Bay.This is a fiasco at this time.There is not one damn thing going there. We the people of the nation still owes that lady,millions of dollars.

  5. Wow 😳 wow wow wow I listened to both sides of the story I can recall Mary was requesting the information that was said by the Priminister in writing have that been done

  6. Mary has been used because she was useful once upon a time. Maybe she is no longer useful! She thought she would be given the same cruise ship privilege as Xcape from St. Lucia. Shame!

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