Imported worker reportedly tests positive for COVID, spooking local employees at power company


The almost-60 employees of a power company are reported to be panicking since an imported worker is said to have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.

Reports reaching REAL News say the man arrived on island last Friday, November 6, but was not quarantined, as is required by the health protocols.

Instead, a source says, he underwent three tests to determine his status, two of which were inconclusive. However, the third reportedly determined that he was, indeed, infected with the coronavirus.

The man is said to be now confined to the Government-run quarantine centre at the Halycon Hotel.

In the meantime, employees say they were expecting the Ministry of Health to begin contact tracing among them today; but no officials or technicians showed up.

Other workers at a separate location, however, complain that they have not even been notified of the situation or of any potential exposure.

The source tells REAL News the man reportedly was brought here to address a fault that manifested itself at the power plant some days before.


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    • Yes I’m in Barbados and they wanted to freely test me and quarantine me for 2weeks at government or private facility but I didn’t have to at the time but still did both tests and both were negative bit yea you have to mandatory quarantine

  1. Seems someone need to explain to persons the difference between close contact vs casual contacts? Also at this workplace am i understanding that the established protocols are not being observed: distancing, masks?

    • How contagious this disease is

      And if people are that worksite are wearing masks below noses end on chins and less effective cloth masks versus N95s in a closed indoor environment the chance of disease spread is high and real

  2. 1. The government didn’t initially quarantine him

    2. They didn’t isolate him until he got a negative test

    3. They let him report to the worksite for about a week exposing at least 60 local people to COVID

    4. Government didn’t contact trace anyone and many of the people in contact with him weren’t even notified

    Gee, I wonder why Mottley wants to quarantine Antiguans.

    Embarrassingly incompetent COVID response here.

    They’ve only been successful in hiding cases and deaths so far

    At some point so many people are going to be sick they won’t be able to hide them.

    This is going to be a disaster unless authorities change course quickly

  3. 60 employees came into contact with that individual and are now roaming in the public.None have been tested.Do the maths !! Why was he not Quarantine for 2 weeks ..are they above the law ?People lives are at risks I do hope the individual recovers.

    • It’s very sad.

      Other people may die because they failed to quarantine this guy.

      Who knows how many other people who have COVID they’ve let roam the island freely without quarantining.

  4. You can contact trace but will never get everyone . They get in contact with other people who get in contact with others you get the idea. I Know several different families that visited Àntigua t no one called or checked up not even one person. If I was Prime Minster of Barbados I wouldn’t change a damn thing and the way Mr Browne speak at times can be condescending

    • Very true! No one ever called my family one time. And Barbados is 100% right to protect its citizens. Antigua need to protect their own and by letting this worker in l, it shows they are not protecting us

  5. Whatsoever in the darkness must come out in the light, alot of hiding and seeking has been taking place for too long. Some of the people we have to control our affairs have not been totally honest with us but they try to pressure us like we are the ones responsible for bringing this virus to our shores entirely . We need honesty, consistency with proper safety measures as visitors and nationals enter the country

  6. No escaping simple mathematics. A teacher could probably include this in the next Grade 3 math class. A man arrives in Antigua on the 6th November 2020. Given that there is two- week, a 14, day quarantine period for ALL persons arriving in Antigua, locals and foreigners alike, calculate the date on which this foreign worker would be free to report for work. Hon. PM, Sir Molwyn, Hadeed, we need answers.

  7. Proving once again Gaston and company forcing us to follow Draconian rules while tourists and the govt regime don’t.

  8. Two inconclusive results? What category does that get recorded in the update?
    Considered negative if inconclusive?
    Ridiculous not quarantined!! He was exposing the community. Did he actually arrive with certified negative test?
    Cannot put the power company’s interest above health protocols.

  9. There was an emergency at the power plant…this would have resulted in power outages all across Antigua last weekend leading into the new week then to have had the flooding with not electricity would have been quite a catastrophe… but how knows how important electricity was in that time?

    • They had enough power generation till the man done quarantine, look now the man is dead and still no work got done so how what u said is logical

  10. I guess we now know why electricity never went off during the heavy rains. I feel sorry for everyone here.

  11. This demands a level-headed but unwavering investigation, no holds barred. There was obviously a glaring breach in the Covid protocols that has potentially placed the lives of several unsuspecting citizens in jeopardy.

    Was this a deliberate act of sabotage or the subtle beginnings of genocide of the local population, Columbus style? What problem(s) did the Hadeeds face at their power plant that necessitated the importation of a technical officer at this time? As the employers of this latest Covid victim, what role did the Hadeeds play in getting their imported worker processed and ready for work? The fact that this worker died one week after arrival here suggests that he came here already dog-sick. How did the Hadeeds manage to get him cleared for employment in such a short time? Who in the Labour department authorized his work permit under the current circumstances? And how many persons’ lives might be at risk because of this glaring breach? Every single individual who had a hand in smuggling this individual into this country to work at Hadeed’s company must be hauled before the courts and severely dealt with. Had this person not taken sick and died, he might have well turned to be the ignitor of Antigua’s descent into Covid hell. Serious questions need to be asked and answered and the collaborators punished to the fullest extent of the law!

  12. I ask you all respect! This man gave his life to help in the plant (so that you have electricity and your sick people stay connected, so that your children continue studying, so that you can see the news and inform yourself correctly) he was not infected from his country since otherwise he cannot travel. This man leaves a family, children, mother, brothers and was the most noble and wonderful human being that exists. He was always looking to help others. First you have to know how things really were to comment!
    Remember that we are all vulnerable to the virus and you can become infected in the blink of an eye.
    This man was my beloved husband and he was greatly loved by all who had the honor and privilege of knowing him. He would never have wanted to leave us without his presence.

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