Immigration Officers told to treat non-nationals with respect


Immigration Minister EP Chet Greene has responded to concerns over the level of service received by non-national at the hands of immigration officials.

Greene was responding to a concern raised when he appeared as a guest on Pointe FM over the weekend.

The minister said he was taking the report seriously.

Here is the exact concern and how he responded:

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  1. Aryu concern more about non nationals more than who barn ya smh aryu treat arwe like dog and want treat foreigners like king smh move up with aryu bullshit an tap hab arwe like we a clown

    • regardless of where we come from or which political party we may support,we should treat everyone with respect,,,and further more certain kind of jobs, should have certain professionalism when dealing with people…

      • Tell that to the jamaican immigration, I should know i passed through that country about three months ago.

  2. I did some business there for the last two months and trust me it was a smooth process.Big up the Immigration Officers

  3. Why does the labour government always try to divide the country between non nationals and native born Antiguans? We know why. You are pandering to the non nationals for their votes.
    We the natives and right thinking non nationals would like nothing more than seeing the back of your corrupt thieving government. Your immigration policy has left Antigua over run with foreign criminals.

    • You see i agree with you, but our vote count too. Elections just round the corner. We the natural born should use our X to its fullness.

  4. The minister handled this question the way he should. If this person is a good friend, why stir up mischief? This message is a fake. Why the mention of UPP? You labour people will stope very very low. Election must be around the corner and you are pandering to the non native Antiguans.

  5. This coming from the same one that told his daughter to come down from the UK early last year while she had COVID. Then she goes around trying to find a doctor to help her

    Another example of rules for them and rules for us.

    All Bullshit Lying Politicians (ABLP) time soon done.

  6. Treat all Non Nationals with respect. Really? How about treating all persons with RESPECT,Chet Greene. You are playing Politics. As long as the Immigration Officers are following procedures. That should be all that mattered.This is the second time.You have been on record uttering this same bull dung.

  7. The only person in the UPP i have any love for is Mr Lewis, and I’ve never met him, all the rest PUP show nothing but hate and scorn for Non nationals…
    Now with that said, a lot of the affiliates works at these government agencies and has their agendas. You can literally count on your hands how much of these same immigration personnel do their jobs in a professional manner..

    • The only non nationals that Antiguans hate are the criminals. You should hate them too if you intend to live in Antigua and not
      Just making money to send home. Your Antiguan born children will have to live with the mess they create. You should ask yourself why you think labour loves non nationals. Could it be that there is no real love but they need your votes.

  8. The minister need to speak to Immigration officers with respect…
    Ask the minister if he was respectful when he spoke to immigration officials at the police training school? Ask the minister if he was respectful when he he spoke to immigration officials at the stadium and airport?

    Tell them sister he must first show respect and stop creating sound bites for votes.

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