Immigration Department Clears the air on 7 Indians who arrived in Antigua and Barbuda


It has come to the attention of the Department of Immigration, a false and misleading article on the Real News Antigua portal alleging that seven Indian “detainees” have gone missing. CLICK HERE TO JOIN WHATS APP GROUP

The article also made comparisons to the Haitian nationals who were not landed and subsequently detained.  It alleged that the treatment of the Haitians was a form of discrimination.

The Department of Immigration wishes to advise that the seven Indian nationals concerned who arrived in Antigua on May 5, were in transit to another Caribbean island and were legally landed as they presented the required documentation for processing to include reservations at a local hotel for their transit stayover, tickets for onward journey and finance to support their travel.

At no time were the seven Indian nationals detained.

Subsequent to their scheduled departure from Antigua, the seven travelers learnt that they would not be unable to make their onward journey and were therefore advised to book return tickets to the country from which they transited to Antigua.

Tickets were booked for their departure from Antigua and Barbuda on May 6, 2022. The seven Indian nationals who were legally landed into Antigua proceeded to overnight at a local hotel and were due to depart Antigua the following day.

The Department of Immigration discovered that the seven Indian nationals were a no-show for their departure flight from Antigua on May 6, and has since issued alerts to the relevant authorities.  Immigration officials continue to monitor this matter of the no show travelers and are seeking to ascertain the whereabouts of the seven Indian travelers.

The Department of Immigration wishes to advise the general public that it is the only source of official information pertaining to the travel of individuals into and through the ports of Antigua and Barbuda and other matters of immigration.  Travelers are required to meet the necessary entry requirements and therefore all passengers are treated equally.

The Department of Immigration views with concern the no-show for their departure flight from Antigua of  the seven Indian nationals who were legally landed on May 5, 2022.

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  1. #UPPNEARGA are trying all sort of tactics to try and derail this government. People of Antigua and Barbuda please remain steadfast and dont be dissuaded by their sinister tactics to try and gain power.

    • @Just Saying… what is wrong with bring forward news that the public should have been told before? How is this characterized as “derailing this government”? Don’t people have the right to know what is going on in the country? Serious question.

    • @Just Saying
      Ya. UPP brought the Indian nationals to Antigua and prevented them from showing up for their departure. UPP also hiding them.
      You just like posting crap and sound like a real ass.
      Something not right here. Tell us, did they come for the Indian man?

  2. Madam Lady you need to find out who within the department leaked the passport bio pages of these individuals and deal with the accordingly for such breach of confidentiality to the nation and to the travellers in their personal capacity.

      • Concerning the 7 Indians nationals who did not show up for their flight is no fault of immigration. These people were legally landed because they met immigration standard so there was no need to detain them. This happens all around the world. There is no difference when Antiguans travel to America and overstay their US Visa. Then it become the immigration duty to look for them because they now overstayed their time in the country. There was no need for immigration when they discovered that they didn’t show up for their flight to inform the public no. It is no difference from others who come here for a month and never leave the country. This matter is totally different from the Hatian matter. The Hatians were not landed. The Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force is to be blamed for that. They were being held on a Military compound who control the entry and exit of everyone who is on the compound. On the other hand that night in question only one female immigration officer was on duty. The shift who suppose to work from midnight didn’t show up for duty. The lone female office who had completed her tour of duty stay on because no one show up to relief her. Her life was in danger. Suppose they had kill her or tried her up to escape. I believe that immigration officer is still tramautised. She stayed on to hold on to the job because the shift didn’t show up. Immigration was forced to release a statement on the matter because of the mischief that was going around in the media. Let’s be our brothers keeper

  3. What seven missing Indians have to do with UPP …??? I swear some a yall are so dumb. Chups.

  4. UPP responsible for Immigration? You fool!
    Who “lost” these people since May 6th and kept it quiet?

  5. If this is the case ,why the immigration department never send out an alert until it was made public ? You guys think we are all fools and political hacks like some on this blog ?

  6. OK


  7. Real News is a UPP mouthpiece; just like the CONVICTED PEDOPHILE IAN MAGIC HUGHES on Crusader Radio

  8. I’m confused especially since it’s not clear to me how they were discovered not to have left, their whereabouts are unknown yet they made bookings subsequent to their departure. Also, while there’s no date provided on the Immigration Department’s response (presumably written in the last day or so), it is passing strange that at the time of writing they could not say that these 7 persons had left the jurisdiction. They are still here then?!

  9. Let me first say the Haitian situation is completely different from this one.
    When in transit you can leave the airport once the immigration officer grants you landing and you have enough money to finance your stay. So at no given time the Indians where here illegally. Secondly the reason for the Department of Immigration not making it publicly known that 7 Indian citizens hasn’t board there flights is because they possible still had time at the time because when in transit your given a Day minimum and 15 days maximum to be in the country. On another note both Haitian and Indians need a visa to enter Antigua And Barbuda.
    I assume the Haitian National didn’t have sufficient evidence and finance to fund their trip to Montserrat. So for the UPP imbecile that grabs at every bit of information to publicized without properly analyzing the situation to attack the leaders of departments and the heads of states please just stop because it just show how discombobulated the party is and the people that surrounds it. I hope the Immigration Officer how leaked the the documents be found and suspended.

  10. Why did it take the immigration department so long to respond to George Wehner’s original investigative report?

    Where they rattled by what he uncovered?

    Great work again Mr Wehner, it looks like you touched a raw nerve … KEEP DOING WHAT YOUR DOING!

  11. @Just the middle man… nice try. Even if you are right about in transit travelers legally having a maximum of 15 days in the country, today is May 31. If you can do simple math, this means that they have been in the country for more than 15 days. What is your explanation for that?

  12. This woman should be fired posthaste. The 7 indians have now absconded like the Haitians and residing illegally in Antigua. The anancy story about connecting flight is big red lie. They never intended to leave Antigua.

    • Cool Ruler
      That only shows the level of her incompetence. She just fit fu go run pussy salad GOAT an them.

  13. I believed the article in ANR that was published on 05/30/22. In my opinion,there are too many dumb arse Political Appointees in positions of Leadership in Antigua.

  14. So we now know there are 7 indians and 8 or 5 Haitians amongst the population that should not be here. Lets hope they have not arrived to cause harm to anybody or to cause any acts of terrorism as seems to happen all around the world these days. Why is immigration/Police/Defence Force so incapable of containing these people.

  15. Mr. Byam

    You think the Minister is listening. Hon. Chet Green where are you? It’s quite evident that Karina Yearwood needs to be fired forthwith. She is spoiling the Image and the good name of the Immigration Department. That never happened under the two Walker’s. John Mckinnon or Annette Mark. Oh what a burning shame.

  16. It looks like racism to me. A wanted bulletin for black haitians while white indians were never mention. I heard the Indians enter the country legally, but why no bulletin for overstaying. Another thing, why were they allow to enter in the first place?

  17. People just like to chat foolishness….A lot of our family members overseas get a visa and travel abroad some are given X amount of days to exit the country yet some are still there undocumented while some find way to regularized themselves. Should/Do the authorities fire the head of their Immigration. If these immigrants are still here illegally, the authorities should publish their names and photos throughout the media. Antigua is very small so unless they are gonna stay indoors 24/7 they will be detected very soon and we the citizenry have a duty to protect our country to report them to the appropriate authorities.

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