If government goes ahead with US$ 110M IMF loan there will be no mass lay offs of public workers-PM


Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Gaston Browne says there will be no mass lay-offs of public servants if Government goes the route of the International Monetary Fund.

He was responding to a question in parliament today from Opposition Leader Jamal Pringle.

The Prime Minister says no decision has been taken regarding the IMF but says the terms will be concessionary.

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  1. “IMF Tango”

    Is the ALP planning to thief the white people money again? If the government doesn’t cut the wasteful spending significantly, they’ll be unable to repay the IMF. I doubt the IMF would agree to this no strings giveaway. We have thousands of unnecessary public workers getting paid to do nothing. The time for public sector layoffs is long overdue.

    • When they are laid off, will you hire them? Can you of the private sector absorb them?

      It is always easy to say that the public sector is bloated, but do remember real lives are involved here. When these people are sent home and cannot be absorbed in the private sector, what then happens? What then happens to their families, their children, their elderly parents who depend on them? Have a heart, man!

      • “Is the PM say so”

        How many foreigners do we have working in the private sector on work permits? We need a moratorium on work permits, so the excess public workers can move over to the private sector. The PM himself admitted in parliament that we only need 80 of the over 250 current works to operate the port efficiently. Antiguans are being ripped off and forced to support a foreign underclass.

        • @mr byam.
          1. How many public sector ‘workers’ wish to move to private sector & be accountable for a full days work, likely not in air conditioned office?
          2. How many public sector workers have the necessary communication & service skills to survive in the public sector?
          3. How many public sector workers would be prepared to attend government sponsored in-depth crossover skills training to make them.marketable & relevant to the private sector?

          It’s more complex than ‘stop permits, employ ex-public sector workers instead’, as Aruba discovered when the refinery closed, permits were stopped & the assumption was tourism would employ the oil workers.

          • They don’t have a choice! Dem thief enough money from Antigua people. The government doesn’t have any money. Antigua people are paying those unnecessary salaries every month for people to sit down and do nothing all day. Who want yam must work.

      • We have a bloated payroll in the public service because we have a bloated number of non Antiguans in the public service. Go down to deep water harbour and tell me if we are in Antigua with all the foreign accents. This is a situation engineered by the labour government to encourage the non nationals to come to keep them in power. We now have a situation where the government is borrowing money on the backs of Antiguans to keep these people employed. When you hear Robin Yearwood say that UPP don’t like foreigners and Gaston saying on his radio show that UPP stop referring to non Antiguans because they realize they make up a substantial number of the voting public. Both you guys have so much money you should pay all the foreigners’ salaries out of your own pockets. As to Robin, I am sure that he realizes that he is approaching the time to seeing his maker and what will he do with all the wealth he most likely acquired from greed and corruption.
        Antigua is not a welfare state like the North America and Britain and should not be borrowing to keep non Antiguans on the payroll. Let them find work elsewhere and if they can’t find work, send them home and let their governments look after them.
        Even if the labour government cannot win another election without the non nationals they should not care as all of them are rich and most quality for a full salary pension, unlike other people who have to work for over thirty years to get a government pension.
        This government is not managing the country to benefit Antiguans but only themselves. Antiguans get what they vote for.

  2. JUST SAYING you really can give jokes. So the ALP government is a people first government? Do you know in university you would get zero for plagiarism? Anyway, I hope if and when you go to the IMF Lenox Weston, BEEF, you and others will not consider Antigua and Barbuda a failed State.

    • …and that people will know you’re not able to manage your finances. I think that’s what he said.

  3. Browne is a Joker. Man do not overstand economics. These ministers are so emotional. They major in the minors

  4. Gaston will not go to the IMF. He will have to obey what they tell him to do. He will have to open his books. Looka muddy!That will not happen

  5. The 2021 budget says the government expects to spend $402.8 million on wages and salaries out of total expenditure of $928.1 million. Thats 43%. Do you think it is reasonable that 43 cents of ever $1 govt spends goes to pay salaries know the level of customer service you get at government offices? What value do they bring? and people talking about the human side of things and we cant let people go because they have families? Are they doing a job or collecting a welfare cheque? Because we might as well send them home and just cut them a cheque every month for doing nothing

    • No productivity,no accountability,no customer service, over bloated wage bill, unskilled boasty set of people with ton of attitude just collecting welfare cheques putting an enormous burden on the society. what a broken system, chupz

  6. Gaston Browne you owe Harold Lovell an apology. You vilified Harold for going to the IMF and now you plan to do the same thing.
    Harold got a one per cent interest rate with no mass lay offs.

    You are using Harold’s strategy. You should thank Harold for providing you with the blue print.

    You are a failed leader, Gaston Browne.

  7. The IMF should not give this government any money as they will probably not use the money for the betterment of Antigua and Barbuda. They are likely not to repay it and leave the burden on a future government.
    Anyway the wheels of the economic powerhouse wagon have fallen off and the straw man has been exposed by covid.

  8. After world dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne cuss off the IMF woman, just watch him get on his knees and beg. That’s all he does, beg from foreign bodies and nations while he steals from we the people.

    Where are Nigel Christian’s murderers? He discovered the truth behind the “forged” signatures. Port manager, PM and the rest.

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