Iconic Calypsonian Sir McLean “King Short Shirt” Emmanuel could become Antigua’s next National Hero


Prime Minister Gaston Browne says an application has been made to make King Short Shirt a national hero of Antigua and Barbuda.

Browne was speaking at a service in celebration of Sir McLean’s 80th birthday which took place yesterday at the Spring Gardens Moravian Church.

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  1. The only award that really counts is the one that has a person’s name written down in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Nothing else matters. If my name is not written in that Book, then I am LOST.

    No accolades given by man will endure. I desire no award from man. My earnest desire is to receive the grace of the Almighty and upon His previous blood be able to enter The Glorious Prize that He offers.

    What good is it to gain the world and lose your soul. So, all the knighthoods, Sir’s, order of the most whatever…..At the end of the day, they are ALL counted for NAUGHT. ZERO. NADA. NIENTE

    The ONLY AWARD that matters is the Heavenly Prize.


    • Your point really is what? Even in theocratic governments like Israel there were honours given to people for the work they have done. Don’t you remember the story of Esther when Mordecai was honoured in place of Haman? What about the story of Joseph who was honoured with a very high rank in Egypt? Surely you read those passages of scripture.

      You need to stop that self-righteous pomposity of your whereby you constantly come on here and try to dampen other people’s achievements with this whole idea that it means nothing because of your perception that it is not from God. To be honest, you come across as being a very begrudging person who cannot be happy for the achievements of others. There is nothing Christian about that. Stop it!

      • Heroes do not sell their souls for material loot. Heroes do not grab and scramble for the fleeting wealth of this world. Heroes look out for the wellbeing of others.
        The wealth and loot gathered in this life CANNOT take you any place after this life. Double-mindedness is hypocrisy.
        By our fruits we are known.

    • They giving away National Hero status like it is hot bread. It should be very rare for that to be given out. Short Shirt got a knighthood and he deserved that. Shorty is not on the international stage like Sir Viv. Two different things. I love Shorty but no to the National Hero. Lester Bird should never have gotten that either. Just saying.

      • Neither should George Walter. If we are going to be saying who deserves and who doesn’t let us just throw the book at all of the ones who we think do not deserve that high honour.

        • National Hero status would be well-deserved as outlined by King Progress, PM Gaston Browne and Donna Chaia.

          At least we all know what King Short Shirt’s contributions are.

          One deceased STEEL FRAME occupant was undeservingly given this honor and to date, no one knows his contributions to nation building.

      • @Blues drop: Sir Viv is known by more than 1 billion people around the World.In 2019,I went to India on a Business trip.When they found out I was born in Antigua.They asked me if I knew Viv Richards.I knew Viv since we played soft ball cricket across from Cooper’s Barber Shop in Ovals.

  2. Please PM Browne, while I applaud the contribution of Sir McLean “King Short Shirt” to our country and would argue that he is one of the greatest exponent of the Calypso art form not just in Antigua but internationally, what would make him more worthy and desirable to be a national hero than Sir George Walter. I would really like to hear your comparative analysis and rationalization of the contribution of both men to this country.

  3. Like most persons in Antigua and Barbuda, I applaud the achievements of the great Short Shirt and, like persons of good sense I also believe that our highest honours are given out too easily. Now if that was the PMs thinking a few months ago when he made a statement then what the hell is he thinking now? What was he thinking when giving that status to Lester Bird?? It comes down again to one thing- Politics!
    So I say, give anybody you all want-except me. The darn things are already cheapened by politics.

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