Ian Hughes, D. Gisele Isaac speak with The Economic Times about PM’s handling of Mehul Choksi matter


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  1. Gaston Browne knows Choksi was not abducted because of the video from Jolly Harbour that shows he walk onto the craft and sailed away. Y’all playing politics with this national issue… Choksi lied to get his Antigua and Barbuda passport, committed fraud (the Indian has shown the proof of the fraud he’s committed.. Why should Antigua continue to suffer for this fraudster?

  2. you know what this reminds me of- when young girls go to has early sexual intercource and is caught, and they then claim RAPE.

    • It is rape, you depraved idiot. Statutory rape. You all have no sense of protecting our little girls ’bout “when young girls go for early intercourse” inna ya cyar spell cunnumunnu. Ya mean when big, hard tone man rape off little girls?

  3. Magic out of prison for child molestation? Two years does quickly run. Why is he so untruthful? At no time did any government official claim that Choksi was to make a major investment here. Indications were he qualified under making a contribution to the National development fund option, not the investment option. Beyond this we really need to have a sex offenders registry. Watch thhe pOWA woman with a known sexual offender and looking giddy. How low has the UPP gone. Persons found guilty of such need to be kept far away from especially our children. Things like selling ice pop or popcorn (or anything that places them in contact with minors) should be banned activities

    • Just in case persons forget: “Former sports reporter Ian “Magic” Hughes has been convicted of indecent assault and could spend five years in jail for the crime he committed on a 13-year-old school girl.
      Under the Sexual Offences Act, indecent assault is described as an offence involving unwanted sexual contact.
      In this case, Hughes, who was 50 years old at the time, touched the child’s breasts and tried to force her to kiss him more than once, while they were in his vehicle. (see ‘Magic’ guilty of sex crime, Dec 8, 2017 Daily Observer)

      • Tenman, they are desperate. Someone needs to take them out of their misery. When you think they hit rock bottom they sink even lower. You wonder how low they can go. Well, when Harold went in the snake pit and bragged how Donna left his hotel room at 3:00am making certain insinuations it was as low as a man could get. If he were 18 years, I could have forgiven him and blame it on his immaturity. But not as a big man looking to be the Prime Minister of this country. I’m not my wife’s first boyfriend, but I don’t think any ex-boyfriend should come and brag that theyhad an affair with her. That is so childish.

    • I could not agree with you more, Tenman. The UPP is really scraping the bottom of the barrel, and it is worrisome. Did no one advise the party on the optics of both Ian ‘Magic’ Hughes and Sherfield Bowen being close to them? How does one explain that a woman who is a member of a group that seeks to empower other women entertains a convicted sex offender on a radio programme? AND the guy sexually molested a girl of THIRTEEN years of age when he has daughters who were much, much older than her at the time. D. Gisele Isaac is a charlatan and a fraud when she speaks about women’s issues.

      It is often said that an organization is as strong as its leadership, and clearly the political party that is the UPP lacks leadership. Lovell and his cronies are dragging political organizations in this country into the sewers. Anyone who supports such an organization is as complicit as the rotten people on their slate and close to the leadership.


    and what ever else…..

    • Mel, one thing at a time. Please explain to me and provide the references to indicate that the UPP was on the wrong side in the list you have given above.

      Let us take ABIB. UPP on the wron side? Explain.

        • You feel ashamed, don’t you? You know that you can’t defend it so like Gaston ,you throw a insult. You idiot. You cannot go outside the playbook that you get from from the wicked ABLP.
          You are a dunce. You lack critical thinking skills. You are an idiot.

          Hi Rupert Mann, Woman and Child.
          Hi On the Move

          Do you get extra pay for each personality you adopt.

  5. The upright, spotless, impeccable character of IAN “MAGIC” HUGHES can be held up in a court of law. What is it with UPP and the people they choose to affiliate with? First, Sherfield Bowen, now Ian Hughes. How could Gisele Isaac-Arrindel allow Lovell to make such a shitty choice???

  6. Yet Asot Michael and “Elmo” still representing Antigua.

    That statement was for those who know.


    Where are you Guys comments ? UPP UNDESIREABLES on Their ticket. MURDRRERS, RAPIST ?????



      A certain media house, a young girl, blood, a sofa
      A police office at a hill
      Silence concerning a forged signature. Why?
      Did they really catch the real killers?
      The money that jumped out the car
      Poor comrade who lost his property to the ABLP
      Need I go on!!

      A word to you and Gaston Browne. Do not spit up in the air.

      Why is Gaston afraid to hold the Inquiry into the Odebrecht scandal

      • No response, Eric the Red, Rupert Mann Woman and Child, Pete, Dale, Just Saying! ON THE MOVE

  8. ON THE MOVE I saw the comments but they are so meritless that I did not think it required a response. Who are the undesirables on the UPP ticket? Their are none. In the case of Sherfield Bowen since that is the one you guys focus on, he was involved in an unfortunate incident where a young lady died accidentally. It went through the court process and the matter is now resolved. Bowen is not disqualified as a result of the incident from running for public office. He is a highly qualified person who can make a contribution to the country. If you and others in the ALP have a moral or ethical issue with Bowen’s past brush with the law and feel that he should not run for public office, then bring it to the electorate in St. Phillips South. They will be the ultimate judge and I can assure you that Bowen will prevail.

    • I’m glad you guys understand the baggage you will carry come next election. So that when you get a big beating, do not blame it on anyone but yourself. Cause although election is still about three years away, people will be reminded of the person he and others with baggage are.

  9. (GASP)!!!!!

    Is that Giselle – champion of WOMEN’S RIGHTS entwined with a CONVICTED TEEN MOLESTER???

    I thought I’d seen it all. Desperate times really does call for desperate measures, but what on earth is going on with the UPP???
    Wow! Speechless that a bubby-toucher gets airtime in the “bed” of Giselle. Politics really makes for some strange bed-fellows.

    Hope the UPP candidates keep their little young ones away from him.

    UPP should say no! to unlawful BUBBY TOUCHERS!!!!



    Still defending the defenseless. BOWEN and HUGHES ????? UPP IN BIG MESS .Tabor did you see the recent polling for St.George’s and St.John City South? Also Hope you saw Rupert Mann Prediction2023 .That is what you Guys should worry about and stop chatting CRAP.

    • Eric the Red, also known as Rupert Man, Woman and Child also known as On THE MOVE

      Please talk about the Minister. The girl. Blood. Sofa. Media house. Can’t fire the ——
      Talk about Rolls-Royce. Customs. Wall.
      Talk about the MAN who interfered with the School girl. Were they relations before she came of age? Ask school children!
      OOOps whose name was called in the Odebrecht scandal.
      Why the Prime Minister afraid to find out who forged his signature

      and on and on and on


    May we all start our day today with a PEACEFUL mind, a JOYFUL heart and with a LOVING relationship to the world around us. At the start of this new day we have an opportunity to create a new reality, so let us IMAGINE the world that we would really like to live in.

    Put on the full armor of God so that you will be able to stand firm against all strategies of the devil. For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.


  12. ACCIDENTLY!!!!! Charles Tabor are you on DRUGS!!!! A man goes to meet his “stalker” with his gun off safety and he shoots and kills her gets off due to a “technically” and you have the nerve to talk about f…ing ACCIDENTLY. How tf you that danm deslousional. Your ass so politically blind you willing to purge your conscience for the sake of your party. There is a special place in hell for people like you and Bowen.

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