I was raped by a businessman, he offered me money to cover-up the act


Dear Editor,


I am a rape victim.


I was sexually assaulted by someone who owns a (REDACTED) company, I will not mention his name.


He offered me money to cover up the act.


But the justice system in Antigua is one of fault. Because he knows a lot of people in high places, they are trying to cover it up.


Also, his fiancé is spreading false rumors about me and if she only knew the things that her fiancé is doing.


As a young woman I just want justice and for other females to know it is easy to come forward and stop this predictor.


Thank you. I would like to remain anonymous.

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  1. I understand this young lady’s plight and her wish to be anonymous.
    I however also feel that for this scourge within our nation to be eradicated we need some victims who are strong in mind and spirit to come out and face their predators, come out and challenge the status quo.
    When this happens we, the public, need to be mindful of their plight and to not ridicule or debase them. We need to support and pray with them.
    At the same time I would like to sound a clarion call to those who would abuse the process because you have not gotten what you thought would be given to you in exchange for your favour – that is even worse for that is prostitution. When one debases oneself in such a manner it makes real victims be victimized a second time, for people become skeptical.
    I pray that this young lady finds justice for rape is not an easy thing to bear. Even attempted rape carries a lifetime stigma with it. I know – it happened to me. The attempt was made but I was lucky, I got away. It cost me my job at the time, but to God be the glory I moved past it.

  2. Sorry you had to go through this. We women are at high risk of SA in this island. Many men business owners like taking advantage of the vulnerable.

  3. IF what you say is true, this idiot should spend 30 years in prison, and then be exiled to Redonda island for the rest of his life. No burial. Let the birds pick his bones. He also needs to be castrated and his penis head decapitated and thrown to the rats. These idiots need to pay for their wickedness. There is no toleration for rapists, pedophiles, and sex offenders.

  4. Although I understand the women’s plight, we have seen even Ministers of Government brought before the courts on rape charges.
    It is a tough situation but she should have still gotten an advocate.
    The authorities can not be blamed for what they do not know.
    Rape anywhere in the world is difficult to prove, because even with material evidence of a sexual encounter, it comes down to who is more believable and what is more plausible as to whether it is deemed consensual or forced.
    I would advise her to write down all she can remember and still take her case to someonel:”

  5. Enough is enough now. I hope and pray that the bravery of this young lady makes more females come forward.

    There seems to be an underlying problem regarding the way our Antiguan women are being treated by a minority of misogynistic males on this island.


    I also note, that when serious issues like this is mentioned, the lack of interest by men on these ANR threads is somewhat telling … so sad, but true!

  6. A lot of these business men prey on the young women working for them.
    They think they can get away with it because the young women need a job.
    I personally know a 18 year old young lady who was sexually harassed by her employer. She wasn’t prepared to give him what he wanted so quit the job.

  7. Is it just me or there is something else to this story, did someone not honor their end of the deal and very strange that you know the wife.

    • Because she knows the wife means her rape is justified? You sound ignorant, you’re the reason rape victims are afraid to speak up because ppl like you throw blame on the victim. Shame on u and you should’ve been wiped off and flushed down a toilet

      • Yes “Neutral” that fool neeeds to be flushed down a toilet, followed by a couple gallons of stinky mess.

    • You should shut TFU. You think if she agreed to give it up she would talk about it? Even if they agreed on a price and he didn’t honour it he is still a scum bag.

  8. So why not mention his name? If you want justice for you and others dont hide him….speak up so others can then he will be stop…..you more hiding him than seeking justice

  9. I wudda go to ALL radio stations and blast his arse.

    Get a loud speaker go infront his business and tell eberybady…he RAPED ME..cause a conduct…

    • And get the Freedom marchers to demonstrate on your behalf. These nasty old farts need to be exposed.

  10. The Adult Sex Toys n Gifts Stores should start selling or giving away medically approved rape kits!
    Females can travel with them in secret, and if she or he(yes, it’s alleged that they’re raping boys/men too) feels violated, used your cell phone and record the aftermath, to include the collection of samples, fibres and get to a medical facility! URGENT CARE should be able to do follow ups as well!

    It’s time to become proactive with proper documentation(s) and evidence collection(s).

      • @My contribution…carrying, “a knife,” which is a weapon could be used against you/the victim, since, the perp is already physically accosting you/the victim.
        As for the channeling Lorana 🤐Bobbit, I don’t know, if it’s legit but, that’ll definitely identify the perp! Instantly!

  11. Money done so play the R card now. This is such a slap ik n the face for real R victims. If this,man R u whh not go to the cops if u truly want justice then u would never take the money all money digging hoes sickening

  12. @………. well at least someone saw something!!!! It is so easy for a woman to cry rape on a man and without knowing the facts, the public is usually so gullible to bite at everything. If a woman give consent and after she ask the man for something and he don’t give her, it is easy to play your R card and say she never gave consent. EVERYONE HAS A RIGHT TO THEIR OWN OPINON BUT LET THE FACTS TALK FIRST.

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