I want to punish my husband for cheating on me


Dear Kate,

I have been married to my husband for five years and we have been together for even longer.

We have two children together and for the most part a very good marriage. That is until I found out that he cheated on me and may have done so more than once.

I felt and am feeling extremely hurt and betrayed. The thing is the only way that I am going to feel better is if I give another man sex because I know it would bother my husband.

I keep fantasizing about being with another man the way I do with my husband to punish him for cheating on me.

I know it is not right, but the only reason that I haven’t cheated as yet is because it is hard to find a decent man.

Please advise me on how to find a ‘kip man’ that is willing to service me sexually with the understanding that I am not leaving my husband.

Is something wrong with me being willing to punish my husband for what he did?

For Better or Worse


Dear for Better or Worse,

If you think sleeping with another man is going to make you feel better then you are dead wrong. In fact, you will become the same as your husband “a cheater”. I am sorry to burst your bubble but you cannot find the advice on “finding a kip man” from me. In fact, my advice to you is to sit with your husband and find out what caused him to cheat on you.

Most times men are just curious and downright naughty and cheating to them can be more egoistic than anything. Let your husband know the detriments of cheating which include divorce, diseases and death. Yes death.

If you love your husband and want to save your marriage then cheating won’t help. What you should be trying to do is forgive your husband. Leave vengeance to the maker. Remember he says: “I will repay”. Punishing your husband for having sex with another woman is not yours to do. Because you would require the same punishment when you cheat.


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  1. I do agree with Kate revenge is not the answer you will not only hurt your husband but also yourself the out come would be more devastating than what u think, I know a woman who gotten revenge on her husband and got pregnant in the process by the kipman and her husband left her and gone live with a next woman and the kipman gone a next country so now she look like the ass having to jump from house to house begging for a place to stay all because she want revenge

  2. hey come find me Wednesday at 8pm at the cinema on friars hill Rd I will be a rental ,will be wearing a cap and a vest…….let us get it on it will be confidential, I have been a side piece for many married women

  3. Chupz… She did not need to ask Kate because she husband never did ask Kate he ask the females he wanted to hook up with

  4. For Better or WORSE… you made a vow and ‘dis is de worse’ for man or woman. The hardest thing is to truly forgive someone who has wronged you, as long as the blame does not lie with you. Right now, consider your mental status… if you do as he has done, you’re no better than he. Think about ways you can cope with this unfortunate situation as you continue to live with your husband. Ask yourself, ‘What support system you have around you that you can rely on and trust?’ ‘What kind of nurturing did you receive from your parents?’ Look around you… consider your environment… the home, community, church. ‘What is your relationship with God?’ Knowing how these fit and work in your life, will direct you to a healthier path and you will be better for it. Remember, he cheated; not you! He has to answer to God for his sins; not you….

    Now, to take care of your husband – go to a nice lingerie store and buy several sexy outfits. Get some rose petals and perfume and decorate and scent your bed; make it inviting. Send the kids to your family/trusted friends for a sleep over. Cook his favorite meal… make it real special … dress the table with your best china. Turn on some romantic music. And then, blow his mind. YOU take control; don’t bother to argue. He would expect that; and ‘kill’ him with kindness and love. Ten-to-one, he will love you and respect you, but be a little afraid to cheat on you again.

    Good luck!
    Freddie J.

  5. hey you can also use that experience to spice up your love live it can work ,it is not the end of the world it is just sex,everybody will cheat at the end of the day 98% of married couples cheat and the one that does not is the real ugly ones that is not attractive in anyway shape or form……men will be men and ladies will be ladies i have seen these married ladies at work and they more vicious than them single ones…..so go live your life and always remember the main part,he came back home to u

  6. “…sit with your husband and find out what caused him up cheat on you.”

    Because HE CHOSE TO.
    To explain it would be to justify it.

  7. He cheated on you more than once dear? He is most likely to do it again. Just bear in mind that stress takes an AWFUL toll on the body and mind. If you are willing to sacrifice your health, stay with him. If you want better for yourself, and you also want to be in the best health so that you can raise you children and hopefully live to see them grow up, move on and let the source of your pain go. You deserve to be treated better.

  8. Cheat on his,azz!!!! n give that sidee piece ALL the positions n the best Oral sex you can deliver….one wash ..one rinse ..then open your leggs husband you now welcome….
    ANTIGUA married men are bareface brazen n bold so give him back his own medication….now he will feel how he made you feel ….NOT RIGHT TO PLAY TIT 4 TAT but it will make ur husband know how it feels to be betrayed …then after he finds out IF he ever finds out now you all can talk it thru….mek sure the side piece give it to you good

    • So she’s suppose to treat her body with disdain because of revenge? Take the husband out of the picture and tell me if she would still abuse her body like that. Please give advice with common sense

      • How is this abusing her body, especially with the husband taken out of the picture? What is wrong with having excellent no holds barred sex?

  9. Jus,start give out ” Pussie Coupons”….and give dem YOUR best workup….2 can play this game …im tired of FAITHFUL WIVES N WOMEN getting played …worse when you look at the women these men lowered their standards with …well well well … Dnt feel bad i hope the sex you get is wayyyy better than ur husband’s

  10. I guess the loving faithful husband ddnt abused his body when he decided to CHEAT…his body wasnt abuse with disdain actions who inevitably brought shame to his wife …if it wasnt 4 his selfish behavior she wouldn’t be considering anything ……
    SOME of yor with the hollier than thou attitudes you all do the mostest…

    If the sun ONLY came out at night…

    • Nothing to do with holier than thou attitude,simple emotional commonsense. Men are men and will be men,not saying its right,but do you really think that just sleeping with someone just to try to hurt another person is a wise thing to do?Check the autonomy of a woman’s physical makeup,maybe you will get the picture then,is your body a dumping ground for anything?if so go right ahead,because the man you think you may be hurting,may not give a shit what you do with your body,If a man constantly cheats on a woman,its either one of two things,he is not satisfied with her emotionally or he is just a sick person,in either case Moving on is the only way that will make you feel better about yourself,giving you a chance to find someone who really appreciates you-it really does not matter if he is your husband/man.Move on if its not working.

  11. Having Sex with someone just to hurt another will not make you feel about-in fact you may find yourself feeling used and cheap after,since the person with whom you slept with may just be using you for one purpose”SEX” which really means nothing to men unless they are really into you..Your husband may be no different,he may have just been a man,opportunity came and he exploited it. What you need to be more concerned about is if the affair continues,if so what you see as revenge to him may mean nothing to him,since he may have already moved on from you emotionally,if he goes about having repeated affairs with different women ,he s endangering your health and you should have a talk with him to see why its happening if he cannot stop,its time to move on,not time to try to hurt him,since you giving your body away may not bother him.

  12. There are several issues that can be considered here. Yes, the husband was unfaithful. Yes, the wife is mad as hell. Yes, there is a family and children involved. However, has anyone stopped to think of the individual personalities involved which we really know nothing of. The woman knows her husband best and for all we know, having sex with someone else may actually hurt her husband. Maybe that will be a reality check for him to realise that he can lose what he thought that he would have forever. What about the mental state of mind for the wife. Maybe that is how she feels that she needs to cope right now, by sleeping with someone else. For all we know she may even be really excited and doesn’t care because her having an affair may just be about sex. The thing is what happens next will be up to both husband and wife. What they decide that they need for their relationship. Healing after an affair is hard but possible. Outside of that, if the wife really feel she can’t deal with it just end the marriage. Or if she freaky enough invite the side chick for a three some. I do wish her all the best however. Honey maybe it is time for you to think selfishly like your husband did.

    All the best with whatever decision you make. It’s Your life.

  13. Knuckle back he rass. My husband cheated on me not once, not twice, but many times, and me clap couple knuckle pan he rass dat me sure if he finds he will tek een, and de bud min sweet!!

    Now, my sweet side man will move heaven and Earth for me, and is always there in less than a heart beat to care for me sexually, financially, and all other allies. He also takes care of my children.

    That was was the best decision I ever made. But, ladies, ALWAYS use a condom, even with your husbands, because none of them can be trusted.

    Women will be women, just like men will be men.

    Pum Pum rule ladies, use it wisely and responsibly.

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  17. People please . They should charge you all for the free advertising.
    If you need “a spell” from somebody for you to keep or get back a man, Then That Man Was Never Yours At All . And Will Never Be Yours.

    When that ” spell’ is broken “All hell will broke loose. ”
    Nothing last forever!!

  18. My boyfriend of five years cheated on me with woman that he was personal training and when I found out I called and spoke with all the woman they did not even know I existed. He basically was telling them he was newly divorced and looking for a girl friend. So I wanted to do revenge sex but I value my body and that was not an option for me at all. So please rethink that and pray and let God fight all your battles. He will lead you in the right direction. The pain slowly gets better. It has only been three weeks for me and I still cry. I am truly hurt to my soul.but I will continue to pray for strength from God to help me and you should to.

  19. I’ll tell you to do it! I did it, and I feel so much better and more in love with my husband. And when I think of his betrayal, I get a smile on my face and a even bigger smile in my heart because I know what he doesn’t know. I cheated on him with two guys and both of them are his friends. So let us know what happens…Good Luck

  20. I knew a man who got even and cheated on his wife. He is my coworker and he told me how miserable he felt sleeping with another married woman he did not love. He felt guilty. Later had to apologize to her husband. He wept a couple of times while telling me his story. But, he dared not want his wife to know about his lack of fulfillment of his sexual encounter. He bragged to his wife so she could stop sleeping around. She did.

    The husband felt so much shame because of his wife’s affair. He is also in a very prominent position in the community. I told the husband how much I appreciated his love for his wife. Sleeping with another man’s wife or another woman’s husband to get even with your spouse may lead you to depression and lack of sexual fulfillment. The issue isn’t about sex, or power, it’s about passion from the heart. Do you still have love in your heart?

    Cheating to get even may be punishing yourself. Sex expresses love. Loveless sex is a nice way to degrade and punish yourself if you have any conscience left. What happens to self respect? Two wrongs never make a right. If there is lack of sexual fulfillment in the bedroom due to boredom, discuss this with your spouse. Get some professional help. Introducing another person into your marriage is a recipe for disaster.

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