I think I want to do it with a girl


Dear Kate,

I am not sure why but lately I have been entertaining the thoughts of having sex with a girl.
I am thirty-three and have always had sex with men. In my lifetime I have gotten oral from two girls. I also recall having very short-lived, non-sexual relationship with two girls while I was younger.
I know girls find me attractive because even to this day they hit on me.
To be clear, I don’t think my attraction to men will ever change so this isn’t me becoming straight.
However, I feel the need to have sex with a woman to get over the fear that I have always had. Who knows I might enjoy women too.
The question is who do I do it with. If I do it with a girl I know, should I be honest as to why I want to have sex with her? Do I do it with a random prostitute?
And Kate, I have been wanting to have a child should I just get the girl pregnant one time.
 Oh maybe you think its best I just stick with guys, Let me know.
Hello Thinking

When I get these letters I realize that we live in a messed up society and people’s problems are becoming more and more complicated every day.
But then in another thought, I realize that people bring problems upon themselves all the time.
Now you are a gay man. But lately, you feel you want to be with women? Maybe you’re not gay after all. Gay men never want women. Besides, you said you had some encounter with women before.
Then you are now admitting you want a child. Before you can bring a child into this mess; you need to find yourself.
Finding yourself here means determining exactly who you are sexually. Whether it’s gay straight or bisexual. Because you seem to be very confused.
Once you establish who you are, then you can determine whether you want to continue being with a man, move into a normal relationship with a woman or have it both ways.
Whichever you decide; don’t add to your confusion by even considering bringing an innocent person, let alone child into this mess.

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  1. What would Jesus do…..

    What is the fear …who have….

    Do you fear if you slept with a female you might enjoy it

    Many GAY men sleep with women there called ….BYSEXUAL….BYCURIOUS….


    jus be honest with the lady of choice>……make sure you and her are open honest communication

  2. You just a attention seeking BISEXUAL man. If you want to screw a woman what’s stopping you. You done admit that you have been with girls before so wha ya fraid. Just admit to yaself ya like man and woman find a woman screw she and go your merry way.

  3. Are we really serious condoning this? This person really needs to straighten their life and begin to do it with Christ. That what we should be telling them. A man goes with a woman or woman goes with a man that’s how it’s supposed to be. No other way. So please let’s all get it straight.

  4. Boss idk u but let’s get this straight, if u chose to be heterosexual n will stay that way, make ur child, if your confused don’t being a child into the mess. Remember that child have to bear insulting n derrogotive comments from others…. Plz don’t embarrassed the child…… Think abt it first before

  5. Go to a brothel, pay yuh $$$$ and see if you enjoy what the rest of us do. You should not try to develop a heterosexual relationship for the purpose of sexual experimentation or procreation. So…go to the location where sex is sold and conduct your experiment.

  6. Young man I think you need to give yourself to the Lord and stop with that batty man business God never say Adam Adam Adam and Eve man and woman

  7. First off all any form of promiscuity is wrong whether heterosexual, homo or bi! Straight men who just prey on women to feed their basic carnal needs are no more nobler than homosexuals or bisexuals. Only difference is who you chose to have sex with! So if you planning on being promiscuous please leave the child outta oonu ting!

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