I see my neighbours doing the nasty


Dear Kate,

I live in a crowded neighboorhood on the outskirts of St. John’s where the houses are very close together.
For some of the houses, you can hear your neighbors when they walk in their homes. This is where I grew up and it has become part of the life.
Despite the closeness, people have always been able to maintain relative privacy.
Recently, a couple, not so young, moved in next to the house I am renting. They appear to have an active sex life which Is not my business really.
However, I have noticed that this couple leaves their light on and window open when they are doing it. Their room is right outside of my own and on more than one occasion I have seen them doing the nasty.
I really would prefer not to see that. I really wonder why they don’t just close their window or just turn off the lights. The noise I can drown out with my headphone but I cannot help but looking out my window from time to time.
Do you think they are sending me a message by doing this? I wonder if it’s deliberate. Should I tell them to tone it down?
I need your take on this Kate.

Hello Peeping

Most people I’m sure have had a situation where they either heard their neighbor or roommate having sex next door.

But to see them is taking it a notch up.

You should just politely let your neighbor know you can hear them.

Maybe if you’re too embarrassed to tell them face to face, you could pop an anonymous note through their door.

There is nothing illegal in having sex with your lights on or being very noisy, to say the least.

So, if they take no heed to your complaint, then you need to begin to find ways to work around it.

For your sake, I hope these episodes last no longer than twenty minutes.

And no, I don’t think they are trying to send you any message because as you claim, the neighborhood is crowdy and may people live in the area.

I, however, think they are just two grown freaky people who are too drenched in their sex life to even consider people like you, who are offended by the moans of passion and lack of privacy.



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  1. U just looking attention. If you see ur neighnours having sex wha so wrong if u just tell them put up a curtain. Why write to Kate u want everybody to see ur own live pron. Put up a curtain and move on…..jeez man

  2. It seems like you want to see all what they are doing seeing that you can’t help looking out your window time to time… freaky gal why would you ask Kate if they are sending you a message.. You want to join in it seems. na bother try teeth the gyal man

  3. It may not be an offense but honestly -i think its disgusting even hearing those sounds repeatedly,more so been able to see.. I would do as Kate advised,drop a little note.. If nothing is done,then i would dress my window with a thick insulated drapery and do not look and as you already said stuff my Ears with my ear piece.. Just my opinion..

  4. You must be from the LGBT community to have a problem with people engaging in hetrosexual sex. If you’re not then you probably need to get some good loving because you’re too uptight.

  5. The light is on n the windows are open, they’re are inviting u… N if it bothers you why do you keep looking

  6. I worked midnight’s and one night my whole team was missing. I asked where they went to and they said that this couple across the street has sex every night at 12pm. Not believing it, I went up to the top floor and waited with them….sure enough at 12pm the light went on, they came through the door together, within minutes they were going at it. I have to say I found it entertaining, stop complaining about your neighbors and enjoy the show!

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