I need advice on my minute man


Dear Kate,

Last summer, I met a guy whose name will remain anonymous so let’s call him “Brian”.

I typically date guys who are tall, good-looking, toned body and great personality.

I am six feet tall and Brian’s height is five feet two inches tall.

Clearly, Brian is not my type because he does not fall into the height requirement.

Despite the height differences, I gave Brian a chance.

We started to date where we went out to restaurants, speaking for numerous hours on the phone, spending quality time together and engaging in sexual pleasures.

Sadly, his height wasn’t the only thing lacking.

The first time we had sex, it lasted for about three minutes.

Every sexual encounter after the first one lasted the same amount of time.

Brian is a good guy who treats me like a queen.

What should I do?



The whole purpose of dating is to get to know each other and decide if the relationship would blossom into something wonderful or just remain as friends.
And from all you’ve said, it seems you and Brian will remain as just buddies. The thing is, staying with someone and being truly happy with them isn’t entirely about being treated like a princess.
There will come a time where physical contact would have to take place and believe me if you are an unsatisfied woman in any relations; you will look elsewhere.
Free Brian to be with someone who will accept his height issues and his small penis. Believe it or not; for some women, these things don’t matter. BUT clearly, it does for you.


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  1. get someone else because this is really affecting you. Don’t make sense being someone’s girl then hurting them in the end because of their LACK. get your compatible kind and feel better within

  2. Dear Kate
    Dissapointed said nothing about the size of Brians equipment, just what he does with it. Clearly you are delusional in regards to the relationship between height and penis length, so should not be commenting at all.
    Disapointed, if you like the guy, educate him, at least the lessons can be fun

  3. Kate, the lady never mentioned a small penis. Clearly you’re one or those small minded women whereby that matters to you.

  4. Baby girl it’s not all the time you need to be hooked on the size or length of time you have sex. Some times once the love is real you just have to go with the love.

  5. Dear Disappointed “Brian” can improve if his problem is quick ejaculations their are many things that can be done to improve his performance – please educate him by doing reseach – ask his or your Doctor for advise – many products to choose from.

  6. You DNT have to have a “small mind” to want a penis that satisfy you….

    Clearly she never mentioned size …she mentioned duration ….

    Men LOVE “tight wet pussie”….are THEY SMALL MINED….

    Boys & men who masterbate a lot have high chances of ejackulation very quick…

    • “Boys & men who masterbate a lot have high chances of ejackulation very quick…”
      that statement is %100 incorrect it is actually the other way around

    • Nun tarl go so!! Women tend to think that but the fact is it all has to do with state of mind. Swift ejaculation may be due to anxiety, long drawn out foreplay and the Level of love the man has for the woman (a man feels way better when having sex with a woman he truly loves and this stimulates him more). I am a man and I have had to fake ejaculation because when having sex with a woman a didn’t love I couldn’t enjoy it and I just called it quits after she came a good number of times.

    • amm so she going to test out all the men she meets or should she just do them at random??

      Disappointed, talk with him, both of you learn about 4 play etc…he seems to love you very much and sometimes you can’t find that kind of love with someone who might last longer for ejaculation. Remember you can’t always have your cake and eat it, sometimes we just have to make do with what we a blessed with and live with it, and as i stated talk with him about it and how the two of you can over come this issue. But by the way also, are you sure that you might be the one staying too long to come also, we have meet half way with issues like this.

  7. Girl is sweet u pussy sweet….or what u can do is put a cotton ball in is pee hole and push it 2 inches in that worked fine for …..

  8. So what’s the problem with his tongue? Buy a can of stud for the dock and do not complain that he take long to cum

  9. By the way Kate next time read what the person writes and do not interject something that is not there.

  10. Most men ejaculate prematurely due to a few reasons………But if you have sex 3 or 4 times and its the same result you should sit and talk about it, That is if you are willing to make it work. Learning your partner’s body/pleasure spots is a great experience….it gives you the knowledge u need to learn how to prevent such occurrences. If not they sell things that will help him at most pharmacies but nothing better than being 100% Natural

  11. Dear lady, plz there are men out there that’ll satisfy u n Dem will kill u too, u know what u have but not what u gonna get, plz continue to ride Brian n make urself happy by love wbo love u for a change….. That could have been Brian talking about u but he’s not…

  12. As some have said, if you really love him then you should sit him down and have a chat. He needs to be educated about giving you the best pleasure to your liking. He should be humble and you(disappointed) should have some patients.
    If nothing improves over a period of time, then it’s time to move on.
    A bit of oral foreplay can help to reduce the anxiety.

  13. Kate…yu REALLY stepped into this one as no mention was made regarding the size of his junk. Are they having safe sex? A condom cuts down 40 to 60% of the sensations, so l find it hard to understand how he could last only three minutes unless its bareback sex…

    • This is the truth some men use long love condoms. I personally believe that women pay too much attention to sexual pleasures than the love given. I am a man and personally i use to kill out myself going hours to please a woman, round after round of making women cum repeatedly seemed fun but it didn’t stop them from cheating though. So I came to an understanding female cum first then I cum and roll over cause no amount of sex is going to be enough. Even if women aren’t complaining about sex they complain you don’t give them money or something. “Brian” is not abusive and treats you like a queen, I think it’s obvious little sex shouldn’t get in the way.

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