I make Hotel Bathroom Pizza with lots of Seasonings to Cover the ‘taste’


What a weirdough.

A food influencer is sparking mixed reviews online after demonstrating how he makes pizza in a hotel bathroom in a TikTok tutorial with 1.8 million views.

“Add seasonings to cover up the taste of bathroom,” says the TikToker who goes by Barfly in his pie-in-the-sky instructional.

The TikTok cook specializes in MacGyvering up food in oft kitchen-less hotel rooms: grilling steak with an ironusing a toaster as a miniature chicken griddle and other hotel hacks like a gastronomic Bear Grylls.

In his latest — and perhaps most questionable — shortcut, the “iron” chef decides to make pizza in the lavatory in full view of the toilet.

First, Barfly mixes flour, yeast water and other ingredients on the marble sink counter, using a medicine bottle as a makeshift measuring cup.

Next, Snack-gyver douses the dough with Heinz honey mustard and other seasonings to obscure any bathroom odors. After kneading the dough and letting it sit, Barfly rolls it into pizza shape using the hotel’s ice bucket.

At last, his suite invention is ready to cook, which the hotel hacker accomplishes with a hot plate and pan.

“Grease that s–t,” commands Barfly as he heats both sides of the dough in the pan before topping the pie with sauce, cheese and pepperoni.

At one point, after noticing that the cheese is a bit flaccid, the bidet gourmet crisps the top of it with a “$10 heat gun” he brought along for his hotel stay.

The clip concludes with Barfly slapping the pizza on the bathroom counter and then gobbling it in the hotel room like a fugitive on the lam.

Unsurprisingly, TikTok viewers were revolted by the potty pizza. While many admitted that the dish itself looked delicious, they found his choice of kitchen a bit un-pie-genic.

“No way that counter is clean,” declared one disgusted observer, while another wrote that the man’s “immune system gotta be in sports mode.”

“Yes officer, this is the video,” quipped one TikTok wit.

Another snarked, “Ok guys calm down. i am sure he wiped off the countertop with that sock he found between the mattress and box spring.”

“Everyone who works at hotels is throwing up right now,” said one horrified viewer.

One alleged chef posted a reaction video to the man’s bathroom opus. He said that while he liked some of Barfly’s improvisations — such as the medicine bottle — he didn’t approve of the setting, as hotel bathrooms are “a lot dirtier than you think, especially the sinks.”

“Toilet in the background, not eating whatsoever,” the epicure declared.

Indeed, hotels aren’t the sanitary bastions they’re billed as.

2020 survey by travel service UpgradedPoints found that even five-star accommodations are cesspools of microbes, with the average hotel elevator button boasting 737 times more germs than a household toilet seat.

Meanwhile, the average hotel door handle had a whopping 918 times more bugs than a household toilet seat, per the study.

Then again, potty pizza still might be preferable to the food at some hotels, where hygiene standards are apparently less than stellar.



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