‘I have no difficulty if they picket everyday every week, every year’ -Browne


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has responded to Thursday’s picket by the freedom fighters group.

The group will picket outside the Prime Minister’s Office to express dissatisfaction with a number of issues.

Browne says this who picket have a right to do so.

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    • You notice the DUNCE keep calling everyone picketing or protesting for their rights for humaine treatment ANTI-VAXERS?

      As if to cover his tracts for media recognition that each picket is against vaccine, so when he set his reign of terror on innocent persons he some how seems justified.

      All the education in the world you claim you acquired, and the financial wealth you also claimed to have brought into the politican arena with you is one big lie. You are nothing less of a Peter-Plunder – all you do is rob the poor to fatten you and your godforsaken’s families pockets. A PUBLIC ENQUIRY ABOUT YOUR SO CALLED WEALTH NEEDS TO BE INVESTIGATED.

      Enjoy the little power you seem to have now over those begging, brained washed persons in society that you could grease their palms to temporarily stay loyal to your evil regime, because poor people nor the young people are no more fooled with your tactics for allegiance to any political party that harm the welfares of women, children, poor, elderly or physically and mentally incapacitated persons.

      So keep referring to everyone as ANTI-VAXERS, because both Vaccinated and Unvaccinated persons are championing the cause to PEACEFULLY prorect the rights of the downtrodden.

      The WHOLE WORLD will soon see what a tyrant, mad, and selfish money grabbing SNAKE you and your whole family are. There is a God above.

  1. Treat a man as he is and that is what he will be. Treat a man with the expectations of what he’s suppose to become and he will aspire to that standard!

    I’ll leave it at that!

  2. Max Hurst used to do one man picket at Spencer’s Office every week did he ever get permission, was he tear gased.
    What he picketed for; no sale of Antigua Barbuda passports.

  3. We can express ourselves without the use of disrespectful words. He is still the prime minister. Hammer pump story is not known to me but Moses was a criminal and the deliverer for Israel from pharoah. Yes I was listening in Sunday school. And this David guy he did a lot of not so cool stuff and I read somewhere he was a man after God’s own heart. Let them go Mr PM you know that this was no riot.

  4. More lies again from world dictator traitor tyrant liar HT Gaston Browne.

    You and your cesspool gang are done.

    You and your cesspool gang will be brought to justice for all the injustices you have done to us.

    Murderers, kidnappers and human traffickers (HT) are walking around freely because it fits your agenda. In the meantime the families of Nigel Christian and Mehul Choksi have not gotten the justice they deserve. Yet.

    All world dictator traitor tyrant liar thief HT Gaston Browne has done is used us as his pawns for his creative financial enrichment. He continuously competes against the small man, steals our lands. His son gets an education grant, goes to college and overnight he becomes a millionaire. Whereas someone in need of the same funds to further their career can’t get the same privilege from who, that’s right minister of finance, the same world dictator traitor tyrant liar thief HT Gaston Browne.

    We are not your slaves or your servants. We will take back our country from world dictator traitor tyrant liar thief HT Gaston Browne and his cesspool gang.

  5. Gaston Browne if you have no difficulty if the Freedom Fighters picket every day, every week, every year then why were they arrested for picketing. None of the charges laid against the two ladies were for not wearing masks or social distancing. The charges brought against them under the Public Order Act were seriously flawed and you and the Commissioner of Police will find out. It is also a principle of international human rights law that force should never be used against protestors if the are non-violent and if if they are violent the force used should be proportional in the circumstances. You government is showing itself to be a rouge government that does not respect the Rule of Law.

  6. This my fair Antigua and Barbuda is a dark road that we are heading down. We need to stand firm in peace or danger to safeguard our constutional rights that are being stripped away. We will not like the end result. So i for one will voice my support for my unvaccinated brothers and sisters who are standing up for their right to choose, express themselves, and assemble peacefully. Keep fighting to preserve our rights and freedom.

  7. Correction Antigua News Room… This is NOT an Antivax group.
    Many of us are not Antivaxers and are vaccinated.

    • So why protest mandatory vaccines when they is no mandatory vaccination in Antigua and Barbuda….some y’all don’t read and follow-fashion

      • Did you hear the Chief Medical Officer say what mandatory means? It means linking it to certain things/activites/places. That is literally the meaning of mandatory in these circumstances.

        Maybe you need to read, listen and comprehend.

        Mandatory does not just mean, hold you down and you have to take it. It is textbook mandatory vaccination that is being brought in.

        You need it now even to go Transport Board remember.

        Anyway, none of this is helping their vaccine rollout.

  8. The Prime minister need to just lift all restrictions. Stop the mandatory wearing of mask. Let it be a choice.

    Let it be what it be and done.

    This nah go ever solve.
    Covid turned from an issue the white man created for us black people to a political war fair.

    Instead we pulling together as black people we fighting one another!

  9. The PM and his business masters once again have a covid crisis on their hands. Opening up too soon, locking down too late, we now see numbers of cases getting well out of control and there will be no choice but to lock down again shortly, after how many deaths we don’t know. In their lax approach the government and business have stirred up the trumpers and conspiracy nuts who feel they have some “right” to infect other people.

  10. It’s so strange that these people who don’t trust the doctor’s, when they go the hospital is the same people who they beg to save their lives. How mankind is so full deceptions and lie’s? Covid 19 don’t play. It’s f…ing kill’s. It’s don’t care whether you like GB, hates and called him all the foolish names. Don’t wait to be sorry, cause it might be too late. You don’t have to worry about the people who are Vaccinated.

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