I have had the hots for my stepdaughter since she was twelve


Dear Kate,

I need some advice regarding my 16 yo stepdaughter.
I have been a father figure to her since she was 4 but I noticed that I have been having perverse thoughts about her since she was about 12.
I constantly look at her blooming body when she’s around the house. This has made me an overprotective stepdad about what she wears when she goes out.
I go to her room and sniff her worn panties in her hamper.
I even secretly take pictures of her when she is not aware of it.
I love her and would never act on what I feel but it’s driving me crazy. Please advise.

You are a poor excuse for a stepfather yo. Somehow i get the feeling some of these letters are made up. But let’s just pretend this is true; then you clearly have overstepped the line.

You cannot truly love a child you have raised since she was 4 years old and have these thoughts about her.
You claim you will never act on your feelings but you are already acting by taking pics of her and sniffing her underwear.
Have you ever even thought about her mother in all of this? I guess you are so caught up in your lust over your stepdaughter’s young flesh; you forgot about mommy?
I can tell you this; you will eventually get yourself into trouble if you don’t seek professional help to deal with this.
You are also abusing your daughter by not allowing her to enjoy the best of her teenage years but being overprotective about what she wears and so on.
Your actions are not even because you care so much about her but your selfish nature.
You may eventually have to end up leaving the house if your behaviour persists, lest you end up in a situation that could ruin the rest of your like…yo



  1. Dear God please do not allow me to meet such men as father figures for my kids. Please leave the girls mother house and seek God…..my step dad use to do my sister and I the same things we were old enough to figure it out so did our neighborhood. He made our lives a living hell because of his selfish thoughts. The devil is a liar seek God

  2. Sick, twisted, selfish and disgusting excuse for a man you are. Yes SEEK God and seek professional therapy while you’re at it too.

  3. If this is not made up,you’re a sick evil Individual who needs to be castrated.. It will only be a matter of time before you rape your stepdaughter or someone else. How do you care for someone from the tender age of 4,then suddenly start seeing her as a Sexual object? You are obviously a pedophile.. I hope the day comes when the law will show compassion on a mother who takes the law in her own hands,if her child falls in the hands of perverts like you,me personally would kill you myself.

  4. You are disgusting so called stepfather, you need some mentally help. You should be a shame of yourself. You a father figure too this young girl since the tender age of 4 years , you know what you a pedophile the police should be standing at you door know.

  5. You are the nasty most disgusting kind of a mannequin. Yes a mannequin cause you defiantly not a man. Raising a child from since the age of 4 and now she starting to developed you have your hungry eyes on her. A pervert like you should be in jail where they turn you into a girl for eyeing your young stepdaughter. You are nothing short of a monster. I can only image the damage you would do to that poor child. Nasty man. God knows if she was my daughther ypi you put your disgusting hands on her wha me would a do you. Hell needs an expansion twice its size to hold you one. Gwan go church and confess to God you nasty way and purge ya conscious ya wicked son of b***h.

  6. In agreement with Kate, I do believe these letters are made up. This is by far the worst yet, they’re no words in the dictionary to clearly define the type of human being you are with such a twisted mind, body, heart and soul.

  7. well kate have a lot of patients and professionalism to answer this dutty john crow….. am a woman of intelligence but things like this makes me forget about the education i have…… leave the child alone and allow her to grow you old perverted bastard …….that demon needs to release your thoughts and your body pray and ask god to take anything that is not of him out of you…. what i really want to say tho!!!

  8. There is a whole set of pedophile in this country. big ass duty men thier only mission is to ruin young children. evil demonic bastard. Leave the children alone let them stive. This is just so f….. Wicked. Mother bringing in pedophiles in your house to distroy your children.

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