‘I felt like my heart stopped’ – Son Mourns Gruesome Murder Of Mother In Antigua


Simone Whyte would have celebrated her 46th birthday today. Her children were looking forward to talking with her on the telephone as they normally did, reassuring her that she occupies a special place in their hearts.

But even as they had one eye on that, it is December, Christmas in particular, that occupied most of their attention.

Whyte, a hairdresser who has lived in Antigua and Barbuda for the past five years, was due to come home next month. Tojorn Barrington, Whyte’s eldest child, said that she was eager to spend time with her children and lone grandson. Sadly, this will not happen. Whyte was stabbed to death last Saturday night in Antigua, just three days before her birthday.

“I felt like my heart just stopped, liked it was ripped out literally,” Tojorn, 24, said of the moment he got the devastating news.

A 35-year-old man has been taken into police custody in connection with her murder. ANR news in Antigua and Barbuda reported that Whyte’s throat was reportedly slashed during the alleged altercation with the man, who is reputed to be her estranged lover.

Meanwhile, Tojorn said his two siblings, Synovia, 21, and Tyrease, 17, lost their father Ainsley, 17 years ago, leaving Whyte to play the role of both mother and father.

“She went to Antigua to provide for us. She always said ‘Me deh yah fi me pickney dem fi work fi mek dem life better.’ She taught us about life the best she could,” grief-stricken Tojorn said.

“We had a very close relationship. She showed tough love, but which great mother doesn’t show tough love? I could call her about anything, she made sure to encourage me to pray and trust God. That’s the type of person she was,” he said.

Whyte last visited Jamaica in 2018 in order to see Tojorn walk across the stage of The University of West Indies, Mona, to collect his degree. He said she bragged about his graduation, stating it was her proudest moment, as she had sacrificed a lot to make it happen.

Synovia is heartbroken that her eight-month-old son, Taejorn, will never get to meet his grandmother. “She was very anxious to meet her first grandson. We had plans for her to retire from hairdressing to take care of the baby. She was really looking forward to that. Taking care of her family was her main priority,” she said.

Whyte was born in Castleton, St Mary, and lived with her grandmother. The second of five children, Whyte was described by her sister, Sherrian, as an ‘old soul’ who was respected by every family member.

“My sister was a family person, a loving person and a firm believer in God. Anything yuh a go through she a have a Psalm for you fi comfort you. Everything weh me know right now, me pattern off my sister, who basically she grow me. My sister always a try,” Sherrian said.

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  1. People and Government of Antigua: WHEN are we going to do something about these killers. Even 1735 overpopulated with them. A partial solution is execution…a life for a life. Who raises these killers anyway? We must have some very unhinged people walking around. The fact that this allegedly involved another JAMAICAN, that will really upset a lot of people. What is to be done??? We have enough troubles without all of this craziness.

    • I am very sorry for the loss of this lady’s life it’s a very tragic situation, condolences to the family. I find that it is very ignorant of you to be labelling individuals as killers, sometimes situations happen and the end result is the loss of a life not every murder that happens is intentional. I am sure no-one will intentionally raise their child to be a murderer either. When we are not in a situation it is so easy to pass judgement. How is a life for a life going to solve anything?.. like seriously.

      • A woman is dead. That’s serious, and that’s not passing judgement. The woman is dead, and she was killed. That makes the animal who killed her a KILLER. Simple as that. “A life for a life” will solve a major problem….the KILLER will never be able to KILL anybody again, and it will send a message to others that KILLING will not be tolerated in this land. I, too, feel deeply for this woman. That’s why we have to put an end to these KILLINGS and the KILLERS who KILL them. This is not a “situation” were something just happened. It’s reality, and everything about it is very sad. May she rest in peace.

      • A KILLER is a KILLER!!! Antiguan or Jamaican. A life for a life is necessary in this instance, for sure. The courts will determine guilt or not.

  2. Son your heart didn’t feel like it stopped it did. Grate look looking kids .Stab and cut her throat he meant there was no coming back. Vegenace is mine said the Lord.

  3. Sad sad sad.. Anger is no solution to the problem ppl face.. The core cause of majority of these problem, is poor family structure..Men! Y’all need to reclaim the head and stopped being the fking tail.. Be on the forefront when it comes to raising y’all son’s to be, “Great Men”.

  4. sometimes situation happens . I can’t believe someone actual write that in the comments and hit the send button . I wouldn’t want you no where near my family . Stabbing her and then cutting her throat sounds like a situation . God forbid it happens to your Sister Mother ect I WANT YOU TO HOLD THAT VIEW WoW !!

  5. I knew simone, she was very good with her hands , she always spoke of her children & how she had to raise them on her own because their father died ….this hurts alot , Simone always a do hair cause she said her children must go a university, them must finish school , lord I pray for this family …cover them lord . Many times I sit & watch this mother do hair just so she could provide for her family back home in Jamaica…everything was her children.

  6. Ive got to say, the layout alone made me come back to this web site again. But now that Ive check out what youve got to say, Ive got to share it with the world!

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