I don’t like my pastor’s wife


Dear Kate,

I don’t like my pastor’s wife he is 50 and she is 26. She’s not done anything to me. But I don’t like her. She’s beautiful and way too young for him and she now has two children with him, children I wished I mothered. I think she loves him for his money.
Kate, I dated him before because he was looking for a wife. We had intercourse and suddenly he told me he cannot be with me because it’s not what he wants.
Then here comes this woman from nowhere and he married her. I don’t understand. Anyway, she comes to church always well dressed and she’s not even spiritually mature.
I don’t know what he sees in her. She’s loud, always have too much makeup and acts like she’s a loving person when she’s not.
I have prayed for their marriage to end. That he leaves her. And I see them happier every day.  I don’t like seeing them together but I can’t stop coming to church.
She has everything I have to live without. I was thinking maybe I should continue to pray for their breakup and wait until it happens, hoping he’d  look my way again. What do you think?
Church Girl
Hello Church Girl,
Even if he breaks up with his wife one day, what would make you think you would be the next in line?
Weren’t you in line before her but got discarded? I don’t understand. I think you should live and let live and allow your shepherd to love in peace.
You, on the other hand, might end up being very lonely, waiting on a man who was not ordained for you. I say you move on, accept what you cannot change and remove the hate from your heart. It will consume you.
Stop being jealous of your pastor’s wife. If you had any love for this man, you would be happy to see him happily married, even if it’s not with you.

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  1. Church Girl, I think the only one who is not” spiritually mature” is you.
    Maybe you should try SALVATION, and get yourself a life. Deuteronomy 5:21

  2. Lady you are nothing short of jealousy come to life. Cause you were rejected you hate the man wife. You not going to church to hear the word of God you going to list after the man and hate the woman. Get over it and stop being a hater

  3. Dwlllllllll……I swear these letters by young thristy asf ppl kill me….


    THE PASTOR wants tight young pussy maybe your pu**y dnt have the 3 G’s….Gripe Glue Glamity….Google IT…

    The more you wish harm god defends him and his family against evil minded….envious…. treacherous…. YOU…
    Pray without ceasing but ALL ur prayers along with you are useless..and goes in vain..this is the problem with women or rejected women dem jus cart be happy for NONE ..always waiting like demons for ppl demise ….go tighten ur P and pray for your own husband ….psalms 51 for 30days…

  4. I just don’t understand why anyone would post such nonsense for people to read. ANR should be ashamed of themselves.

  5. U were wrong to have sex with him u would probably feel better about yourself right now. Sex before marriage is wrong thought better of a pastor. I know u feel used. My advice, I know u have a reason to be angry , your anger should be with him not his wife she has done u no wrong. I think u should have a talk with him cause obviously u need answers, repent and let go of the hurt and jealousy and move on. And if u need to go to another church, Go! He would understand, forgive him and Go! Move on! May the peace of god be with u.

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