DEAR KATE: I can’t stop cheating on my man


Dear Kate,

I cheated on my boyfriend and I cannot stop going back for more. My boyfriend and I have been dating for several years and lately, I became frustrated with his new job because he is never home.

Actually, he is a police officer and he’s always working late.

A friend from high school visited me and he stayed a few hours just talking to me one afternoon.

The night came and one thing leads to another and we had hot steamy sex. I felt bad afterward but every time my boyfriend leaves for work I would call him to get more.

Kate, it’s like this man cast a spell on me. I just keep going back and Its like I can’t stop.

He told me he loved me last night and that frightened me because I love my boyfriend. I don’t like this “friend” but I love his passion towards me.

I want to end it but I am worried I will miss the sex too much. How do you suggest I end it?



Dear Worried,

You asked me the wrong question. Your question should really be about telling your boyfriend that you have been two-timing him while he risks his life on the job.

I think you should keep your new lover. Because from all accounts you have no respect for your boyfriend. I could go as far as saying that you don’t love him (your real boyfriend) at all.

So, set him free and continue your “steamy” escapade with your “friend”, lest your boyfriend finds out and this turns out uglier than it already is.


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  1. “Players only play themselves. Players always get caught” You have no respect for your boyfriend and seem so selfish and heartless. He deserves wayyyy better!!

  2. Kate….I live for your column please post Monday on time…tonnnnkkksss…..

    CLEARLY THE SEX HAS YOU HOOKED…NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS get that understood immediately your jus a fuk….1-1…fucking you don’t cost NOTHING..

    It’s new n exciting so u get an adrenaline rush….it will wear off….cos you already showed him ur a slut and he won’t waste his time thinking this could be anything more than a fuk….

    Women don’t enter men…Memba that …..
    He’s filling a void that sex can’t fill long term….


  3. Ohhhhh…dnt think he loves you even if he said it….he loves f**king you …
    He says whatever he needs to say to keep getting sex…
    When we have sex hormones are releasing …..both sides….
    That’s why we want to be held n cuddled after sex…while me turn over cos them overheat…..when a man has reached or abt to climax he also releases hormones…where he want to screammmmmm..but that won’t be considered manly so they say…..I love you..

    Nice try….

    • Hmmmm ummm I wouldn’t say the dude dont love her you don’t kno the situation… but you do have a point..

  4. Girl , keep both your men , what your boyfriend don’t know about, he won’t care about #PlayThem2018

  5. Kate you are not helping!!! She asked the question she wanted the answer to so how answering your question is gonna help the woman.

    I say she should sex the guy one more time then stop. If she can’t stop check cross roads because she is a sex addict.

  6. The way I see it, do it before it gets done to you. Funny thing is many women out there being faithful and a get knuckle, so keep getting your satisfaction. Hats off to you!

  7. Lol our killing … What eyes don’t see heart can’t grieve .who to say the police nsh hab other woman too #theycantbetrusted

  8. Police men themself are players, maybe you think he is out there saving life,we he is in fact destroying life,,,I don’t believe in cheating, I do cheat,but am a honest cheater, its your life,your choice, but I suggest u move on, he had a gun he is license to kill

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