‘I apologise:’ Pointe Residents Kiss and Make Up With PM

Residents during a consultation last year (File Photo)

Some residents of Pointe Village have apologized to Prime Minister Gaston Browne over their conduct in the community during a brief period of unrest.


However, they have also indicated their displeasure with how the Boody Alley redevelopment programme was proceeding.


The residents will have to move in the coming months to allow for Chinese workmen to begin the construction of modern housing for them


During a well-attended consultation in the community last week, one resident told Browne, who is also the Member of Parliament for that are that the redevelopment is good, however, he went about it the wrong way; a comment Browne agreed too.


“First of all, it’s a good initiative you have but I thought you went about it the wrong way though, that’s why you have all this chaos.”


Another resident who had some heated words for the MP during the recent protest action apologied for his action.


“Mr Browne, I want to say sorry, I apologies. Everything you do you right to do.”


The prime minister’s consultation with the residents came just mere hours after he hand-delivered letters to them outlining the plans for the area and the incentive the residents will gain through the redevelopment.


According to the letter any resident can now bring the grievances to an arbitration tribunal. The tribunal will be made up of a judge, one person appointed by the Governor General, a community resident.


Residents who were asked to relocate who wish not to move back after the completion of the development in Booby Alley will have that option.


Landowners can now benefit from having their land swap.


There will be reimbursement for all properties in the area.


Once the development is complete, Booby Alley residents who wish to return to the area will receive a new home at no additional cost.


Renters can continue under that arrangement or assume a mortgage at special financing rates.


Families who previously objected to the relocation process are now cooperating with the government for the redevelopment of the area according to Browne.


Antiguans both at home and in the diaspora are praising the government for the project saying the area is in dire need of it.


Booby Alley housing development project is funded through a grant from the People’s Republic of China.


Browne told residents that this redevelopment is a 20 plus year dream of his and is rooted in his own struggles as a child.


“Luckily for us in this constituency, the labour party won in 2014 and the representative from this area became the Prime Minister, I said luckily because there are many things  that are happening in this area that people are taking from granted  and they are not happening by osmosis, it is by the conviction, the determination i have to empower the people of this constituency.”


The MP reassured residents that there will be one on one consultation with every resident before they are relocated


“We would have individual discussions before any home is moved.”


Browne took questions, comments and concerns from residents who attended Saturday’s forum.


He also showed them the plans for the new community which he said was not final and subject to their recommendations.

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  1. Antigua’s democracy must avoid becoming dictatorship of the majority. The PM and his advisers are commended for demonstration of commitment towards the fight against political vigilantism and violence in our democratic system. All other stakeholders must pledge their full dedication to democracy that guarantees peace, prosperity and security for all. Antigua’s democracy must function in an atmosphere of freedom, justice and pursuit of the common good. It must be said of us that we were the generation that laid the foundation for Economic transformation, good governance and strong democratic institutions.

  2. It is sad if these Pointe residents have been taken in by this oh so sweet sounding dribble about empowerment and really caring about their wishes and welfare…narcissists are very clever at using words and phrases to convince gullible people that they only have their best interest at heart and it all sounds great except that all it usually amounts to is a load of empty promises which when they do not materialize will be defended by a bucket load of excuses as to why not! Since the Chinese do not give anything without some sort of payback we, the people should be questioning what the “payback” is for this grant to apparently upgrade Pointe.

  3. Wait and see that when theses homes are completed these people will not be allowed to move in. They will be considered too good for them. Remember the school in Five Islands and the sport center in Grays Farm?
    Wait and See.

  4. i learned from my great great grand parents that boobey alley has a graveyard,does anyone know if they going to dig the graves up also?


  6. This is a Prime Minister of whom we can all be very proud, a man of the People. He is to be commended for such statesmanship and dignity. God bless him, in Jesus name. The People are being well served.

  7. If it is a 100 million dollar grant, why build just 250 homes. For this figure, the cost to build one home is $400,000. Why not double the figure to 500 homes instead with the cost of building 1 home to $200000. I think its possible. Just a suggestion tho.

  8. I envy the people of Booby Alley. I hope they realize the are very very fortunate more than any other society here in this country to get free to almost free housing of a very high standard. Something some of them would not have been able to afford in a lifetime. The only people that had that opportunity some years ago were the Grays Farm people when Allen Stanford offered to invest $50 Million dollars to upgrade their neighbourhood. The only difference is that their representative was not a wise man and did not see it right for his constituencies to get that much assistance. Sad but leadership really does matter. And the PM is right when he said that Point People do not know when they will have a PM again from out of their midst. Want thing I warn the PM please do not use the public’s tax payers money for this. That would be very unfair to the rest of us.
    One Jewish rabbi once told me, People do not appreciate free gifts. They only appreciate things they have to work for. And he has been proven right so far. People do not even appreciate the free gift of Salvation. Where Christ died for us. They do not have to pay nothing for it. But yet it is as if God has to beg them to accept that gift. Salvation is free for anyone who want to accept it.

  9. Tums up to those people in booby alley & most of all the Prime Minister for taking a bold step in meeting with the residence of booby alley , where is those so call critics from the opposite sides , they know who they are , where r they now , I know of one who always making himself a jackass on a certain radio station who I saw on the day of the little disturbance in the area talking to some residence there to stand up with each & don’t move , where is he now .

    • With challenges come opportunity! The next step would be classes for the residents. While the dogs bark, the wagon (must) roll on.

    • so you mean to tell me that the houses will NEVER materialize? He is just telling them that because he has nothing better to do with his time?

      You ought to be ashamed of your screen name.




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