I am tired of fighting


BY Makeda Mikael


I am tired of fighting.
My children have run off
And my friends have gone away
Some of them have died, and some dying.
I am alone, no husband or man to fight for me
No political party to defend me or facilitate me.
For the past twenty years I have been in opposition
With a knee in my neck and a gun to my head most of the time.
I want time to go and find my children, hug them and my grand children.
I am tired and my heart is sad and sick at having to fight for such a long time
Just because I am a black woman, and should not be occupying lands reserved for
Like Chief ‘Joseph’, “I will fight no more forever”

I have been fighting for more than 20 years as a black woman on Runway 10. As  Antigua’s first Aviation entrepreneur, with 33 years invested in V.C.Bird International Airport, the time has come to part ways with Aviation, as the airport becomes harder and harder to negotiate.


I am removing myself from the front line in Aviation and will concentrate on developing a Sustainable Aviation Fuel Operation for my sons and staff.

As the pioneer of the small aircraft hub and graduating to establishing corporate aviation in Antigua & Eastern Caribbean, it is with a strong heart that I leave Aviation.


I will not be circumscribed by the failure of our authorities to allow a higher level of service provision in response  to global industry demands.

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  1. Many will be happy to see you go but celebrate the fact that you are able. Being able to go on our own terms is underrated. Tptb want to see people looking ragged and worn. The best revenge is NEVER LET THEM SEE YOU SWEAT.

  2. Old people always said:”Black man is black man worst enemy!”. In Antigua under the GB administration and ABLP the rich and white are given all the lands, beaches and opportunities while the poor and black are deliberately kept down. Come election time vote them out and take back what is yours.

  3. This Son of Mami_Wata and Papa_Elegba CHRISTened #Jumbee_Picknee at life’s #crossROAD of SWASTIKA & SQUARE say…

    I hear you lady. It’s my personal opinion, that our government, both the Ruling Arm, whether UPP/ABLP and the Opposition ABLP/UPP have being HIGHJACKED, by SPECIAL INTERESTS GROUPS and these groups are not looking out for the best interests, of the “local” people’s.
    It’s apparent, that a small percentage of the “locals” are benefiting from these special interest groups and could careless about those locals who are on the fringes and still struggling.

    The Struggpe Continues…

    • @Ras-could I bother you to explain your position? I believe I’ve mentioned that my wife and I are looking to Antigua to be our final home, to understand such issues would be priceless.

      • Greetings Scott…word-sound-power or is it sound-word-power, maybe power-sound-word!

        Thanks for asking, I can appreciate the vibe! No “bother!” As, a matter of fact, I could simply add an ‘r,’ to make bother – bRother and thing of the #truth of my ‘R’eality whilst ‘R’easoning!

        You’ve asked, a an excellent question. My response, at this time says…

        I’ve grown to see with my #heart whenever, I encounter anything or anyone. It allows me to grasp the truth of the moment void of prejudices, prejudgements or preconceptions!
        I, do this to avoid being ignorant of whatever it is, I must learn from that moment forward.

        Give my warmest greetings, to your family.

        Like Makeda Mikael say, “I am tired of fighting…”
        My takeaway from this is, the spiritual war is over, therefore, enjoying what we have left in this mental/physical realm should be cherished.

        You can reach me at [email protected]!

        If you’re ever in the DMV – DC/Maryland/Virginia area, and your a seafood lover, Baltimore has the best to offer, in America(hey👣-I know Floridians disagree but hey!).

        RASpect, and looking forward to communicating with you outside of this forum.

  4. As a woman I hear you and I am ambivalent about you giving up. Good ideas in the world of entrepreneurship and business are always worth fighting for and supporting. At the same time it is understandable and natural that you would want to be with the humans that you brought into this world and their offspring that are your grandchildren. So do what you do best and what is best for you. Enough respect Ms. Michael.

  5. Just give them a joke and boom you have an audience but important issues they see and don’t see.
    Best Wishes Makeda Mikael

  6. Where is the SIDELINES? He hates this woman with a passion. Good luck Makeda in your future endeavors.It amazes me that Blacks have no say in their own BLACK COUNTRY.Then at Elections them come a begging to remain in OFFICES.WHEN THE TIME COMES KICK THEM OUT,BY VOTING THEM OUT.

      • TENMAN as usual your logic is so twisted. Which Administration is in power now? The only voting out will be Gaston Browne and the ALP

        • @Charles Tabor, Pringle will lose his seat (you forget he was elected?), and the pretender in Barbuda who you have an alliance with will also be voted out. Your party is made up of masochists

  7. All the best in your future endeavors. Hopefully “distance” will help you to come to grips with reality… Its not always about you, others matter. Let peace in

    • Yeah we’re tired of YOU ma’am. Go rest yourself. Knit. Crochet. Make amends with anyone while you have life. Goo Lang!!! Don’t come back bombarding the public with your RUBBISH RAMBLINGS!! Hire a therapist and vent to them.

      You have overestimated your “importance” to society!

    “Don’t wake up dead,” (Sugarapple) mentally, physically and spiritually. Those words and “Thanks, I’m alive” can be on everybody’s personal placard everyday for the rest of our lives.
    “You have only one mind and one body. Take care of them now, especially if you’re young, for the rest of your life.”
    Save our Humanity, Save our Youths, Save our Environment, Save our Soil!


  9. You know, I’ve been waiting to see how many people you would fool, to make them feel pity for you.
    Self-Pity is now your tactic. And in that you also throw in the race card. Even when I showed you that even your son Paul, choses to work for those very same white people at Mill Reef, rather than to work for or with you. When children run away, far away from their mother, it’s very bad. And when even grandchildren do that, then you really must look at yourself and repent before the Lord. But not you. You will cast the blame of your failure to run a good business on others. You write and cuz the very same customers that will bring you business. Why you do not hear from the other FBO companies. Like my friend Valerie. When Courtney was there, he really did a good job. But he also had to run far away to South Africa from you. Well, it is sad to say, but someone has to say it. The boys are just waiting for the Lord to call you home, so they can get the inheritance. You have been given an opportunity not given to many. Cause space is limited in that business. On top of that, for some miraculous reason the person who was your biggest enemy, for whom by the way, your son Stephen worked. R. Allen Stanford got jailed and you inherited the work of your son. Cause it’s he who was in charge of building that hangar. Not anywhere close in the Caribbean such a facility exists. Even if you leased out the building you would make good money. And believe me you know as well as I do, if you were a reasonable person, you would have a tenant tomorrow. When I see all the private jets parked on Runway 10, everyone of them is in front of Valerie. Not one business is for you. What a shame. People that do not know you cannot understand how that is so. But as they say, a leopard never changes its spots. If you would like to see the business thrive, just give it to your sons to run. They will all come back together. These are fine young men. But then again, not because of you. You didn’t raise them. Grandma did. Thank God for that. As a Catholic I have learned that confession is good for the soul. I may want to recommend that to you. We do not know when the Lord will calls us home. And you and I are at that age. Many of our friends have left us. Even your late ex-husband my golf buddy Granville, God bless his soul. Trust we will play golf in heaven. Good thing he taught the guys the game of golf. Paul is an excellent golfer. But a woman like you would have a lot to confess. You will have to take weeks. Especially your affair with the Esteemed Judge, which bore one son. If that were a requisite to ruin the man’s life and his career, it would have. And for what? Thank God in the Caribbean we do not judge a man by the number of children he has out of wedlock. But we really look at those women who have those children and wonder who they are. That is our chauvinistic society. Men can brag about the number of women they have, but women cannot brag about the number of men they have.
    One can google FBO’s operating at VC Bird International Airport if they want to see the players. Or Ground handlers. My late good friend Calvin left a very lucrative business for his daughter Yorie. The ex-wife of another good friend and golf buddy, who is on his way home. https://www.asaanu.com/about-us/
    You can do the same. Let the children run the business. You have nothing more to proof. Yes, you should get out, because you are the one that is not good for the business. You have the best asset anyone could dream of having. Don’t let it go to waste. Stephen, Paul and Courtney and perhaps the last one from the judge too, could do the job. They can make the best of it. And perhaps you still have time to make things better with the grandchildren and the great grandchildren. I do not wish even my enemies to go to hell. I wish for all to repent and be safe by the blood of Christ our Lord. Amen.

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