I am the 2nd Person beaten by Police in Barbuda along with Kenny Morris


My name is Shackeal Yearwood. Seeing that my friend was confident enough to air his story has motivated me to also come forward. I was also beaten for no reason! CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP FOR NEWS UPDATES.

On Saturday afternoon myself and my friends went to a beach party down by the river. A lot of people were there, I also noticed the officers who were dressed in plain clothes. Later in the evening me and my girlfriend had an argument, naturally a crowd started to gather, someone parted us and I walked away.

While walking back to the van I came in, I heard a voice say “ The bad man police is here”, I turned to see who it was and I saw one of the police officer pointing his gun and crank it in my face, he asked “ wa you hit the gyal fa boss?” I replied that I never hit her. One of my friend took me to the van where Kenny was.

I told Kenny and my other friends who were in the van that the police pointed their gun in my face and cranked it. Kenny said, it was stupidness andother asked supposed he would have accidently shot and kill someone. One of the Police came to the van and shined his phone light in our faces. The crowd was still gathered near the van. We drove off and went to our homes. We dropped off Kenny first.

About 5:13 pm Sunday 26th June 2022, I was at the Horse race where I saw the same officers from the night before, they approached me and one of the officers said they came to lock me up for beating them on the beach. I asked the officer how can I touch a police when he was pointing and crank a gun in my face?

I was taken to the Barbuda Police Station and when we got there I was told to go inside. While there I asked what was I at the station for because my girlfriend never made a report and Kenny Morris was never there when me and her were arguing, “so why y’all getting involved?”

This was when the officers started beating me all over my body and one hitting me with a gun in my head. One of the officers said he was a boxer and he could punch me all day. When they had stopped beating me, I was taken to a cell where I stayed until Monday morning when I was taken to court.

While at court I saw 2 persons lifting in Kenny Morris because he couldn’t walk on his own. We were beaten for no reason. I could see Kenny was in so much pain, I was also in a lot of pain. The charges they brought against us were dismissed. One of the officers told a whole different story in court.

We both need and deserve Justice!

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  1. So you were so affected by the ordeal that you wait until Kenny came public? Seeing that the same person wrote the two of you story they collaboration should have been better. But then again after so many years in the force the writer has not grasp the concept of policing. I wish y’all success with where you going with that. A pay day maybe.

    • @On the inside…

      A…the accusations have just being made!
      B…other than the media, have formal reports being made to the relevant authorities?
      C…has law enforcement began any formal investigation(s)?

      In any investigation(s) witness(es), accusers have the right, to either come forward or remain anonymous.
      The fact, that these two(2) accusers have used their names in the reportings here, at ANR, speaks volumes.

      Now, let the investigation(s) begin! Speaking, of investigation(s), law enforcement needs INDEPENDENT BODIES, to investigate claims lodged, against them. I, for one, am looking forward to the day and time, when the Caribbean/CARICOM have an Agengy as thorough, meticulous, cunning and non-relenting on investigations like INTERPOL, The Canadian Mounties or even the FBI.

      It time for proper accountability within our law enforcement agencies.

      I, am quite sure, that someone #”On the inside,” such as your law abiding self would want such⁉️
      Or is such, asking too much?

      A jus wan #Jumbee_Picknee wan fu kno!

      On another note, one can legally purchase equipment, conceal them on their person and have the vid/aud recorded, and stored in a 🌧💨🌨

    • Are you accusing the mother of one of the boys who is a police officer of writing both stories? You seem to be apart of it.

      If you all can beat a fellow officer child in this manner who else you all wouldn’t beat? Bonita needs to come out swinging against you all even though she’s apart of the organization.

  2. Well, this seems to be confirmation of the other story. You guys need a good lawyer to advise you all on what steps to take.
    This is horrendous. I hope you all got seen by doctors and have medical reports of your injuries. Also, any witnesses you can find who are willing to walk this walk with you.
    I pray you all heal both physically and emotionally.

  3. A so them stay but don’t worry young man. Who na pay the just pay the unjust. Abuse them power every time. A fellow officer told me he tired tell dem deal with civilians properly cause once an officer, twice a civilian

  4. Police are very important in every society especially the good officers who keep up there oath to protect and serve. Yes in every organization there are bad apples unfortunately that also applies to the Police Force and I do believe in speaking out against any form of wrong doing…My question is though why wait so long to say anything? Barbuda Police officers seem to be very bored and longing for some action that they would use any opportunity they get…hmmmmmmm….. Investigation will be conducted and the truth will come to light

  5. I was once wrongfully attested by the police and while at the station was kicked by a police that could be my son. They did not even bring a charge against me. The next day I was released and even an apology was made to me by the inspector that was in charge of the out stations. I explained to him about the kicks. He directed me to a department . I went to the police headquarters and was directed to a officer that investigates such matters. Several months after I came across not the one that kicked me at the station but the senior officer that was in charge of the arresting. He booed me. I said I am going sue you. Prompted by the booing I consulted a lawyer and was told that the time limit had passed . Honestly speaking it’s over five years now and if I could sue right now I would.
    So my advice to you two young men is to move swiftly if what you wrote in this media is the truth and nothing but the truth.

    • Changing your tune today Mr.”this cannot be true.” It never ceases to amaze me how someone who also had a bad encounter with police would be so quick to cast doubt on someone else’s account of what happened to them; that is precisely why police are more likely to engage in unlawful behaviours –they know that people like you would first question the (alleged) victims veracity.

  6. Whey all de doubters of de fuss tory dey?

    Because a story doesn’t sound plausible, does that mean it isn’t true?
    “Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; truth isn’t.” – Mark Twain
    Police (NOT ALL) throughout the world are lacking in integrity. They can be brutal and animalistic – and when they’re automatically given the benefit of the doubt (just because they are police), they are emboldened to continue their unprincipled ways.
    Are these stories true? I don’t know – but they are highly probable based on the actions of SOME police officers.

  7. This happens all the time. Why are people surprised and in uproar. It’s no secret that police in Antigua and Barbuda beat people up all the time. Usually, people don’t file complaints when they get beat up so it’s not publicized. Our police are not innocent when it comes to that, let’s not sit here and pretend like we don’t know that. Don’t expect much to come out of this.

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