I am not the person in recordings says Asot Michael


Former Trade Minister Asot Michael is maintaining his innocence amid media reports that he sought bribes from a UK businesssman.

In his regisnation letter Michael said, “the media reports refer to recordings of conversations between persons other than myself, and I cannot be held responsible for their utterances.”

“I emphasize that I am not a party to the Court proceedings in the United Kingdom
which have been reported in the media, nor have I been charged with any wrong
doing,” he added.

Michael said the interests of the people of Antigua and Barbuda and the Government of Antigua
and Barbuda are, and have always been, of preeminent concern to him throughout his
political life.

The St. Peter Member of Parliament said he is resigning  “to allow the Government to fullfill its obligations to the people, without any distraction.”

“I will continue to work assiduously in the interest of the people of my constituency,
and to do all in my power to counter and disprove allegations made against me. I am
determined that the calumnies against me shall not stand,” he added.

Michael was appointed Minister of Trade after the March 21 elections. He was fired last year after being arrested in the United Kingdom.

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  1. Why did you designed if you are not guilty? PM only used YOU to WIN the SEAT, that was one of the reasons why he called an early ELECTION, ( PAY ATTENTION) you are done, VENETO

    • Foolish talk… anybody the PM had allowed to run would have won the seat for the ABLP.. hands down…

  2. I don’t believe it is him it is a clone …..lol he can continue to deny he only making it worse he think this is antigua it is not

  3. I do not understand the media houses in Antigua. While a very most important event is taking place in Antigua, they are focusing on melee and other not important news. The CCJ of which we are not a party to as yet is holding a special sitting in Antigua to celebrate the retirement of its President Rt Hon Sir Denis Byron. A very distinguished man and a very unique occasion for the Island of Antigua and Barbuda. Media please take your responsibility to educate the people serious and not only be involve in gossip and melee journalism. You are doing yourself and the country a disservice,

    • Where is the foolishness??? U probably on a board or a minister driver this is just sick that u will feel such a WAY

    • A Minister resigns because he is accused of engaging in bribery, and that’s not considered newsworthy? But a ceremony for the retirement of the head of the CCJ is considered more important, when the CCJ is not even our final appellate court? Give me a break! you should start drinking something other than the red cool aid.

    • So a sitting MP recorded by German authorities shaking down a businessman is melee. The same MP that was arrested in the UK giving Antigua more bad name.

      The CCJ is the joke and melee here because not even Jamaica and Trinidad trust the court with their business. Arwe no k bout no CCJ. Privy council me say.

    • you really overdoing now.

      A head of the nation resigns amongst reports of illicit activities and he has been one for years that was alleged for many other things in his native land and you throwing distractive innuendoes into the fray.

      Man shut your mouth and go sleep

  4. Please Asot Michael do us all a favour and learn to keep your mouth shut. You done enough damage. You did us all a great favour an resign from the cabinet. We are in damage control mode now. Just resign from the labour party now and go off into the sunset you wont be missed.

  5. Where is the foolishness??? U probably on a board or a minister driver this is just sick that u will feel such a WAY

  6. ASSot ass usual you making an ASSiduous of us and yourself. Just stop the cry baby crap and get out before we come for you.

    Another thing you politicians in 3rd and 4th world countries keep on having the gall that your countries live in a vacuum. Sooner or later with the technology advancement ebryting going to be revealed. AND bewary cause if you don’t pay back your children and grandchildren and croonies will be the one footing the bill.

    Please don’t make our nation fall into a civil unrest.

    STOP your corruptness, return what you ill-gained, and just cool in the sunset with no fear of resting your head at nights. Technology has caught up with briberies of yacht gains etc. just cool and gather from your mommies, children, right-hand man and return them.

    Who can’t hear will feel.

  7. What a relief! What with German law enforcement being at the very pinnacle of technical capability and voice recognition technology I was thinking maybe it was you. Thanks for clearing that up for us.

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