‘I am not the owner of Pointe FM”- PM Browne

Browne speaking at official launch of Pointe FM

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has told the launch of the Antigua Barbuda Labour Party aligned radio station, Pointe FM, that he’s not the owner.

“Let me make it abundantly clear that whereas I am the founder of Pointe FM, I am not the owner,” Browne said on Thursday.

“In fact, I have not a single share in Pointe FM,” the ABLP leader said.

“And I’ll give a commitment to the people of Antigua and Barbuda that I will not hold a single share and I will not have anyone hold any shares for me. The shares will be divided among the staff and other individualsĀ so that you can be assured that Gaston Browne and his family are not depending on a single cent from Pointe FM,” he added.

The Prime Minister said he does not want to make the mistake of similar media houses whose families have been deeply involved in the running of the entity.

He says if the Pointe FM makes a profit it will go to the staff, shareholders and the community.

The ABLP leader also assured the owners of ZDK Radio that Pointe FM is not here to compete with it.

ZDK is also aligned to the ABLP and has supported the party over decades.

Browne says he expects both Pointe FM and ZDK to improve their programming to remain viable.





  1. Well well what a fuck up gaston brown he can lie so who own that radio station listen people u see how quick he say he dont own it so why he cant say who own it he really know who to fool

    • Exactly! Whose house it in? whose apartment? whose equipment? who purchase equipment? who brought them in country? Who on it more than the job? How can you divide something you don’t own? Boy me know Point people no dunce people so wheel that one.

  2. The value of Pointe FM can never be in the shareholding as it will never make a profit however if u have full control over the shareholding sheep to do ur bidding, to prop u up politically regardless of what u do to this country , that’s money in the bank…This is from the handbook of dictatorship!!

  3. OK so was the former PM Dr. Winston Baldwin Spencer and the former GG Dame Louise Lake Tack dictatiors as both had shareholdings in Crusader Radio

  4. Whose ghetto backyard with corrugated galvanize fence they had this launch. ALP nah ha no respect for Antiguans and Point nearga. If it was their white and Syrian friends they patronizing they would have this at Sandals or some fancy conference hall. But for the poor point nearga a dirty rusty fence is good enough. Good luck with your representative point people, Gaston live in Hodges bay and his neighborhood is clean and well kept but he wants to keep you in the ghetto.

  5. This radio station should be called Hodges Bay FM because that is where the PM and his family live. He only in the ghetto because he need your votes. And why are Minister’s at the launch of a local radio station.

    • Y’all beyond special in Antigua
      Don’t remember when Crusader Radio was lunched all this bsbb was being did some real hate is on this site for the PM

      • Crusader was launched wayyyy before UPP was in govt. we never had a PM that moonlight as a dj on the people’s time while he have the people’s work to do

        • Goodness…. Gracious…. All you GB haters…. Ignoramus UPPITES…. The more you bald and stress…. Find somewhere to hide… caused you will not stop A&B with the world-boss at the helm from being The economic power of the Caribbean… Take that and smoke it…

          • There is no need to take it and there is no need to smoke. Gaston Browne the Cusser-in-Chief is a liar. Where are the 500 homes in 500 days. Where are all the investors. Where are the lower taxes, Where is the water that was supposed to flow through our pipes in 14 days. No wonder Lester warn him to stop having so many ground-faking. Gaston is the worst Prime Minister ever!

  6. It’s appears that Ms. B, you live, breed and eat the PM for bfast lunch & dinner.. Cmon get a life….. Don’t stressed yourself soooooo much…… It’s kills,.,. Are you in love with PM….and he have rejected your advances.,..Wha gu on?

  7. Thank you for the concern about my health. I am more concerned about the health of our country. A country that the ABLP is destroying. A country in which a Prime Minister can sign Agreements without reading them. A country where a PM can be so heartless that he can want to steal peoples ‘ when they are at their lowest. A country where the PM can tell his Ministers to enrich themselves.
    If you are comfortable defending the ABLP. That is your right.
    In terms of being in love with the PM, I must say, he is not my type. He is a vagabond and a liar and his lust to have people like Colombo Thomas worship his every act move is a sign of a narcissism. Narcissism is dangerous!

    • My….My…. Take my advice Ms B…. Don’t let heart be troubled…. You need to calm down….. Don’t let politician and an allegiance to party cloud your thinking. I am just a fan of plain talking politician….not phony BS like the previous leadership of my beloved A&B.. I know them very well…they were failure’s… Have yourself a stress free week… You appears to be a very person… Don’t get low… Shoot b high… Jah guidance….

    • My….My…. Take my advice Ms B…. Don’t let heart be troubled…. You need to calm down….. Don’t let politician and an allegiance to party cloud your thinking. I am just a fan of plain talking politician….not phony BS like the previous leadership of my beloved A&B.. I know them very well..they were failure’s… Have yourself a stress free week… You appears to be a very person… Don’t get low… Shoot b high… Jah guidance….

  8. May Jah guide you as well. My My, I am glad you mentioned allegiance to party. I hope you follow your own advice . Please read your input above posted on February 10 2018 at 9: 07 pm. You need to chill!!!!!

  9. @ Colombo Thomas Miss Barbara Maria Gomez was obviously living in a bubble for the period 2004-2014 so it makes no sense to argue with her

  10. Ohhhhhhh Typical ABLP RESPONSE. In fact the response of a coward. When you can’t present the facts you hide.

  11. By the way, any word as to why Clinton cancelled his visit to the land of the WORLD BOSS, just asking? Please tell!!!!!!

    • Just one question Barbara
      If the UPP was so great then why did they lose at the polls so miseriably in 2014 when answer that please before u mek all ya noise

  12. Ohhhhhhh No one will ever say great when describing a political party. Political parties are made up of humans and humans are all fallible. The UPP lost for a number of reasons: The ABLP presented a message of change and had a compelling message of 500 homes in 500 days. They promised water flowing through the pipes 14 after elections. They promised lower taxes and more investment. These promises are all very attractive. UPP had been the government that was in power during the recession of the century so like most governments that were in power during that time they lost power.

    • And Antigua was at a boom 2004-2009 so there is no excuse they failed and the people of Antgiua and Barbuda elected the so-called curropt labour party

  13. Good afternoon madam B….. You are still in your nightmares …. again take a drive around our beloved land and you will see progress after the failure’s of your government…(UPPITES). I do not live in Antigua and have no affiliation to any politician or party. However, UPPITES does not deserve to govern A&B again… They had their chances and they failed miserably…… Just cool yourself….. You are still in a daze…. GB will be ok. Much luv and peace..

    • Lovely conversation. Goes way back to recent past, a past that some recent promised to make better,. Have they done what they promised this tit for tat or back and forth would not be happening. So as per your talk as to who should or should not run Antigua!? Might we say the same for the ablp or it only works for one side. Well I recall them tapes and if you can look pass that to put LB, RY, CB, AM AND GB well I can only call you a hypocrite and a fraud. Btw why was ablp removed from power and had to wait some two election to regain power. History has sometime blinded some of us as to which side can do and which can’t. Will ask again if the government was doing good you won’t be have to be defending it will you?

  14. I believe that you are making assumptions. May I remind you that the UPP built the airport, the stadium, 5 high end hotels, 40 small hotels, provided school meals , free computers, free uniforms. The seniors money off the electricity bills and Antigua was well respected. The ABLP now has the CIP , the programme they voted against. A gift from the UPP. Gaston said that the CIP made 1 billion dollars. The ABLP has the money from Ukraine. the ABLP has the money from the high gas prices- and yet people are not getting paid. The country is at a stand-still. As Lester says, tourism is flat. With all this money, this Prime Minister ( that had so much promise) is unable to get the country running.

    • And remember that ABI bank almost collapse almost taking ACB with them and the million dollar road the fences sidewalks and bathroom that can’t be found and a one way trip to the IMF

  15. Colombo Thomas Much love and peace to you ,too. You do not live in Antigua so you do live in the nightmare that we live in. Stay in a foreign land and make your comments. It is the way of the coward. Much love

  16. The ABI collapsed under the ABLP. Please tell me where I can find the information that the road really cost one million. The man for the fences is now on your side so I think you can ask him. Strange you talk about the IMF. Well the PM in October had to go to the WORLD BANK to borrow money. The WORLD BANK as you know is the sister institution of the IMF. In his usual style he cussed about the interest rates They rolled their eyes. The PM was left with the high interest rates The Bathroom that can’t be found. Please tell me more about that. I don’t listen to ZDK

  17. LOL Ohhhhhhh YOU ARE A COWARD! When you go low I GO HIGH. You want the truth, you can’t handle the truth. So just like Gaston WHEN you can’t handle the truth you cuss.

  18. Hail up to madam B…. I see that you are at it again with OHH… You should be encouraging and persevering with your arguments. You need every vote for your CV failed team. However, I like your consistent passion for your side. I applaud..so don’t get personal…… Wish you a blessed and stress free week…. Hope GB don’t upset you again. Sorry to say that the ABLP is on way to win the next election….

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