Husband-to-be abandons wedding leaving bride heartbroken


A Seatons woman who was to have her big day yesterday has been left in a state of distress after the groom did not show up for the wedding.

All the details are not known because those close to both families have been reluctant to come forward with what actually happened.
However, Antigua News Room (ANR) has been told by a reliable source that dozens of invitations went out for the expected special occasion.
We can also confirm that several individuals came from as far as the United States and the United Kingdom for the wedding.
The bride in all her sartorial splendor actually showed up at the church and ANR understands that many people who had received invitations were also present.
After realizing what had happened, the pastor informed the congregation that there will be no wedding and informed them to go to the feast house to eat.
Thousands of dollars had already been spent on the occasion to purchase the wedding dress, clothing for the bridal party, food, drinks, venue and other expenses.
The bride in waiting is said to be an employee of a government agency while the husband to be is said to be an employee of a utility company.
Both names have been withheld until further details can be obtained.
It is not certain why the man did not show up for his wedding.
When contacted the Reverend for the Saint Stephens Anglican Church in Seatons, Glanville Edwards told our reporter “I don’t know what you are talking about sir…you have the wrong source.”
The runaway groom has not been seen since ditching his bride.

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    • wow@ What an ar-soul he is. A spineless, manless, soul-less coward and punk. She deserves wayyyy better.

      • Do not pass judgement where you have no idea of the facts. I am a Woman but she got exactly what she deserved.. Instead of seeking a lawyer,her family should be seeking professional help for her,she obviously has a mental issue..How desperate can someone be to hold a man that she completely provided everything for a wedding when the supposed Groom can afford to assist.That should tell give you an idea of what was going on.

  1. The lady deserves better. None of his family knew anything about the wedding until now. God will take care of him.

  2. The man broke it off with the woman and told her not to go through with it. She paid for everything even his suit. He did not tell his family or give out any invitations what does that tell u. He told her he wasn’t going to Marry her. Some women must stop thinking they can force men into a ring. Sad for her but oh well u should have listened. The man was never lost or missing he had no intentions to get married. He left work on Fridays normal and showed up for work on Monday as normal! She knows the real story.

  3. I think maybe we don’t know all the details
    On the other hand. He should not have waited for the last minute that is cold and hartles he should have call her mother are father or some one close to her and said tell
    I’m so sorry I can’t marry her don’t go to the church

  4. business. While some may consider him spineless… He may have done her a favor in the long run.

  5. My dear, the Lord might just have saved you something terrible in the long run. It is always said that when one door closes another one opens. A bigger, better, brighter further is in store for you without this looser been a part of your life. He’s not worth loosing sleep over. Time heals wounds, get up, dust your feet off and move on.There is your future Mr Right out there.The Lord will make him find you, you don’t have to go seeking or making yourself volunarable to anyone. How many of our women folk are missing today for all kinds of reasons. Thank the Almighty, we dont want you to be a statistic. All the best for a bright and happy future.

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